What to do if the phone battery is swollen

Before starting my story and giving advice, I would like to say that the battery is the most dangerous part of a smartphone. Suffice it to recall how the batteries of the Galaxy Note 7 and other devices exploded. In some cases, this can cause serious injury or even death. We will not escalate the situation, I will just tell you how to behave if your smartphone battery is swollen. Also, the tips will be relevant for other devices, because the batteries used are now highly unified. I'll tell you how to understand that the battery is swollen, and explain what to do about it. Getting started.

What to do if the phone battery is swollen

If you have this, run to the service.

What causes the phone battery to swell

There are many reasons for the battery to swell. The main one is that manufacturers, even top-end ones, are trying to save money on the battery or on the space reserved for it inside the case. As a result, it does not work as it should, which can lead to failures.

The main reasons for a swollen smartphone battery are:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Frequent falls
  • Overheat
  • Outside temperature changes
  • Poor chargers

I think the main reasons are clear, but I will still comment on two of them. I was riding a motorcycle one day and put iPhone 5S in my tank bag. It was hot outside, the sun was shining, and my navigator was working on my phone. I have already said why it is better not to do this, and I will not dwell on this.

As a result, the smartphone was very hot by itself, plus from the sun through a transparent insert. After a couple of days, I noticed that his battery was swollen. I don’t know if it influenced, but it could.

Another point will be one that everyone neglects. Almost no one takes the quality of a charger seriously. It seems to everyone that if it goes into the outlet, then there is nothing to be afraid of. I can only say that water will be poured into the gas tank in the same way as gasoline. But the car won't go anywhere else.

How to understand that the phone battery is swollen

Everything follows from the name. If it is swollen, then it … has increased in size. This is due to the fact that during normal operation chemical reactions take place inside the battery. If something goes wrong, a large amount of gas is released. He blows up the battery case. By the way, that is why its outer shell is made of an elastic film.

There is very little free space in the body of the smartphone and the battery is installed without free spaces around it. With this in mind, any resizing will open up the phone's casing. If the swelling is slight, one of the mountings may break or the back wall may bend slightly. Severe swelling can break the screen or break it altogether.

What to do when the smartphone battery is swollen

First of all, you need to understand what you want? The first option will allow you to calmly return the smartphone to working capacity, and the second will provide you with a share of extreme and health risks. For now, I'll tell you about the first option.

What to do if the phone battery is swollen

This battery didn't swell very much.

If the smartphone is working and you accidentally notice small deviations in the geometry of the case, in general nothing threatens you. You shouldn't drop everything and run to the service. The smartphone will still serve for a day or two or a week. But still, you better do not delay. The service center will help you solve the problem quickly and safely.

If you left your smartphone on charge and in the morning it looks like a frightened fish, it is better to go straight to the service. Do not put your smartphone in your bag or pocket, as it can catch fire at any moment. I'm exaggerating a little, but it's still not worth the risk.

What to do if the phone battery is swollen

This is how a swollen smartphone battery feels like.

In both cases, the service will prompt you to try to repair the battery or replace it. I would recommend the second option. If you are sure that you will not change your smartphone for a couple of years, it is better not to spare a few extra thousand rubles for the original version. If you still wanted to change your smartphone in the near future, you can save some money. Most importantly, do not buy the refurbished version. It can simply reset the controller data. In this case, the battery will look like new but will work like the old one.

How to repair a swollen smartphone battery

Now an option for extreme lovers. Once again I will say that I strongly do not recommend doing it yourself, but I will describe the process as the masters do it.

Usually, when the battery is swollen, you can find a special place on its case where you can pierce the film. Thus, the gas will escape from the battery and it remains only to fill the hole with sealant.

The probability of bringing the battery back to life in this way is very small. If possible, the battery will still work for some time, but not for long. Then it will still have to be changed.

What to do if the phone battery is swollen

And such consequences are left behind by an exploded battery. Do not lead to this.

It should also be noted that the gas inside is very poisonous, and careless piercing or piercing in the wrong place can lead to ignition. You can find many of these colorful torches on YouTube.

Does the smartphone battery often swell?

If the smartphone is used under normal conditions, it is being charged with the original charge and the battery has not yet passed 500 charge-discharge cycles (usually they measure the battery life), do not worry. The risk of swelling or explosion of the battery is negligible.

Just follow the recommendations given in the article and you will be fine. The smartphone will delight you, and the battery will hold a charge well.

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