5 best fitness apps for your home workout

The coronavirus is here and there, and the pandemic is everywhere. As a result, swimming pools and gyms are closed and people have nowhere to go in for sports. Considering that in Moscow and the Moscow region you can't even go out, warm-ups and trainings become even more difficult. You can, of course, take a garbage bag with you and run around the house with it. After all, you can leave the apartment to take out the garbage. But the bad weather makes even this absurd idea unattractive. Therefore, we continue to sit at home and observe the quarantine, and now I will tell you how to play sports. After all, we have smartphones that can help us very well in this.

5 best fitness apps for your home workout

You need to play sports wisely.

If you have dumbbells, exercise machines or other sports equipment at home, it will be much easier for you to exercise without going outside. If not, but you are ready to spend money on them, you can order them with delivery. Most importantly, don't go to the shops. All jokes, but now it's really better to sit at home.

Before I tell you about home sports apps, I want to warn you. Working out with a good coach not only allows you to get more results, but also protects you from injury. For example, sprains, dislocations and tears. They may appear due to improper exercise. Just keep in mind that everything must be done wisely and not overdo it. In general, one must treat everything wisely. Many smartphone users do not do this.

How to lose weight in 30 days

This is the name of our first application for today. Its name is very consistent with the content. There is not a lot of strength training in the app. Much is built around working with your weight. That is why the app is perfect for home use.

5 best fitness apps for your home workout 5 best fitness apps for your home workout

The basic functions of the application are free, but there is also a subscription, which costs 699 rubles per month, and 2,999 rubles per year. For this money, you will receive personal training, based on your physical parameters. But even in the free version, you can use recommendations for nutrition and daily workouts.

It is worth noting separately that during training, voice prompts are provided. They provide more information during the exercise. True, there is not enough account.

5 best fitness apps for your home workout 5 best fitness apps for your home workout

A significant drawback that many will not like is the large number of ads that appear in the form of banners or full-screen splash screens. True, it can be removed separately for 299 rubles. This amount is paid once and advertising will not bother you anymore. We know a few more ways to fight ads on Android.

Download 'How to lose weight in 30 days'

A toned body and a toned belly

The essence of the second application is the same, except that it costs almost 5,000 rubles a year or 799 rubles a month. But at the same time, the basic functionality is implemented perfectly.

5 best fitness apps for your home workout 5 best fitness apps for your home workout

The interface is more brutal than in the previous application, there is a kind of dark theme, and the workouts are more intense. True, all the same, the work goes with its own weight. Therefore, it is also more focused on weight loss. Actually, this is clear from the name.

5 best fitness apps for your home workout 5 best fitness apps for your home workout

It's nice that many parameters can be configured when starting the application, and very clear parameters are used to determine the physical state. There is no “medium”, “low” and so on. Instead, it is asked how you feel after climbing to the fifth floor. It is very easy to choose from several options. True, after passing the test, it will be said that you have to pay to use personal training, but there is a free seven days. This is nice too.

Download 'Workout for home'

Yoga at home has become more accessible

To be honest, I'm not a yoga fan, but I've heard about the Yoga app several times. Down Dog ”. Moreover, in Google Play it is marked as an editorial choice.

5 best fitness apps for your home workout 5 best fitness apps for your home workout

There are not many settings in the application. First, you set all the parameters of your body and the desired workout, and then just listen to the instructions of the voice assistant in Russian and pleasant music. The screen at this moment will display the pose to be taken.

5 best fitness apps for your home workout

So the training becomes more visual.

When you launch the application, you will be informed that due to the outbreak, all application functions will be available for free until May 1, 2020. This is nice too.

You can log in to the application by email or by using Google accounts and Facebook. Everything is simple and clear.

Download ”Yoga. Down Dog ”

Women's Fitness Apps

There are applications on Google Play specifically for women's sports. One of them is called “Women Fitness”. Before the first launch, you will be asked to set the parameters of your body and the desired result, just like in the previous examples.

After that, immediately get access to training. They will be broken down by day and you will only have to consistently perform the exercises.

5 best fitness apps for your home workout 5 best fitness apps for your home workout

You can follow the progress on the main screen of the application. All basic parameters can be configured for training. For example, the rest time and the voice of the assistant. You can select both the volume of the voice and its language.

Download Women Fithess

Google sports app

At the end, one cannot help but add an application that is more focused on the daily activity of the person who leaves the house. It's Google Fit. Now it is not so relevant, but it is worth installing it if your activity is of interest to you.

In addition, the application supports synchronization from Google with other applications. For example, if you are tracking activity in your tracker app, you can export the data to Google Fit.

5 best fitness apps for your home workout 5 best fitness apps for your home workout

This will make it a little easier to collect everything in one place. Trusting a proprietary Google application is worth it even because it was created with the support of the World Health Organization. And Google itself can afford to make a good physical activity aggregator app.

Download 'Google Fit'

How to do fitness for free

At this point I will not talk about applications, but about the smartphone as a whole. It turns out that you can not only play sports, but also participate in free fitness workouts.

Nowadays, many gyms and clubs hold open trainings on Instagram. It is enough just to find a club that you are interested in and follow its activity on the social network. With a high degree of probability, they have such streams. For example, here's one, and here's another. You can also find ready-made workouts in the feed of these clubs.

Clubs need this in order to somehow remind themselves of themselves during a forced pause, and at the same time to advertise themselves for the future. When the pandemic is over, those who worked with them on Instagram may come for offline training.

What sports apps do you use? Share in the comments.

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