'Oh, this Munchausen!' – not just an audiobook, but a real game!

Perhaps all of us in childhood read about the incredible adventures of Baron Munchausen. In my copy of the book, I remember, there were very few illustrations to feel the whole atmosphere of the work. Not to mention the fact that I wanted to somehow take part in what was happening, because some of Munchausen's stories are just a ready-made plot for a movie! At that time, all this was impossible, but modern technology allows you to look at familiar stories in a new way – in the format of an audiobook, the plot of which you can choose yourself.

'Oh, this Munchausen!'  - not just an audiobook, but a real game!

If only such games were in our childhood!

The app 'Oh, this Munchausen!', Which recently appeared on Google Play, is not just an audiobook, but a real game where the reader can take part in the story itself. Yes, the creators were able to combine the world classic (having collected all the stories about Baron Munchausen) with the format of an interactive book. And it turned out very cool.

'Oh, this Munchausen!'  - not just an audiobook, but a real game!

In this book, you need to choose the right denouement of the stories of Baron Munchausen

Instead of just listening to an audiobook (there are tons of other applications for this), the reader takes an active part in the story, playing the role of the granddaughter of the famous baron. During listening, you are asked to choose one of the actions (so the 'granddaughter' helps Munchausen remember his adventures), and what you choose depends on how the plot of the book will turn. Of course, there is only one right choice for the classics, but the creators of the book decided to make it more interesting, even turning some of the wrong options into the right ones.

'Oh, this Munchausen!'  - not just an audiobook, but a real game!

Sometimes getting to the right option can be tricky.

Actor Denis Shevchenko, who voices the baron, copes with his task 100%: you seem to choose an option, and according to the intonation of the announcer it seems that he is correct, but then everything turns out so that the action is still wrong. Such features greatly increase the interest in the book – especially true for young readers, who are now rarely forced to read this or that work. And here they will ask you to turn on the audiobook for them!

'Oh, this Munchausen!'  - not just an audiobook, but a real game!

Denis Shevchenko very cool voiced Baron Munchausen

Among other things, the book contains various riddles and quests (like getting Munchausen out of a swamp or catching flying fruits) that make it much more interesting. But the most important thing is, of course, the illustrations (over 250!). All of them are copyright and were drawn specially for this book by the honored artist Andrey Kulagin. With them, 8 hours of audiobooks will pass as if 5 minutes. And if you want more, you can always cheer up by listening to funny unsuccessful takes!

'Oh, this Munchausen!'  - not just an audiobook, but a real game!

Andrey Kulagin drew incredible illustrations for the book

'Oh, this Munchausen!'  - not just an audiobook, but a real game!

Illustrations can always be viewed separately in the corresponding section of the application.

It is convenient that the book can be listened to (and played!) Completely offline – in the summer many people leave and do not always have access to the Internet, but here the baron's tales are with you wherever you want. Very often, children's fascination with reading is not an easy task – even the most interesting book with the most beautiful illustrations can get tired of a small child in a few minutes. But the interactive book (I would call it more a game) is a success even among the smallest users.

'Oh, this Munchausen!'  - not just an audiobook, but a real game!

If you wish, you can always re-listen to the chapter you like, including offline

But what can I say, I myself was interested to take part in such an interactive, although in my childhood I read stories about Baron Munchausen several times. Some might say that digital content can never fully replace a real book. In my memory, too, there will forever be moments when I carefully and leisurely pasted pages, blew dust off books and undertook to re-read my favorite works. But I really like this approach to the classics – it corresponds to the current realities. Considering how much work the developers have done, this is just wow. If as a child I had the opportunity to read a book in this way, I would be delighted.

The free version of the game includes as many as 10 stories by Baron Munchausen, and if you like (and you like it, that's for sure), you can purchase the full version. It costs no more than a paper edition, but it will give you much more emotions. You can download not only on Android, but also iOS, and for those who speak English there is a special version 'Oh, that Munchausen!' with an actor from New Zealand (download at iOS; Android).

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