What Google Pixel 5 needs to be for me to buy

Despite the fact that the new Google Pixel 4a, the launch of which is constantly being postponed, has not yet been released, in the editorial office we thought about what we would like to see in the Google Pixel 5. Yes, right away. As a result, we threw in some interesting options. Most importantly, almost all of them are not just fantasies, but full-fledged rumors, leaks, information from analysts, and just common sense and logic. The result is the image of an almost perfect smartphone. Now it's up to Google, which has to somehow implement this. Let's see how she succeeds, but the reality is that the company needs to do almost everything with a smartphone, which I will talk about in this article. This is the only way they can gain the trust of the audience.

What Google Pixel 5 needs to be for me to buy

It's Google Pixel 4. What will the Pixel 5 be like?


Google Pixel 5 price

It remains a secret to few that the company will not release a flagship like it did last year. More precisely, for the line it will be a flagship, but against the background of the “top” from other manufacturers it will be a little lost. But he should have a very nice price. The main thing is that Google doesn't screw up anything in terms of software. Everything should be simple, unobtrusive and user-oriented. Of course, not in the style of Google to fence complex shells, but who knows what they will get into their heads this year.

Coming back to the price, we can add that now it has become the main measure of how the public will accept the device. The demand for smartphones is already falling, and also the whole story with the virus, which finally discouraged people from buying expensive devices. To become the main smartphone in the second half of 2020, it is necessary to offer a good compromise of specs and cost, but it should be based on a low price. Moreover, now there is no clear advantage of the most expensive processor. Those that are a little simpler also do an excellent job.

Not so long ago, we even discussed in our Telegram chat the possible price of the new Pixel. They agreed that a price cut and a slightly simpler hardware would suit more than half of potential buyers.

Google Pixel matte colors

The famous orange color has already managed to fall in love with even those who have not yet acquired a Google Pixel. It seems to us that the company needs to build on this success and release new colors in this vein.

What Google Pixel 5 needs to be for me to buy

This color looks beautiful. But variations are needed.

For example, a dark green matte or dark blue would look good. And also white, but it would get dirty very quickly. In general, let them think about how to do this – we will only be glad.

Ultra wide angle lens

When iPhone 11 Pro and the usual iPhone 11 got to our editorial office, I was the first to say that Apple did everything right under the circumstances. The fact is that the Pro version has a super wide-angle lens, a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. In the usual version there are two modules – shirik and super-wide. You can do without a telephoto lens, but you need a super-width. The new Pixel also needs it. Google needs to work on that too. Otherwise, there are no complaints about the shooting. Perhaps the firing of the main camera maker for the Google Pixel means something and the company will reconsider its view of cameras.

What Google Pixel 5 needs to be for me to buy

The camera needs a width, period.

Smartphone with narrow bezels

This is exactly what we need. Narrow frames, if you like, are our everything. When the iPhone SE of the second generation comes out, there are no questions to it. He just has to be like that and no one else is waiting. But when a company tries to do something almost frameless, but it turns out not much better than SE, it raises questions and something needs to be done about it.

But even this is not the most important thing. Most of all, I want the frames to be the same from all sides. This is a sign of a good smartphone. I am against the camera in the notch of the screen, but it's better with it than with underframes.

Increasing battery capacity

The 3,700mAh battery in the Pixel 4 XL was pass-through at best. Many users complained that even a new smartphone was sometimes not enough for them for a day. There were too many such complaints to be attributed simply to the grumbling and eternal discontent of several haters. For this reason, the Pixel 5's larger battery is not only necessary, but necessary.

Especially, it will be relevant if the new product receives 5G and a display with a higher frame rate. A more or less satisfactory option would be 4000 mAh, but it is better to have at least 4500 mAh.

Display @ 120 Hz

If, as we expect, the Google Pixel 5 does not run on Snapdragon 865, but on its version with number 76 5G, then it may have problems with working out the 120 Hz frequency for the QHD + screen. In this case, wait for more than 90 Hz is not worth it.

What Google Pixel 5 needs to be for me to buy

This is no good.

But if the smartphone will work with an FHD + screen, then we would like to see exactly 120 Hz. It doesn't even matter that this is not a required attribute of a flagship smartphone, but it will allow Google to stand out from many competitors. Well, she never had big problems with screens, so she needs to comply further. Just imagine how clean Android would work on a Pixel at 120Hz! Even OnePlus would get nervous here. Especially with its price

What will be the Google Pixel 5

Now let's vote on what the Google Pixel 5 will be like. More precisely, what we want it to be. Leave your opinion below, choosing one of the options that I described in this article.

Options like “I'm fine with everything” or “I'm not going to buy a Pixel” I deliberately did not include. If you didn't care, you would never open this article.

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