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The modern pace of life leaves an imprint on all areas of our activity, including personal finance management. Before, in order to pay the bill, we went to the bank or to the information kiosk. Now we do it in a few clicks on mobile.

In this review, we will look at such a useful tool as a cashback application for Android. If anyone does not know, then cashbacks are services that allow you to return part of the funds spent on the purchase of a product or service. Let's see how it works using the example Android – the AliBonus application. It helps you get some money back for purchases on AliExpress.

How cashback works

When it comes to the fact that you will be returned 3-20% of the amount spent, many believe that this is a hoax. However, it is not. This is one of the options for attracting customers, which is actively used by large companies, including marketplaces. At the same time, they pay affiliates (in this case, cashback services) a commission for each attracted client. And those, in turn, give most of this money to the user himself.

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How to work with the application

Let's move on to the application itself. The installation page looks like this: Application installation page

The application weighs a little more than 10 MB and is installed quickly. The phone does not load. The design is made in a minimalist style. It is felt that the developers tried to make the application simple and convenient, and they succeeded.
The first useful feature is the step-by-step tips that you see immediately after installing the application. Alibonus greeting

Confirmation of receipt of goods

They will tell you about the application and how to get your cashback credited. The fact is that if a number of conditions are not met, cashback may not be credited. So it’s better to spend 2 minutes reading than spending hours talking to support.
Next, we register. Enter your email address (login), come up with a password and click the 'Register' button. In the system, you can either create a new account or log in via social networks – Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki or a Google account. Registration in the system

AliBonus cashback service has a loyalty program. Its essence is that when you register in the system, you get to the lowest level – Novice. It entitles you to a 7% refund of the funds spent.

As the amount of orders grows, so does your level. There are 7 of them: Beginner, Arithmetician, Merchant, Economist, Shopaholic, Mathematician, and, finally, the Master over the coin. At the last, 7th level, you will be returned not 7, but 10% of purchases. Considering that the amounts for moving from level to level are not so large, it makes sense to try to move to the highest one.

It was – it is: Cashback activation Available amount

Then everything is simple. Enter your withdrawal details and enjoy shopping on AliExpress. Redirection to AliExpress will happen automatically in the browser of the AliBonus application itself, when you click on the 'Activate cashback' button.
Important point: you must NOT have the AliExpress mobile app installed.
To avoid any problems with cashback accrual, the support service recommends making purchases and paying for them during one session, immediately after clicking on the 'Activate cashback' button. This is true not only for this cashback, but also for any other. Button 'Activate cashback'

You can withdraw money to your mobile phone, PayPal, QIWI wallets, Yandex.Money or WebMoney. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 5, when withdrawing to a bank card — $ 15.

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Useful features

What other functionality of the application deserves attention:

  • Displaying a plate showing the cashback amount in the list of products.
  • Also, a very useful thing is the pop-up tips that will remind you to log in or tell you about the innovations in the service. Floating hints

The desktop version has additional features:

  • checking the seller (very valuable if you are going to spend more than one dollar);
  • history of price changes (will help you buy goods at the lowest possible price).

Summing up, we can say that if you are looking for a cashback application for Android, then AliBonus is a very good option, both in terms of a high cashback percentage (10%) and ease of use.

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