Xiaomi cannot update their smartphones due to coronavirus

Despite the fact that the coronavirus has not yet been defeated, recently we have practically stopped mentioning it. And what should I mention if nothing has changed during this time? The production of many devices is still at a standstill, due to which the supply of new batches of smartphones, headphones and smart watches has slowed down, and prices, as expected, have gradually crept up. The inhabitants of Russia somehow did not feel any other negative consequences of the outbreak of the epidemic. Well, at least that's what they thought until Xiaomi came out with a statement that shocked many.

Xiaomi cannot update their smartphones due to coronavirus

If your smartphone has stopped receiving updates, you should know that coronavirus is to blame

Xiaomi was forced to postpone the release of Android 10 for some smartphones due to the coronavirus. Sumit Sonal, Brand Manager Xiaomi in India talked about this. According to him, the company planned to start distributing the update for Xiaomi Mi A3 in February, but due to the spread of the disease, it froze this initiative indefinitely. Apparently, this is not the only device that was left without an update, since by now most of the smartphones in the line Redmi have not been updated either.

Why is it not updated Android

Xiaomi cannot update their smartphones due to coronavirus

Xiaomi Mi A3 is the most useless smartphone in the lineup

Of course, Sonal explained, the coronavirus did not affect the cloud infrastructure Xiaomi, through which updates are distributed. Simply because of the quarantine introduced in China, the company was forced to close a fair amount of laboratories and offices, on the basis of which new firmware versions were developed MIUI. As a result, employees who were responsible for debugging and releasing updates are absent from the workplace, and therefore cannot fulfill their duties.

However, there is a very important point here, which, in my opinion, Xiaomi wants to cover up with the coronavirus. The fact is that Xiaomi Mi A3 belongs to the line of smartphones Android One, which operate on the basis of pure Android, which allows them to update among the first, since they are not need optimization MIUI. Nevertheless, Android 10 came out about six months ago, and Xiaomi never bothered to release an update for the smartphone, which, according to the logic of things, should have received it almost before everyone else. After all, Xiaomi Mi A1, neither Mi A2, nor even Mi A2 Lite had such delays, since Google provides the sources to the manufacturers at the same time as the release.

When will Android 10 come out for Xiaomi Mi A3

It is quite clear that Xiaomi had Android 10 sources for Xiaomi Mi A3 even before the outbreak of coronavirus. In the end, the update came out in September, and the danger of the disease became known only by the end of January. What, then, did the Chinese do that they could not release the update on time, as it happened with all the other smartphones of the line? I have no idea. Perhaps, the atypical characteristics of the smartphone affected, and perhaps Xiaomi simply had more significant devices that she wanted to update in the first place, which, given the low price of Mi A3, sounds quite logical.

The coronavirus justification is utter nonsense, and I don't believe it at all. Nevertheless, Xiaomi at least tried to justify itself, while Huawei regularly ignores its users, either not releasing updates for branded smartphones at all, or doing it with such a long delay that when the update still comes out, it looks like a mockery or a mockery. I know this firsthand, because my View 20 has not been updated for more than four months, and when it was updated yesterday, it turned out that this is not the current March security patch, but only the December one. It would be better if they lied, that's right.

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