Why the Google Pixel 4a release time was right, and the price is very low

It's a strange time now. Exhibitions and conferences are canceled one by one. Google I / O was also in trouble, where they were supposed to talk in detail about Android 11 and show new devices, among which could be the new Google Chromecast Ultra with a remote control and Google Pixel 4a, which many have been waiting for since the release Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL models. I personally liked the previous generation of the “semi-novelty” very much and I am looking forward to the release of this year's device. Already now I am confident that the model will be very successful, especially considering its value, which became known this week. Separately, it is worth noting how timely this device should come out and why. Google has precisely chosen the right time to launch the new product.

Why the Google Pixel 4a release time was right, and the price is very low

It is very likely that there will be a queue for the new Google Pixel 4a.

Of course, there is a possibility that the novelty may not be released due to what is happening in the world, but this is unlikely. The presentation can be held on-line, and the smartphone can be sold via the Internet. Eventually, someday the epidemic will subside, but there is no better time to release a model that is most likely fully ready.

How much will the Google Pixel 4a cost

This week, leaked information that the new smartphone from Google will cost $ 339. That being said, the leak was very unusual. These are not just regular printouts or tweets from those who need to be aware of the interior. All this would not have caused as much interest as photographs of billboards depicting the novelty.

Why the Google Pixel 4a release time was right, and the price is very low

This is what one of the posters looked like.

Why the Google Pixel 4a release time was right, and the price is very low

And so the other.

These photos looked a little strange, because hardly anyone would have put them, given that the new product will not be released tomorrow or even in a week. It is one thing when information flows to the site and the page opens earlier than the set time due to the fact that someone set the publication time incorrectly, and a completely different physical advertisement that needs to be printed, pasted and so that no one understands that all this time is what something goes wrong.

The fact that all the photographs have different posters and the same place added fuel to the fire. Even the clouds in the background don't move. All this was very Photoshop-like, and many, without understanding, began to say that this was a fake, not a leak. In fact, everything was even simpler.

The fact is that Google, before launching a new product, simulates options for advertising and store design in order to understand how it will look like. The only way to maintain secrecy is to just work in a graphics editor and simply overlay the advertisement image on the terrain. Moreover, this location has already been lit up during preparations for the launch of the Google Pixel 4.

Why the Google Pixel 4a release time was right, and the price is very low

And here's the price.

In the end, the leak can be considered real and believe the price of $ 399 for the Google Pixel 4a. Now let's talk about why this is a very good price and why the launch will take place as soon as possible, if we are not mistaken in the forecasts.

Google Pixel 4a price will be very low

Given the current state of the art in the smartphone market, the $ 399 price tag really doesn't look as big as, for example, the almost $ 1,000 for the Google Pixel 4. Yes, you can buy other relatively good smartphones for that money, but they are not. a lot, and after clearing the niche of Huawei and Honor, there are almost none left. Probably only Xiaomi, but they are not for everybody. They are either adored or hated – not at all like other smartphones.

For about the same money, you can buy, for example, the Samsung Galaxy A71, but will it be better than the Pixel? Moreover, they will be very close in terms of hardware (more on that below), but Google itself will stand behind the second option, which will definitely provide it with much more support than the Koreans.

Another smartphone that Google Pixel 4a will compete with will be iPhone 9? In the output of which many are more than confident. Against the background of such a collision, we will get an interesting effect that did not exist before.

Why the Google Pixel 4a release time was right, and the price is very low

If the leaks are to be believed, iPhone 9 would look like this. Just like a figure eight.

Last year, when the Google Pixel 3a was shown, it competed with the iPhone XR, which was still more expensive and from this comparison was not entirely logical. Now, if the forecasts are confirmed, Apple for the first time in many years will release a shareware device, the price of which will be as close as possible to the price of Pixel 4a, and here we can really talk about direct competition between the two giants. It is possible that in this case one of the companies made decisions on the release of models based on “intelligence data” about the competitor's plans.

When should Google Pixel 4a come out to be a bestseller?

Many of my colleagues in the shop have a slightly different opinion, but it seems to me that the release of the model in late spring is the most justified. On the one hand, this will definitely not interfere with the sales of the Google Pixel 4. Those who wanted to buy it did it. On the other hand, the Pixel 5 is still a long way off and the novelty is unlikely to affect the sales of the flagship, which will appear in more than six months.

Gadget sales aren't Google's main source of income, but they're still important. This is why it would be nice to make them more even. The release of Pixel 4a in the near future will just solve this problem, which will also have an extremely positive effect on the company's business. In the end, the simultaneous launch of the Google Pixel 4, 4XL and 4a will force buyers to make a choice and many will opt for the cheaper option. Therefore, it is better for them to hold it back a little. At the same time, you can manage to fix errors that can accidentally slip through when the flagship is released. Of course, the reputation in this case will be spoiled, but there will be at least one good device in the lineup this year.

Another success factor will be the presentation of the same iPhone 9, if it is for direct competition, because if it comes out later, buyers may be lured away. And don't forget about the release of Huawei P40 soon. Of course, the difference in the output of these two smartphones will be large, but this is also a factor that will push buyers to choose a cheaper device, but with excellent support. However, the last factor is a little far-fetched, but as one of the coins in the piggy bank will come down.

Why the Google Pixel 4a release time was right, and the price is very low

The Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL are very cool smartphones.

Google Pixel 4a specifications

It is not necessary to count on the flagship hardware in the new product. Naturally, it will be more modestly equipped than the Google Pixel 3a, but overall it will match its price very well.

The screen of the novelty will not only grow by 0.2 inches to 5.8 inches, but will also receive a fashionable cutout in the screen in the form of a hole. I don't like it, but the fact remains. It is difficult to say what the rear panel will be, but there are rumors that it will receive a module from the older Google Pixel 4.

The device will work on Snapdragon 730, which will replace the 670th of the previous generation. RAM will be 6 GB versus 4 GB last year, while the minimum storage will remain at 64 GB.

The device will naturally work out of the box at Android 10 and will receive more than one update, and a battery with a capacity of 3080 mAh will be responsible for autonomy. In general, everything looks pretty good, especially considering the rumors about the 5G version.

I can say that this time I support Google's actions and consider them very correct. I'm looking forward to the release of the Google Pixel 4a and want to see what it looks like.

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