Why is it better to buy iPhone SE 2020 than any Android – smartphone

Despite the fact that iPhone, contrary to popular belief, never competed with Android – smartphones, because they belonged to different ecosystems, the release of iPhone SE 2020 changed everything. Even if it has a small display, and it looks far from flagship, its price and the most advanced hardware will do their job and bring this device to the top in sales, plugging even many iPhone into the belt, not to mention smartphones running Android, which offer users a much more meager set of features for the same price.

Why is it better to buy iPhone SE 2020 than any Android - smartphone

iPhone SE 2020 does not look very modern, but its filling will plug any Android – smartphone

Today, $ 400 is the middle price segment, which, as a rule, does not include flagships. If earlier for this money it was possible to buy a top-end smartphone from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei and other brands, now, due to the transition of many manufacturers to the production of sophisticated devices, from users who have such budget, the choice will not be so wide. Maybe Google Pixel 3a, Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro or something similar. Yes, these are all very good devices for which there will definitely be a buyer, but they are all pretty compromise.

Analogs of iPhone SE 2020 to Android

Why is it better to buy iPhone SE 2020 than any Android - smartphone

Pixel 3a seems to be good, but much inferior to iPhone SE 2020

The closest thing to iPhone SE 2020 is of course the Google Pixel 3a. These are smartphones that are cheaper versions of flagship models, but at the same time have almost the full range of their functionality. But in the case of the new iPhone SE, the most productive hardware on the market is used, and the Pixel 3a is powered by an average Snapdragon 670 processor. That is, it will obviously lose to the A13 Bionic chip from Apple, which is easily done even by the flagship Snapdragon 865, having more processing power.

Yes, iPhone SE 2020 looks frankly weak against the background of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro and Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Affects the small display of the novelty, large frames and the area under the 'Home' button, which modern smartphones running Android have not had for several years. However, here you need to take into account the relevance factor, which is much more developed in iPhone SE 2020. After all, if Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is last updated this year, and then does not receive a single update, iPhone will be supported for at least 4 years, or even more.

Should you buy iPhone SE 2020

Why is it better to buy iPhone SE 2020 than any Android - smartphone

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, although beautiful, will have obvious problems with support

By purchasing iPhone SE 2020, you will receive a smartphone that can be used for several years without any problems. No other device on Android is even close to capable of this. But, in addition to support, there are many more factors in the form of branded accessories Apple, which make iPhone almost the best smartphone of our time. Of course, we are talking about Apple Watch, which cannot be connected to Android, and about AirPods, which, although they work with Android, are frankly so-so, and therefore it makes sense to buy them only in the ecosystem Apple.

Features iPhone SE 2020

Advantages of iPhone SE 2:

  • Protection against water and dust ingress;
  • Support for wireless charging;
  • Camera with support for portrait mode and 4K video;
  • High level of optimization.

Why is it better to buy iPhone SE 2020 than any Android - smartphone

If I had to choose a smartphone now, I would choose iPhone SE 2020

Disadvantages of iPhone SE 2020:

  • Small display;
  • Low resolution IPS matrix;
  • Siri;
  • Lack of headphone jack.

As you can see, iPhone SE 2020 isn't perfect. However, if I had a choice of which smartphone to buy, I would unconditionally bet on it. Still, for its price, it offers much more advantages than any other Android device. Yes, in the lineup Apple there were inexpensive devices like iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. But they just couldn't boast the most advanced hardware and the ability to shoot portrait photos with a single camera module. Well, if I don't like something, I can always sell iPhone SE 2020 with minimal losses, which you can never do with Xiaomi, Huawei and them similar devices.

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