Why I was disappointed with the OnePlus 8 even before it was released

Less than two weeks are left before the OnePlus 8 presentation. He should become very cool, and for the first time in the lineup there will be more than two models. Everything seems to be fine and you can line up, but something does not give me peace. I look at all these leaks and understand that most likely I will not buy this smartphone. Although there was always one thing in him that I really liked and for it I was ready to forgive a lot. It remains to be seen whether it will be this time. Yes connoisseurs of OnePlus will forgive me, but this year I would definitely not buy a new product. Especially considering the supply issues we are expecting and the rejection of some cutting edge solutions.

Why I was disappointed with the OnePlus 8 even before it was released

I will not say that I like the design of the Samsung Galaxy S20, but even more recent.

Where do smartphone leaks come from?

It just so happened that the closer to the presentation, the more information appears on the Web about what it will be. Two to three months before the presentation, all data is more or less approximate and based on an analysis of what is happening on the market. At this time, even the manufacturer himself may not know how much, for example, memory will be installed in a new smartphone or what color the case will be.

This is due to the fact that the smartphone is initially designed with basic components. It is clear what kind of processor it will have, what screen and what functions. The rest can change along the way. Almost before the presentation, production starts to meet the first demand. This is where the most accurate leaks begin. Someone spied on the plant, someone handed over documents, and someone made up the main page of the site. So it happened this time.

How OnePlus 8 will look like

This time, the leak originated in Germany. The renders that we will talk about today are provided by the WinFuture.de portal.

According to the leak, the OnePlus 8 Pro will come in three color options. They will be named Ultramarine Blue, Glacial Green and Onyx Black.

Why I was disappointed with the OnePlus 8 even before it was released

To be honest, the colors are so-so …

The regular version of the OnePlus 8 will only have two colors – Glacial Green and Onyx Black. The much talked about Ultramarine Blue will be exclusive to the top model.

The smartphones will be made of glass and metal, and the front camera will be located in a hole in the corner of the screen. The screen will be curved.

In general, there are not many differences between the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. The top version will have a 0.2-inch larger screen and an additional camera sensor. It's all.

Why I was disappointed with the OnePlus 8 even before it was released

And this is how the smartphone looks from the front.

All the colors look interesting, but the smartphone lacks any zest. We received just ordinary Android smartphones, of which there are dozens on the market. Of course, I did not expect a standard of style, after which everyone will repeat, but I definitely wanted something more interesting.

Features of the new OnePlus

OnePlus has taught us that all of its new smartphones run on top-end processors. This year it is Snapdragon 865 with modem support 5G.

The device will support LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 flash. We'll most likely get both 8 GB and 12 GB of RAM. The built-in, most likely, will not be more than 256 GB, although an option with 512 GB memory is possible. Memory cards will definitely not be supported.

On the other hand, the eighth generation of OnePlus should be the first to implement wireless charging (with the reverse charging function, to which I recently changed my mind). True, only for the Pro version. Naturally, the proprietary fast charging will not go anywhere either. A 30-watt power supply will be included, with a 4510 mAh battery.

Only the Pro version will be IP68 certified for water and dust. Previously, the leadership of the campaign stated that their smartphones are protected, but certification costs money and they do not consider it necessary to pay. Now they have decided what is necessary. For me, such differences of opinion are doubtful, but this is their business.

Why I was disappointed with the OnePlus 8 even before it was released

The rounded edges of the screen are good. The main thing is to do it in moderation.

The 'Pro' model will include four main cameras – two 48MP, one 8MP and another 5MP. The megapixels themselves are not so important, but the pride of the smartphone will be a screen with a frequency of 120 Hz. If only I could find content for him. But the menu interface will move just unrealistically fast.

Why it is better not to buy OnePlus 8

With the seventh generation OnePlus, I loved that they got hooked on the idea of ​​a sliding camera. Now everyone has abandoned it, but this is what looks like something massively. For those who did not dare to experiment with it, there are no questions, they stayed with their own. But if you do it, show courage and show what will happen next. Try to reverse the situation and make it so that you don't want to give it up. Such a decision would greatly raise the manufacturer in my eyes.

I talk about prices in almost every article and do not want to dwell on this in detail. It seems to me that $ 900 for OnePlus is very expensive, given that the company is trying to position itself almost as a people's flagship. Gone are the days when it was like that.

But an unambiguous thanks to the company for its decision on the silent mode switch. I like it so much that even if I use it once a month, I want it to be in my smartphone. Judging by the tenders, it will also be new. I am very happy because it is very convenient.

In the end, while I am disappointed. I wanted something more worthy. Perhaps, after the smartphone falls into my hands, I will fall in love at first sight, but it is unlikely. This time of relationship with technology has already passed for me. Now I approach it more pragmatically.

And I'm also not very clear about the OnePlus 8 Lite. They said that he will be, but in today's leak there is not a word about him. Perhaps it will be released later or canceled due to the difficult situation in the world.

This situation can hurt OnePlus in general. The company hoped to start selling smartphones, prepared them a month earlier than last year, but cannot do so due to problems with production and delivery. They are associated with the coronavirus pandemic. It is not clear when the situation will improve. The main thing is that this smartphone is not “rotten” and still finds its buyer.

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