Why I love Chinese smartphones more than iPhone

They say that tastes differ, but I don't think so. They argue about tastes and how, because the taste can be good, or it can be just disgusting. But one should not think that taste is some kind of innate quality that appears by itself. Good taste must be cultivated, and this is done by contemplating the beautiful, comparing it with the ugly and understanding why one thing can and should be considered beautiful and the other not. In this sense, smartphones are a good litmus test that determines whether you have a taste or not.

Why I love Chinese smartphones more than iPhone

This is a regular Huawei Mate 30 Pro and it is very beautiful

Recently, my colleague Oleg Kusov wrote a devastating post in which he explained in detail why he does not like the design of Chinese smartphones. According to him, the appearance of devices from the Middle Kingdom makes him really disgusted, but iPhone, the design of which has not changed for three years, remains an ideal for him. I explain where he was wrong.

The most beautiful smartphones for 2020

To begin with, Chinese smartphones are the most numerous category of mobile devices on the market today, which are forced to compete with each other for a place in the sun. But since it is impossible to sell technological bells and whistles without an attractive shell, they dodge in every way to draw a beautiful design. As a result, we have witnessed how over the past 5 years the Chinese smartphone industry has matured very much, becoming an improved version of itself.

While Apple continues to exploit the same image for years, the Chinese are making really attractive smartphones. Here are just a few of them:

Why I love Chinese smartphones more than iPhone

This is OnePlus Concept One – a prototype smartphone with auto-dimming cameras

Why I love Chinese smartphones more than iPhone

Oppo Find X by Lamborghini looks very stylish and expensive

Why I love Chinese smartphones more than iPhone

Mate 30 RS Porsche Edition – the most beautiful smartphone Huawei

Why I love Chinese smartphones more than iPhone

Xiaomi Mi x Alpha is simply the most innovative smartphone in the world

If you look at these smartphones, you are guaranteed not to confuse one with the other. There is no such thing with iPhones. iPhone X, XS, XR, 11 Pro – it is completely unclear which one is. Despite the fact that almost all vendors today are trying to make the main camera dominant in design, which clearly stands out from the general background, these are still incredibly stylish looking devices. I especially love the Huawei Mate RS line, which Huawei is paired with Porsche. Looking at these devices, you immediately see that people understand something in design.

Why Chinese smartphones are better iPhone

Attractive design has long become a distinctive feature of Chinese devices. An iridescent body, a stylishly designed camera, looking at which you will never confuse a camera phone with a regular smartphone, a huge display without frames and, of course, the highest technology. If before the main design was considered iPhone, which really looked more attractive than anything else that was on the market, now it is, at best, weaving somewhere in the end of the top ten. Indeed, on Android it is simply not customary to make smartphones with bangs, and Apple continues to produce them to this day. I'm not even talking about the execution of the rest of the case, which many dress in leather, ceramics and other premium materials.

Why I love Chinese smartphones more than iPhone

Smartphones on Android are objectively prettier iPhone

How it happened is not difficult to explain. Apple, unlike all the others, has no competitors in its field. Can you buy a smartphone on iOS not from Apple? Of course not. Therefore, in Cupertino they cook in themselves and gradually begin to sour without an influx of fresh blood. They have been exploiting the same image for years, presenting stability as an advantage. But the whole point is that stagnation is also stability, which someday will make itself felt with something unpleasant, for example, an outflow of the audience.

I no longer want to buy an iPhone because of its appearance, and, as I understand it, no one wants to. Today, the iPhone is an ecosystem, prestige, iOS, peripherals, anything but design. Yes, he is still recognizable, but he is no longer eye-catching. But the new ones Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi and Pocophone – rivet and manage to hold them for a very long time. You want to hold them in your hands, you want to admire them, and even more so to own them, unlike iPhones, which have turned into a purely utilitarian thing that is just as comfortable as house slippers. But you will most likely want to go public in LV sneakers or at least New Balance, preferring to leave the slippers in the hallway.

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