Why I don't need a phone with a big battery

Anyone who remembers push-button phones from the early or mid-2000s knows that then the phone could be charged and forgotten. It could work for several days without recharging, and even when the battery indicator showed about 20-25 percent (then there were no exact numbers, only a pictogram), few people panicked and urgently looked for PowerBank (they were not there either). Then with the release of the first modern smartphone and as they developed, we faced an acute problem of lack of energy. Our means of communication began to suffice for a maximum of a day. Everyone immediately started talking about large battery sizes, but I think we don't need them.

Why I don't need a phone with a big battery

A large battery will also run out sometime and will need to be charged. What to do in this case? Will fast charging save?

Why does the phone go down quickly

It should be understood that phones that were 15 years ago were slightly more powerful than a calculator, they had almost no functions, and we took them in our hands only to make a call. That is why the battery ran out much more slowly than it is now, when we do not let go of the phone. And among other things, he still needs to maintain the work of a colorful bright screen and constantly update or synchronize something in the background.

Because of this, the phone sits down faster than before. Even the large volume of the battery, which is also consumed quickly, does not help. We just do not notice how we constantly turn on the phone. Received a message – at least a minute to read and respond. I remembered something – five minutes for the browser. I had a “free minute” – ten minutes for Instagram and Facebook. So it runs over. You usually don't notice this yourself, but statistics suggest otherwise. If you think about it and start paying attention, you immediately believe that you will unlock your phone 150-200 times a day. He even just took it in his hand, turned it on, flipped through the screens, turned it off. This is unconscious.

Why I don't need a phone with a big battery

We use our phones all the time and don't even notice it anymore.

Does the phone need a large battery

Many people say that the phone should have a large battery. Someone talks about 5,000 mAh, and someone about 6,000 mAh, but if desired, both of them can be dropped in a few hours. More important is not this, but how economically the system relates to battery life. And for me personally, something else is important.

I belong to that rare group of people who think that a day and a half for a smartphone is quite normal. Of course not, if someone offers a revolutionary battery that can be charged once a month and at the same time use the phone the same way as now, I will only be in favor. I mean I am against adding a 1000mAh battery to the detriment of design and lightness. The smartphone will work for a day and a half or one and a half or two, it does not matter at all.

It would be much more pleasant for me to have a device that needs to be charged every day, but for 10-15 minutes. This is really cool. If you go on a hike or take a train for two days, you still need an external source of energy, and if you just spend the day on the road or at work, then a modern smartphone is enough for 99% of users. And it doesn't matter if there will be 20% or 25% at the end of the day – you still need to put the gadget on charge.

Fast phone charging

Now imagine how you wake up in the morning and while brushing your teeth, your smartphone is charged to 50%. While you are getting dressed, the charge rises to 90-100 percent and at breakfast you can already scroll through the news feed. And then this smartphone will be enough for you all day.

Why I don't need a phone with a big battery

Qualcomm can and does. Well done!

This is not even a fantasy or wishlist, this is a real technology that already exists and was even presented by OPPO. True, the Chinese promised to charge the 4,000 mAh battery in 20 minutes, and then Qualcomm said it would charge 4,500 mAh in 15 minutes. This is the result. So far, there is no such technology in real smartphones, but it will be literally just about. Even the already released processor support it. Later, other manufacturers will catch up. Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus and others are already working on their options for similar charging. This is what a modern smartphone really needs.

Let scientists continue to work on graphene batteries and miniature reactors, but for now, just give us a really fast charge and it will be good. In my opinion, this draws on a revolution in smartphone manufacturing.

Phone hours

Someone will say that it is better when the phone works for a long time than when it charges quickly. I agree that to each his own, but, as practice shows, which battery is not, it will still be charged at the last moment. Now imagine that you charged your phone at night, and in the morning you got 100 percent and use it for one and a half or even two and a half days. Then, after a hard day at work, you forget to put it on charge and you have 2-3%, and you go home. In 10 minutes, a 6,000 mAh battery will charge you a few percent or an hour of operation, and a 4,000 battery – 80-90 percent and almost a day of work. For me, the choice is obvious.

Why I don't need a phone with a big battery

If you choose one of the two, then it is better to charge the phone quickly, rather than for a long time. We are waiting for when it will be possible both quickly and for a long time.

There is a saying that “it is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick.” Of course, it will be cool when the phone charges for two weeks of work in half an hour, but so far this is impossible, and the fact that you need to quickly charge the phone is often remembered at the last moment. Elementary, I came home, fell asleep and forgot to connect the gadget to a power outlet, and in the morning you sit by the “broken trough” and try to charge something urgently.

You can say as much as you like “it doesn't work for me, I always have everything under control”, but everyone has mistakes.

This article is a personal opinion, which does not coincide with the opinion of many members of the editorial board. Tell us what you think about this and answer the question below.

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