How to run games for Android on PC

Android games Many people wondered how to run games Android on PC but couldn't find a solution? However, now there are simulators on Windows designed to run Android applications. Among the popular ones, there is one easy-to-learn Blue stack .

This product uses Layer Cake technology, which provides the right environment specifically for playing Arm-applictions designed for Android. This program provides the ability to run Android games in a separate window or on the entire display.

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Once the installation is complete, you can easily install your favorite games from Google Play as easily as on your tablet. Blue stack s also supports the new Windows 8, 8.1 it can be installed on Windows – tablets and ultrabooks with this OS on x86 processors. The product supports 12 languages, including Russian.

Language selection

BlueStack can:

  • run programs Android on a computer with Windows
  • upload via cloud applications from Android devices to Windows.
  • install an endless number of new applications.
  • put a regular launcher on the home screen, like on a tablet.
  • get ROOT right, etc.

So, I am offering a small instruction on how to run Android programs on a PC from scratch.

Blue Stack

Programs for launching Android games on PC: Video

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First you need to download the product from the office. site or an already configured version with Google Play installed, ROOT rights and a familiar home screen, after which you need to run the .exe file to start the installation.

Note, for Appplayer to start, the computer must have more than 1 GB (preferably 2 GB) of RAM, or the download may endlessly when launched.

Blue Stack

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Launching the player

After installation, a shortcut will appear on the screen with the desktop, which must be launched and configured. The setup procedure is not difficult, at startup, there will be a question about whether you have a Android phone (you need to specify yes or no). If you indicate yes, then you will need to enter a phone number, Email, after which a letter will be sent to the mail, which will contain instructions on how to synchronize the phone with applications.


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How to play Android games on a computer: Video

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Launch Android games or applications

So how do I open games for Android and applications on my computer? To do this, enter the name in the search bar, which is located under the gallery of downloaded programs and install the one you need. All programs are downloaded from Google Play by default. After downloading, it will appear in the list of all your installed programs. To launch it, you just need to click on the icon. To return to the main menu, click on the Blue Stacks icon, which is located at the bottom of the program window in the center of the navigation panel.

Main menu

If you downloaded a mod with a market, root and launcher, then the whole procedure for setting up and launching there is exactly the same as on a regular Android device. There shouldn't be any problems, because the interface is identical to the usual tablet, right down to the settings, and you can even see the current version of Android on your PC.

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How to run Android games on PC

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