Why Google shouldn't venture into the premium smartphone market

Google is a software company that has taken over the Internet. It offers services that probably everyone uses. These are Google Search, Android, Google Play and so on. With the release of Nexus in 2010, the company decided to try its hand at the smartphone market. She did it well, she offered mid-budget phones with flagship hardware. However, with the release of the Nexus 6, that changed.

Why Google shouldn't venture into the premium smartphone market

Google should focus on mid-budget phones

Since then, the company's phones have become much more expensive. Nexus 6 at the start of sales cost $ 649. It was much more expensive than Nexus 5, many were disappointed by this and turned away from the line in favor of cheap Chinese devices. This was the company's mistake, which it still hasn't been able to grasp. Since then, it has offered flagship-priced smartphones that have a good camera and quick updates, but are inferior in all other respects to competitors. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which cost almost as much as the Pixel 2 XL, offered a ton of features, was more powerful, had more memory, and had a slightly smaller camera than the Pixel 2. Then why should consumers choose Google's flagship? For what? There is high competition in the flagship market, and it makes no sense to offer consumers devices that will technically be inferior to competing gadgets. Google does this.

Google Pixel is too expensive

The company released the Pixel 3a in 2019. It's a cheap flagship-class camera phone that costs $ 400. Due to its release, the company managed to double its sales in the second quarter of 2019. This says only one thing – the company should seriously think about it. It is also interesting that Google does not disclose numbers, which means that there are not very many commas.

Pixel smartphones are not able to compete with Samsung flagship devices and Apple. The company needs to offer mid-budget phones with a price of $ 300-400 and a flagship camera. The disadvantage of the Pixel 3a is also not very premium body materials. It would be nice if, for $ 400, we got premium materials in addition to a good camera. This is possible considering the Pixel 3a doesn't offer flagship hardware. At least I think the Pixel 3a is well below $ 400.

To understand what Google has to offer us for $ 400, let's take a look at Xiaomi Mi 10. It's no secret that Xiaomi makes very little money on smartphones. The younger version of the Mi 10 will cost $ 430. For this price, consumers will get flagship hardware and a 108MP camera. This is despite the fact that this camera performed well in our recent comparison of Pixel 4 and Xiaomi Mi Note 10. Therefore, Google is undoubtedly greedy and does not want to conquer the market when it comes to phones.

Perfect Pixel

Why Google shouldn't venture into the premium smartphone market

Google Pixel 4a

My perfect Pixel in 2020 is the Pixel 4a. And you don't need to invent anything. You don't need a powerful processor or a lot of memory, just offer a great user experience. If the Pixel 4a has OLED – a 120Hz screen, an excellent camera comparable to the Pixel 4, a matte metal body and a mid-budget Snapdragon 7XX line processor, there is no need for another consumer. The Pixel is a phone that should wow with its camera, screen, upgrades, premium content, and a low price tag. For everything else, there are Samsung smartphones.

And this is what we all expect from Google. The company needs to better analyze its competitors. There is simply no manufacturer on the market that can offer a great camera at a low price. Neither OnePlus nor Xiaomi can give that. And Pixel has every chance of filling an empty niche.

What do our readers think? Do you also think that it makes no sense for Google to release expensive smartphones? Share your opinion in the comments and don't forget about our Telegram.

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