WHO has prepared an app for the prevention of coronavirus.

At a time when a pandemic was declared in the world, people were divided into two camps. Some believe that this is the beginning of a zombie apocalypse, we will all die and walk the streets in search of our Rick Grimes. Others, on the contrary, consider this hysteria unnecessary and ignore it in every possible way. But we bought a couple of bags of buckwheat just in case. The governments of the countries of the world take their actions and coordinate actions through the World Health Organization. Ordinary people want it all to end faster and not to catch them personally. Now, in order to reduce the danger to people, the same WHO is preparing a special application with great capabilities, which can, without exaggeration, save life.

WHO has prepared an app for the prevention of coronavirus.

The smartphone will help protect against the virus.

What is WHO

WHO is an abbreviation that stands for World Health Organization. It is such an international body that monitors the health of people around the world. They track outbreaks of epidemics, participate in their elimination and make recommendations for people to be healthier in general.

There are many theories about what WHO is. For example, many say that this is not the good that the organization wants to appear to be, but real evil. Allegedly, the essence of the organization boils down to experimenting on African children and thereby helping the “chosen nations” become better. Let's leave that to supporters of conspiracy theories.

In reality, most of us, without knowing it, live according to the recommendations of the WHO. This can include eating habits, sleeping for eight hours, quitting bad habits, and more.

App to fight coronavirus

Now many people know that they need to wash their hands more often, avoid crowds of people, and do not travel to Italy and other countries. This is useful knowledge, but the media and social networks are vying with each other to tell us that is not relevant to reality. This clogging of memory can sometimes have a very negative impact on a person and their life.

To combat this, the WHO decided to release special applications for Android and iOS so that people get information from the source. Besides the version for mobile devices, there will also be a web version.

In all cases, the information will contain useful tips on how to behave in a pandemic, news, tips, warnings and much more. All for more awareness of people.

It is planned that the application will be called “WHO MyHealth”. It was originally suggested by a group of volunteer experts. The team consists of former Google employees and Microsoft, WHO advisors and ambassadors, and experts from several other industries.

WHO has prepared an app for the prevention of coronavirus.

This is how the application design looks. nothing extra.

An early version of the app is slated to launch on Monday 30 March. However, the application is open source and our colleagues from 9to5goggle.com were able to test it and see what it is. They immediately concluded that the appendix contains recommendations previously made by WHO. In general, this is very logical.

An interesting feature is the possibility of warning a person that he is in a danger zone, where the risk of infection is significantly higher. If you suspect that you have contracted the coronavirus, in the sentence you can check the list of symptoms and conduct a basic “self-diagnosis”.

If a person infected with coronavirus is not afraid that someone will analyze his movements, he will be able to allow the application to collect statistics to summarize and warn other users. Also, the application will be able to analyze his contacts in order to understand the directions of the spread of the virus and to warn potential victims.

Using Google Maps data, the application will be able to match the user's movement data with the movement data of infected people. So it will be possible to understand where and at what moment there was a risk of transmission of the virus. Or you, on the contrary, like a slalom skier, trowels have evaded carriers of the virus.

The application is built on the cross-platform Google Flutter SDK. This allows you to realize the potential of the service not only on smartphones, but also on other devices, including those that support only the web versions of the services. In doing so, members of the Google Flutter teams volunteered to help and advise those who were developing the application.

How to help fight coronavirus

Given the open work on the application, the team is very willing to help. Therefore, almost anyone who understands Google Flutter can offer to share their experience. Given that it is not known if the application will support languages ​​other than English, the team may need translators.

So far, nothing more is known about the application, but, most likely, it will be possible to download it in a couple of days.

Modern means of combating coronavirus

In general, we live in interesting times. Hundreds of years ago, people did not even know what an infection or a virus was. As a result, whole villages or cities died out and thought that they were punished by higher powers.

Dozens of years ago, there was not even a means of warning and it was necessary to collect information bit by bit. True, there were not so many distractions and speculations and assumptions did not sound from each iron.

A few years ago, people could get information, but not as quickly as they are now. But these days, you just open the app and see where you could have been infected. The main thing is that users share the data, and the developers do not abuse it. In any case, perhaps, the fight against the virus has never been as technologically advanced as it is now. It remains only to wait for Monday, when the application will be released officially, and then we will live.

P.S. A question for those who are in the subject. Speaking of Rick Grimes, do you think he'll be back?

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