Which smartphones are guaranteed to update to Android 11

Why do most users buy flagship smartphones for Android? Obviously not for the sake of performance or the camera, because modern devices in the price segment from 25 thousand rubles are the same plus or minus. This means that only updates remain. After all, if you buy a top-end smartphone, you can count on at least two new versions Android and an additional year of quarterly security patches. Another thing is that there are no guarantees that the manufacturer will comply with the rules set by Google and will not declare yesterday's flagship a model with outdated hardware that will not pull a fresh update. Therefore, some users try to find out as soon as possible whether they are getting an update or not.

Which smartphones are guaranteed to update to Android 11

Smartphones Realme became the first candidates to upgrade to Android 11

Android 11, which will be released in the fall of 2020, will be guaranteed to be available to smartphones Realme of two lines at once: Realme X and Realme Pro. The CEO of the Chinese company Madhav Shet wrote about this on his Twitter, answering questions from users. According to him, Realme fully follows Google's requirements and has been supporting its smartphones for at least two years. Despite the fact that the devices Realme X and Realme Pro do not belong to the flagship model range, their owners can safely count on getting the upcoming version of the operating system.

Smartphones that will upgrade to Android 11

Which smartphones are guaranteed to update to Android 11

Realme is going to upgrade to Android 11 even inexpensive smartphones

  • Realme X2 Pro
  • Realme X2
  • Realme XT
  • Realme X
  • Realme 2 Pro

In fact, these are not all smartphones that belong to the lines designated by the leader Realme, but for some reason he only mentioned them. Perhaps he simply did not take into account at least two more models – Realme 3 Pro and Realme 5 Pro – and therefore, most likely, it is also possible to count on their updating. In any case, as noted by the CEO of the company, the range of branded devices has grown so quickly that the developers are literally afraid to lose sight of any model.

Low-cost smartphones with support Android 11

Despite the fact that the manufacturer's promise to update smartphones to a new version Android, which has not even been released yet, invariably causes a stir among the brand's fans, the CEO Realme went further than others and promised to continue supporting not only the flagships but also inexpensive models. Why is it so important? Because many vendors delay the update until the last moment and either release it with such a delay that many are already losing hope, or do not release it at all, as they often practice Huawei.

However, I am still of the opinion regarding the updates that I formed a couple of years ago. After all, if Google is practically not engaged in security Android, and all functional innovations can be obtained from applications that are updated quite regularly, then I personally do not see much sense in new OS versions, not to mention security updates . Therefore, I recommend that you do not bother about this, but just use your smartphone, because the update is unlikely to make it better than it was when you just bought it.

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