What should Huawei P40 be and why is it so important to the company

Despite the fact that installing Google services, which were taken away from Huawei more than half a year ago due to a conflict with the US authorities, may not be difficult in general, I am not yet ready to buy these smartphones. The point is not even in this procedure and not in some technical disadvantages, which just do not exist, but in the fact that it all looks somehow unstable. Even though Google really wants to return to the Chinese manufacturer, it is far from the fact that it will accept it, as it did with Microsoft. However, I have a clear idea of ​​how I want to see the new Huawei P40 so that I have the desire to buy it. But now is almost a decisive moment that will show what the future of the company will be like. They have no right to screw up.

What should Huawei P40 be and why is it so important to the company

Perhaps he will be like this.

How does he make money Huawei

First of all, it should be understood that the company's business is unlikely to end on smartphones. It is foolish to argue that this is a large part of the company's income, just as it is foolish to deny that they make great money on equipment for telecommunications networks. Moreover, they are now preparing for the worst and are trying to bring new devices to the market, like those that they recently showed at the presentation in Barcelona.

In some way Huawei wants to follow the path of Apple and Google. In addition to the fact that they already have their own developments in the field of software and the application store, they also began to produce tablets and laptops. This is not to mention smartwatches, bracelets and other related gadgets.

Thus, the company has bet on devices that are not so dependent on Android. Even if your app store does not take off, this is not so important for tablets, and the laptop works at all “on Windows”. I'm not even talking about wearable electronics, since it works with any device and is not tied to a brand.

What should Huawei P40 be and why is it so important to the company

These bracelets are really nice.

Why some smartphones Huawei and Honor support Google

On the one hand, the company feels great in the domestic Chinese market, where they have all the support. They play into the hands of the fact that this market is simply huge. But so far they have something to show in the international arena. At one time, they could release old smartphones that worked with Android and Google services in new cases. Customers didn't suffer from this as the price dropped a little each time and they got great products for little money. But this approach is very perishable, and it's time to abandon it.

What will be Huawei P40

At the end of March, a new device should appear on the scene, which will continue the famous flagship “P” line and set new standards in smartphone construction. The main thing is that it doesn't work out the way it did with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. It had many insanely cool features, but very little was said about it, since it was the first Huawei that came out without Google services. Considering that the vast majority of users do not know how to roll them onto this smartphone, the result was predictable. The campaign on the distribution of smartphones literally at half the price, which was held at the end of last and the beginning of this year, helped a little. But this is a drop in the ocean from what would have happened if the current embarrassment had not happened.

The “P” line, in turn, has always attracted more attention than the “Mate”. So it will turn out this time, but will this attention be sufficient for the functions that we are promised?

Personally, I want the smartphone to have a big screen, but without the waterfall design that many people think is cool. It's not bad, but over time you realize that small fillets are better than full fillets.

Also I want a different camera design from the Samsung Galaxy S20 but most likely won't get that. On the other hand, it can be a tricky marketing move that emerging brands typically use. If the Chinese and Korean smartphones are very similar, they will be constantly compared, and from this the novelty will only once again be in sight. Again, unnecessary advertising.

What should Huawei P40 be and why is it so important to the company

Such a camera will surely raise many questions.

In terms of camera functions, I want one. I do not need a zoom for the sake of records, which will allow me to see the license plate at a distance of two kilometers, but the picture quality will be just awful. I want a camera that will shoot without additional cool and not so cool modes, but can just take a good picture in the “take out-take-take-out” format, because this is what you need a camera in your smartphone. So far, this is not very good and many manufacturers are trying to surprise the buyer with bells and whistles, forgetting about the main thing. This is especially true when shooting in low light and in the dark, when many smartphones are trying to turn night into day. I want the night to remain at night, but not smeared all over the matrix.

There is only one request to the front-end. Do not put it in the hole of the screen. Since I am giving my opinion, I cannot accept it and I like the small, neat neckline much more. I know that many will agree with me. Especially those who have tried both options.

What should Huawei P40 be and why is it so important to the company

Well, nooo … Let's go without such a front camera. But the colors are beautiful.

In general, that's all. The performance of the smartphone will be at its best, there is no doubt about it. Water resistant, wireless and reversible charging, good screen? All this will be. Maybe I would like a breakthrough in battery charging speed, but other Chinese from Vivo with their concept of charging in 12 minutes Huawei are far away. And so far so good.

Does Huawei have a future

If the smartphone receives the listed innovations, I might want to buy it and use it on an ongoing basis. The main thing is that the functions are not for the sake of functions and the surprise of the crowd, but for real life, even if they will not look so beautiful in the presentation. After all, smartphones Huawei are now supposed to impress tech savvy people – those who are not afraid of the unavailability of Google services out of the box. If he needs to, he will install them. But if this is another device with a bunch of tinsel, it will alienate such a buyer. But whether it will attract someone who does not understand flashing is a big question. What will be more important for him? ..

Of course, this is just speculation and leaks largely refute them, but in the end Huawei still faces a difficult choice. More precisely, before the announcement of this difficult choice. It is clear that the smartphone is already ready and will not undergo almost any changes. The main thing is that he should surprise at least someone, well, and the price should not be raised. It will not work to surprise everyone as it was before. The times are not the same.

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