What readers will choose Android Insider.ru: clean Android or Android with shell

Despite the fact that millions of users Android regularly enter into skirmishes with users iOS and prove to them that Google's operating system is the best thing that has happened to smartphones, this is not entirely true. Not that I would argue with the fans of the 'green robot' – by no means – just for the most part they all talk about different things Android. Someone praises the stock version of the operating system, which did not know third-party interference, someone means third-party shells and launchers, and someone means custom firmware built on the basis Android. But which one Android is better – clean or modified by shells – we will find out today.

What readers will choose Android Insider.ru: clean Android or Android with shell

Which is better: clean or customized Android?

To determine which is still better – stock Android or one that is embellished with third-party shells – we turned to our readers. In the end, who, if not them, will answer this question. Therefore, we conducted a survey in our Telegram chat, and now we are ready to share its results with you, especially since they turned out to be quite interesting and indicative.

Than shells are better than clean Android

What readers will choose Android Insider.ru: clean Android or Android with shell

There are quite a lot of users for the customized Android

42% of respondents supported Android with the shell. It turns out that almost half of the users do not tolerate the stock version of the operating system, and they are understandable. The point is that skins are usually more functional than pure skins Android. Manufacturers, in order to attract an audience, maximize the range of their capabilities, adding both necessary and unnecessary functions. That is why, by the way, the shells have long had tools for creating scrolling screenshots, recording screens and calls, while in the stock Android none of this is still present.

The shell – regardless of who authored it – will have more features than the stock Android. This is a rule that does not vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It could be One UI from Samsung, Magic UI from Honor or MIUI from Xiaomi, but they will all be more functional than a pure OS, even if they are different apart. Therefore, I will always prefer the shell over the clean one Android, even if offered to me along with the Google Pixel. It's like voluntarily giving up part of the opportunities to which you are accustomed, – explained one of the respondents.

Benefits of Clean Android

Interestingly, there were even more of those who voted for clean Android – as much as 48%. This is an unusually large figure, considering that most smartphones on the market run some kind of shell. Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, Oppo, Vivo, Pocophone – each of these brands have their own skin that although based on Android, in terms of appearance and functionality, it is very different from the pure version of the operating system. However, you can also understand those who choose stock Android.

What readers will choose Android Insider.ru: clean Android or Android with shell

But stock Android is liked by a lot more users

Here are just the main benefits of pure Android:

  • Works well even with 4 GB of RAM;
  • Receives security updates regularly;
  • Built-in mechanisms do not conflict with third-party mechanisms;
  • Does not unload applications from the background;
  • Generally faster than shells.

'Clean Android has objectively less problems. The shells constantly suffer from certain bugs and glitches that manufacturers have to fix, they cannot work normally with standard functions Android, unloading applications from the multitasking menu, not to mention the fact that they receive updates corny slower. There are exceptions like OnePlus, but the rule is that the vast majority of smartphones with shells are updated with a long delay and corny heavier, requiring more resources, 'emphasized the stock adherent Android.

Which one is better to choose – clean Android or customized – is up to you. Each hypostasis has its own advantages and disadvantages, but given that even those who use a smartphone with a shell act for the stock operating system, one can understand that a large accumulation of functions is not always better than the lightness and stability that pure Android.

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