What I think of Samsung's foldable Galaxy Z Flip

Yesterday I watched Samsung's presentation, during which it introduced four new smartphones, and felt like I experienced a flashback. Throughout the entire event, I had a persistent feeling that I had already seen it. In fact, it was so, because the leaks revealed the appearance and other features of the new products a few weeks before the release. Therefore, I could be distracted as many times as I wanted on YouTube, the feed Instagram and messengers, and then returned to viewing the presentation and did not lose the narrative thread at all. 108 megapixel camera? Perfectly. Oh, they haven't said that yet? Well, it's okay, I'll look at you later. The only thing that at least did not cause a yawn was the foldable Galaxy Flip Z. Let's talk about it.

What I think of Samsung's foldable Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z Flip came out different than Galaxy Fold, but it also has a different purpose

Despite the fact that I have not yet been able to test the device live, I will say that I liked the Galaxy Flip Z. Therefore, I propose to talk not about the technical characteristics, which no one cares about for a long time, but about the general perception of the new product and its purpose.

Why the Galaxy Z Flip is good

What I think of Samsung's foldable Galaxy Z Flip

Foldable smartphones are gradually becoming more affordable. Galaxy Z Flip is a living example

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, which had the appearance of a prototype stolen from the laboratory, exhibited on eBay, the new product does not cause such associations and looks completely finished. The Koreans have tried to take into account the flaws of the Galaxy Fold and, if possible, fix them so that they at least not hit so hard in the eyes.

My main complaint with the Galaxy Fold was its bulkiness. Yes, it looks rather narrow when folded, but how thick it is – you obviously can't wear it in the pocket of tight jeans. This effect was amplified due to the fact that Samsung, in order to extend the life of the display and not take it to the kink every time it was closed, left it quite a lot of space at the bend. As a result, it turned out to be such a hut, which by no means attracted innovation. The Galaxy Z Flip got rid of this shortcoming. Despite the fact that a small gap at the point where the parts of the display meet is still left, if you do not look at the clearance, you will most likely not notice it.

Why Galaxy Z Flip is better than Galaxy Fold

What I think of Samsung's foldable Galaxy Z Flip

When unfolded, the Galaxy Z Flip looks like a copy of the Galaxy S20

Inside, the smartphone has also been ennobled. The Koreans abandoned the horrendous influx that housed the front camera, but simply perforated the matrix and inserted a single lens into it, similar to the Galaxy S20. I like this performance better, but if you look closely, you can clearly see that the camera is located slightly below the level of the display, which creates a funnel effect. I don’t know why it was impossible to make them level, but there are enough such imperfections in the body. Take the bending of the display.

Like the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip suffers from a furrow running through the screen. True, the new item does not run vertically, but horizontally, due to which its length has been reduced by two, and maybe even three times. The same Motorola was able to get rid of it by designing a unique folding technique that pushes the internal components apart and leaves the display room to avoid wrinkling it. Perhaps, from a practical point of view, there is no difference between the approaches of both companies, but purely aesthetically, I like the Chinese solution much more.

How to use the Galaxy Z Flip

What I think of Samsung's foldable Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung offers to put Galaxy Z Flip like this and watch YouTube

But I was ready to forgive Samsung for everything when it announced that it had worked out unique use cases that could only be implemented on the Galaxy Z Flip. True, at this moment I ended, frozen in expectation that now they would take out a finger on the stage, from which the Koreans diligently sucked these scripts. After all, to say that they cannot be applied in practice means not to say anything.

Apparently, from the lack of other ideas, the Samsung developers decided that using the smartphone in the folded and unfolded state was not enough, and therefore came up with an intermediate position when it remains half unfolded and the lower part acts as a stand, and the upper part acts as a display. For some reason, the Koreans thought that in this position it was very convenient to watch YouTube, and the video itself was displayed on the standing part of the display, and the comments and tools for interacting with the video – on the recumbent. As I understand it, this was necessary so that the elements did not mix with each other, but nothing mixes with me and on a regular non-folding smartphone. In a word, nonsense.

Who needs the Galaxy Z Flip

However, the price and characteristics of the Galaxy Flip Z negate almost all of its disadvantages. Samsung decided to go even further than Motorola and estimated its new product at 130 thousand rubles, planning the start of sales on February 14. Perhaps the Koreans hoped that the men in love would decide to purchase this device for their soul mates for Valentine's Day, and, most likely, they were not much mistaken. Indeed, first of all, the Galaxy Z Flip, despite the iron of the 2019 flagship, is primarily a fashion device. It is quite compact to carry in a clutch, and not to hide in a bag, quite beautiful, because it has almost no resemblance to the Galaxy Fold, resembling, rather, a powder compact, and relatively inexpensive. And if you consider that the Z Flip still has a rather powerful filling and looks completely atypical, then it really can be a good option for both fashionistas and fashionistas looking for something unusual.

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