What features am I missing in Android

While the vast majority of smartphones have yet to receive Android 10, Google is gearing up to launch a beta testing program Android 11 ahead of the summer release. We already know about some of the innovations that will appear in the update – these are mainly small mechanisms like the function of creating scrolling screenshots or automatically activating the night theme depending on the time of day. However, Google is clearly not limited to just these functions, and therefore, if I had my way, I would give the company some advice on developing its OS.

What features am I missing in Android

Android should change, and some of these changes should be influenced by iOS

AirDrop analog for Android

What features am I missing in Android

An analogue of AirDrop will appear on Android, but greatly reduced

The days when we used Bluetooth to exchange data between smartphones are over. Now in honor of cloud technologies, which, however, were not able to provide the same level of comfort when transferring information. After all, for this, you first need to upload the file to the cloud, create a link, send it to the recipient, who then must download the file he needs. It is impossible to do this without an internet connection. However, if Google implemented a full-fledged analogue of AirDrop in Android, data exchange would turn from a routine into a fast and convenient process. Yes, I know that the company is working on the development of Nearby Sharing technology, but it will only work at a distance of no more than 30 cm, but I would like more times in 100 commercials.

Set up gestures to Android

What features am I missing in Android

The gesture control system on Android is not perfect

In Android 9 Pie Google first mastered gesture control, bringing it, it seemed, to perfection in Android 10. However, this is not the case. I honestly tried to use gestures, but quickly realized that their development was carried out in isolation from the rest of the operating system. The fact is that the backward gesture no longer allows you to conveniently call the context menu, which is present in many applications at Android. If I swipe on the bottom of the screen, I can no longer open the side tab with options, although this was not a problem before. As a result, for this I have to reach the top of the screen, which is completely inconvenient on a 6.5-inch smartphone. So it would be great if Google gave us the ability to customize the gesture duration, or – which I don't hope – did it itself.

Why fast charging is harmful

What features am I missing in Android

Fast charging is convenient for us, but unsafe for the battery

Today you will not surprise anyone with fast charging, which is found in almost any smartphone. Thanks to it, even capacious batteries of 4000 mAh and more can be charged plus or minus in an hour. It's super convenient, but harmful. So I expect Google to follow suit Apple and add optimized charging to Android. In normal mode, the smartphone is charged quickly until it reaches 80%, and from 80 to 100% – at low current. Optimized charging mode allows it to start charging at low current immediately. As a result, charging time will increase to 6-8 hours, but the load on the battery will be less, allowing it to last longer.

Quick commands to Android

What features am I missing in Android

Quick commands can expand functionality Android

Using iOS, I'm used to quick commands that automate many processes and thus extend the functionality of the device. Thanks to them, on iPhone you can download music from VKontakte or videos from YouTube, convert documents, automatically find a new proxy server for Telegram, and much more. Now Android has similar functionality, but it is very limited. Google Assistant allows you to set up commands, the announcement of which will force him to do several actions at once, for example, by the command 'I'm at home', turn on the light in the apartment, put the kettle on and set a comfortable temperature in the apartment. But for non-everyday tasks, the capabilities of the assistant are clearly not enough.

Back up to Android

What features am I missing in Android

Backing up to Android now looks like a half measure than a real tool to make it easier to move from device to device

I love the backup feature on iOS. Due to the fact that I periodically change iPad, I often use it, transferring all data and settings from one tablet to a new one exactly in the form in which they were originally. This helps a lot, allowing you not to download software and configure the device again. On Android everything is arranged a little differently. Despite the fact that there is a backup function here too, it works extremely poorly with devices of different brands. As a result, if you want to transfer from Google Pixel to Galaxy Note, expect that some data will not be transferred at all, and some will not be recognized by the new device due to differences in firmware. Therefore, Google, give us a one-stop backup tool, or else it will make sense of it.

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