What do bloggers think of the new foldable Motorola Razr? The most interesting review on the web

At MWC 2020 Motorola will present a phone with a stylus, and at the end of January it started pre-ordering Motorola Razr. It is the world's first flexible clamshell smartphone that folds horizontally. Sales of the phone were supposed to start on February 6, but due to unprecedented demand, the company decided to postpone the start date of deliveries to February 14. In the meantime, we are ready to share with our readers the most interesting quotes from bloggers who have already managed to use the device and form a definite opinion.

What do bloggers think of the new foldable Motorola Razr?  The most interesting review on the web

How good is the new Razr?

To begin with, I propose to go over the characteristics of the phone. It is equipped with a Snapdragon 710 processor, 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, a 2510 mAh battery, a 6.2-inch display made using P technology – OLED. The body of the phone is made of stainless steel and the back cover is made of plastic. Thus, Motorola probably wanted to bring a nostalgic note, because in the past the company's phones were made of plastic.

We'll start with Rozetked. The reviewer of this channel noted that the Razr boasts a very thin 6.9 mm body when unfolded, a pleasant weight of 205 grams. The phone, according to the blogger, due to its considerable weight, is felt in the hand as a solid thing. He also considers the device not very relevant for Russia, since it only has support for e-SIM.

Money ($ 1,500) is asked here not for iron, but for a curved display. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the screen break is not visible here. The materials are very cool. The display is very cool. No questions. I would like to try.

Move on. The unboxing of the phone has already appeared on the Flossy Carter channel. The smartphone comes in a diamond-shaped box, the upper part of which is made of transparent plastic, from where you can see the phone itself – it looks really unusual and interesting. If you open the box, we are greeted by Razr inside on a special stand. Behind the device is a small case made of rag material and having a triangular shape. Inside the case there is a charger, an adapter from 3.5 mm to Type-C, as well as complete headphones from Motorola with the Razr logo. You will even find ear cushions for different ear sizes included.

Is the Razr worth the money? As a telephone, no. As a foldable device, yes. Which do I prefer: Galaxy Fold or Razr? The Galaxy Fold is a true flagship. The Razr is mid-budget. The Galaxy Fold has all the features of flagships: wireless charging, stereo speakers, flagship camera, large battery, and so on. Like the Fold, the Razr's display feels plastic, but there's no notch where it folds. You don't buy this smartphone for a good camera, powerful processor, you buy it because of new technology.

What else can you learn from the video above? The phone can be easily opened with one hand. The device is also equipped with a face and fingerprint scanner. The author of the video tried to change the theme on the smartphone, but due to an incomprehensible bug, the dark theme did not apply. If you shake the phone in a circular motion, the camera will open, if you shake the device with blows similar to a hammer, the flashlight will start. Also, by tapping three fingers on the screen, you can take a screenshot of the system. You can also activate a feature that allows the device to automatically enter Do Not Disturb mode when the screen is folded. There is also a function that mutes the sound when calling if the phone is lifted from the surface. On the additional screen there are application icons, by clicking on the icon, you can view the last notification. Swipe on the icon bar to scroll through the list of notifications. On the additional screen, when you swipe down, you can open the shutter with quick settings.

The viewer from Android Central has questions about the folding mechanism and camera. He considers photographs taken with the device blurry and not clear enough. He also didn't like the performance. The device stumbles in multitasking mode and when running heavy games.

What conclusions can be drawn from all this? Of course, the Motorola Razr is an interesting smartphone, but it has its drawbacks, which may not seem very pleasant to many. Who wants to get a bad camera in a smartphone for $ 1500? In my opinion, it is better to wait for the release of the Galaxy Fold, which will start selling in a week.

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