What are modern Android smartphones lacking?

Android – smartphones in 2020 offer a huge variety of different features. These are retractable cameras, and endless Waterfall-screens, and amazing cameras, and convenient gestures in Android 10. However, there are some features that we lack in modern Android devices.

What are modern Android smartphones lacking?

What are modern smartphones missing?

Removable battery

Removable batteries have been phased out gradually since 2011. One of the first was the company HTC, which offered a unibody case made of metal and soft-touch plastic. Only with the release of the Galaxy S6 did Samsung support this trend. Removable batteries are a useful and useful feature that is lacking today.

Lithium batteries need to be replaced after about 2-3 years of use. According to statistics, sales of smartphones in the world are decreasing, and users are using a certain device for longer without resorting to buying a new device. This leads to discomfort associated with the need to contact a service center to replace the battery, since the phone itself can still work perfectly, and there is no particular point in changing it to another.

Maintainability is important

The need to replace the battery is directly related to the maintainability of the device. Old smartphones, even in the absence of the ability to replace the battery, had a convenient and understandable design, which is why self-replacement of failed parts did not lead to difficulties. For example, one of my devices is still an old one iPhone 6. Over the entire period of use, I had to replace the battery myself twice, and also replace the Lightning connector once. I managed to do all this on my own, simply because the old ones iPhone have a clear and light internal structure.

Unique features

Modern smartphones have become monotonous and similar to each other. Not only do they all look almost the same outwardly, but manufacturers also hesitate to offer unique features for which people will buy their devices. Consider LG G5 as an example. Компания предлагала съемные модули, включая динамик от Bang&Olufsen и модуль камеры. In addition, the battery could be replaced with the module.

You can also cite Motorola as an example. In 2014, she introduced the second generation Moto X, the back cover of which could be made of leather or wood. It is these unique features that are lacking in today's devices. We are offered powerful hardware, good cameras and displays, but nothing that can really interest you.

Diverse design

This is partially related to the previous point, but let's take a look at what all modern phones look like. It is easy to understand that the manufacturers got lazy and stopped offering us something of their own. The only company that manages to stick to their style is probably Apple. Frameless iPhone have a strict design that is not similar to other phones. If you take Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung, all of their phones look almost the same and uninteresting, besides, in my opinion, cheap.

No headphones included

Modern devices do not have headphones in the box, and this has become the norm for the entire market, and not just for budget phones. In addition, the absence of a 3.5 mm headphone jack makes the buyer abandon his old headphones in favor of new wireless ones, the cost of which can exceed 10 thousand rubles.


The new devices are made of glass both at the front and at the back. And some have waterfall-displays that go beyond the boundaries of the front panel, occupying the edges around the perimeter. This led to hundreds of advertisements on Avito for the same Galaxy flagships whose screens are broken. Replacing such a display is too expensive, so it is easier for owners of devices to get rid of them.

That is why, in my opinion, manufacturers should take a more serious approach to the durability of their phones, since the cost of repairs can sometimes be half of the cost of the phone itself, which is not very pleasant.

And what features of old phones in modern smartphones do our readers lack? Share your opinion in the comments and do not forget that we have a news channel on Telegram.

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