What apps do I use to keep up with everything

In my work, I often have to use various task schedulers. It is very convenient. Especially when you have several projects and you must not forget what needs to be done on that particular day. Otherwise, you will get something that literally everyone has encountered, but they really do not want to repeat it. Customers are unhappy, the boss is yelling, the pulse is jumping, and a sleepless night looms ahead at the computer. And okay, if you missed the deadline for something local, but sometimes other employees suffer from this. But task schedulers are not only useful for work. In everyday life, they can also be very useful. Therefore, today I will tell you which planners I use and which ones I am ready to recommend personally. And at the same time I will give a couple of examples of such applications.

What apps do I use to keep up with everything

To-do lists just seem outdated. In fact, the opposite is true. They are very much needed by a modern person.

Program for planning cases for Android

You can find at least two dozen programs for scheduling tasks on Google Play and the AppStore. The good ones will be half at most, and those that you want to use, a maximum of 2-3. Another important factor in the comfort of use is the ability to synchronize tasks between devices and simply store a backup copy on the server. After all, tasks on the list are usually not limited to one day. Personally, I have everything planned for several months in advance and the loss of all this for me will be a disaster.

How to plan things for the day

However, I also have an application that allows me to plan things for the day. Well, or just collect what needs to be done without being tied to specific dates. It's called Clear Todos and exists for both Android and iOS. True, a banner sometimes pops up on Android. For iOS it is completely free.

I use it to, for example, throw in a few tasks on the way to work that need to be done first, but they are all small. Or in order to break down a larger project into subtasks, gradually deleting them as you progress.

What apps do I use to keep up with everything

Minimalism always disposes to itself.

The application interface is as simple as possible, it consists only of cards and is controlled by gestures. To make it easier to imagine, you can draw a parallel with levels. At the top are to-do lists, and at the bottom are the tasks themselves. You can just move between them with swipes.

Cards can be swapped and removed by swiping aside. Everything is very simple. I recommend this application to those who do not plan something far ahead, but simply make plans for the weekend or think about how to distribute things in the next few hours.

Download Clear Todos from Google Play

To-do planner with notifications

Another option that I use on an ongoing basis is Todoist. In our editorial office, this is generally the main working tool, after the site admin panel and the Telegram messenger. In it, we communicate with authors who, without exaggeration, are scattered all over the world.

A nice feature of this particular scheduler is that it can be used for a team. That is, we can set tasks within the framework of the created projects and understand who and by what time should do something. Based on this, we can build our plans and do our work more efficiently.

What apps do I use to keep up with everything

Todoist even has a dark theme.

In addition to common projects in the same application, you can create your own lists or just drop cases in the “Inbox”. If you turn to daily tasks or plans for the week, then the whole picture of the tasks ahead becomes very clear. If something has not been done, then it is marked in red and moves up, like something that is overdue and needs to be done first. If plans have changed, you can easily drag the task to another day.

And the ability to add a description for tasks helps in the work. There you can place individual notes or links to materials that you may need.

There is a paid part that will provide additional features, such as SMS reminders, but all functions that will be enough for daily use are free.

Download Todoist from Google Play

How do I ask an assistant to create a reminder?

Sometimes I also use regular reminders Android and iOS, since I have devices on both platforms. First of all, it is convenient when you need to quickly set a reminder. I just asked for an assistant and the reminder is ready.

To do this, you need to start it with your voice or in other ways and ask “Remind me …” or “Set a reminder …”. After that, dictate what and when to remind. Done!

However, this approach has its drawbacks. First of all, they consist in the fact that the assistant may misunderstand you. Okay, if he just writes “she” instead of “he” or something like that. But sometimes reminders are created in such a way that it is simply impossible to understand something. Especially if you did it on the run and put it a few days ahead. Then you try to understand what you mean.

Therefore, even if you set a reminder by voice, it is better to see what the assistant wrote there. If it's nonsense, it's best to correct it right away.

Free planners for Android

Another good to-do planning app is the famous Wunderlist, but I gave up on it. Somehow it just so happened that I decided to try Todoist, and then the entire editorial team switched over to it and the bridges were burned. Now it is no longer supported, but somehow you can use it. However, I see no point in this.

What apps do I use to keep up with everything

The functionality is not very rich, but some people really need it.

If you use MS Outlook frequently, pay attention to the Microsoft To-Do application. Overall, this is not a bad, but not a very efficient scheduler. But the integration with the email client can be very useful. In addition, basic functions like creating lists and setting complex tasks are in place.

Download MS To-Do from Google Play

You can find other interesting applications on Google Play, but I tried many of them and wrote this article based on personal experience. If you have something to add or advice to me and our readers, comments are open for you 24 hours a day. Like our Telegram chat.

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