Watching a new one Android 11

Yesterday Google released Android 11, we immediately began to study the innovations in the new version Android, my colleague Ivan Kuznetsov wrote a material about this, and now I will try to share what else I might like users in the new 'Andryusha'. You can be especially happy for the owners of Pixel devices, because they can install Android 11 right now. And how can I regret not owning a Google phone in moments like this!

Watching a new one Android 11

So let's start with the visual changes. Android in this matter has not changed in any way, and I doubt that something will change drastically before the release, although I do not exclude it, because so far this is only a version for developers, and all UI changes can be expected just closer to the system exit.

Watching a new one Android 11

Android 11 does not offer visual changes yet

However, in terms of appearance, I have absolutely no questions about Android, the system looks fresh, interesting, has nice animations, cool font, good style and component base. I like the way buttons look, how they react to user actions, I like indentation – in simple words, there are no complaints about the guidelines Android 11 at the moment, everything looks neat and good. The company finally got rid of the multi-colored caps that distracted users, and focused on the neutrality of the interface, and this is precisely what Material 2.0 catches.

First, it's worth starting with the fact that the owners of the very first Pixel won't get the new one Android officially. Surely the craftsmen will adapt it, but we will still rely on official data. It is strange that this was not previously in Android, but now the system allows you to set the activation time for reading mode. It can be a specific time or from dusk to dawn. In my Xiaomi this function is already present.

You can now insert images in quick notification responses. Previously, the system only allowed sending text. The Bubble API has appeared, which allows you to display floating dialogue balls from various social networks on the desktop. By clicking on such a ball, a small window will open in which you can conduct a dialogue. This is an extremely handy feature that allows you to chat right on your desktop without having to jump through various messengers.

It will be possible to correspond with friends directly through the shutter with notifications. This area will display a portion of the dialogue with the option to respond directly from there.

Android 11 added support for waterfall displays with curved sides. Application developers can now make sure that the sides of the application do not go beyond the boundaries – where the rounding begins.

Watching a new one Android 11

You can turn on the display of frames

Also Android 11 learned to show the number of frames per second on the screen by analogy with Fraps. The system now allows you to record screen actions out of the box. This function is already available to many non-Google phone owners, but now it will be in Android by the standard, which will simplify the life of manufacturers, and make it even more urgent for large companies to switch to a clean Android. True, it is not yet entirely clear whether it is possible to record system sound.

Now, when shooting video and taking photos, you will not be disturbed by notifications, sounds, vibration and pop-up pop-ups. Google has also added a reverse charging function to the system, I have no doubt that in the future, given the popularity of TWS headphones, it will become in demand. Speaking of headphones, Android 11 won't disconnect Bluetooth – the connection when the Airplane mode is activated, which is quite convenient.

Watching a new one Android 11

Can only share location, camera and microphone once

On a pleasant note, I would like to mention the new feature of long screenshots. And again, it was in the casings of other manufacturers for a long time.

As you can see, Android does offer a lot of interesting innovations. Many of them are already present in the shells of manufacturers, and this says only one thing – most likely Google wants to do everything so that Samsung, Xiaomi and other companies refuse to use their shells in favor of a clean Android. This will get rid of the main disadvantage of the system – fragmentation.

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