Video calls, voice assistant and data exchange. What's new in EMUI 10.1 from Huawei

Despite the fact that Google was unable to update its applications and services during the quarantine period caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Huawei decided that it could not afford the luxury. Therefore, the Chinese company took and presented the EMUI firmware update number 10.1. This is the first time in many years that Huawei has released an optional update with functional improvements. Previously, she preferred to build exclusively on the updates that Google released for Android, but now the Chinese have decided that they will not allow the search giant to set a rhythm, but will do it on their own.

Video calls, voice assistant and data exchange.  What's new in EMUI 10.1 from Huawei

EMUI 10.1 will be released very soon, despite the absence of Android 10.1

Which smartphones will update to EMUI 10.1

Yes, EMUI 10.1 is an interim update, but at the same time it contains quite a few new features that are quite pulling for the new version Android. But since Huawei has gone on a free float, focusing exclusively on Google in its position would not be an entirely correct decision. However, the exact list of devices that will receive support for the update has not yet been disclosed. It is only known that it will include models Huawei P30 / P30 Pro, Huawei Mate 30 / Mate 30 Pro and about three dozen other devices.

What is Celia

Perhaps the most notable innovation in EMUI 10.1 is the Celia voice assistant. It Huawei was developed specifically for the Western market, whose users have lost access to Google Assistant. This is indicated, firstly, by the very European name of the assistant, and, secondly, by his linguistic knowledge, which is limited only to English, French and Spanish without a hint of Chinese and Asian dialects.

Video calls, voice assistant and data exchange.  What's new in EMUI 10.1 from Huawei

Celia – Voice Assistant Huawei

The Chinese responsibly approached the issue of creating a voice assistant and deeply integrated it with the proprietary EMUI shell.

What Celia Can Do

  • Set the alarm
  • Control playback
  • Send messages
  • Check the weather
  • Determine the calorie content of foods
  • Make calls
  • Create reminders
  • Search for items to buy online
  • Search for movies and music in services Huawei
  • Recognize objects
  • To translate the text

How to call from a laptop

Huawei has been creating its own ecosystem for a long time, similar to the one that Apple is developing. Therefore, in EMUI 10.1, the Chinese decided to expand the capabilities of their devices working in pairs. Users can now make calls and write SMS messages from the Huawei MateBook, use the laptop microphone and camera, control them from the smartphone, and even use the shared clipboard, which has learned to open files and links stored in the memory of one device .

Video calls, voice assistant and data exchange.  What's new in EMUI 10.1 from Huawei

Laptops Huawei allow you to make calls and send messages by connecting to smartphones

Undoubtedly, Apple started work on the ecosystem much earlier and was the first to offer users the ability to use smartphones and laptops in pairs. However, even Apple was unable to teach iPhone to view files from Mac memory without loading them directly. That is, in fact, the Chinese managed to establish a kind of streaming connection, which allows not only viewing files in real time, but also making the necessary changes to them.

What is Huawei Share and how does it work

The proprietary technology of data exchange between devices Huawei under the name Huawei Share with the release of EMUI 10.1 will allow you to exchange files with third-party gadgets. At the moment, it is known about only about the Cewe company, which agreed to use the proprietary development Huawei. She has integrated Huawei Share into her photo printers. Thanks to this, users of smartphones, tablets and laptops Huawei will be able to send photos and images to them for quick printing.

Video calls, voice assistant and data exchange.  What's new in EMUI 10.1 from Huawei

The ecosystem of Huawei is no worse than that of Apple

True, it is not entirely clear how using Huawei Share is fundamentally different from using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for the same purpose. After all, photographs, as a rule, are relatively lightweight and already existing data transfer protocols usually cope with them in a matter of seconds. But perhaps printing devices are just the beginning, and in the foreseeable future we will see new laptops, smartphones and other hardware with Huawei Share support.

Video call service from Huawei

Until now Huawei I used Google Duo as a regular service for video calls, but after disconnecting from the services of the search giant, the Chinese had to look for an alternative. But since it was risky, they just decided to do something of their own. The result of this work was the MeeTime service.

Video calls, voice assistant and data exchange.  What's new in EMUI 10.1 from Huawei

MeeTime – new service Huawei for video calls

What's new in EMUI 10.1

Not without interface innovations. In EMUI 10.1, the developers Huawei changed the principle of the swipe mechanism. Now, if the user scrolls through the content on the screen, it will happen at different speeds, which will gradually decrease for more naturalness.

In addition, the ability to exchange files between different applications has been expanded. In fact, Huawei implemented its own Drag & Drop analog from Apple. If earlier it was necessary to first copy the necessary data to the clipboard from one application, and then paste in another, then from now on it will be enough to simply drag and drop them in multiscreen mode.

Well, and, of course, Huawei could not leave the smart home aside. With the release of EMUI 10.1, the company's compatible smartphones will receive a dedicated panel from where it will be possible to control smart home gadgets. That is, a kind of analogue of the 'Home' application from Apple, but only built into the firmware interface.

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