Users are unhappy with how smartphones are updated to Android

Android are constantly scolded for something. Some dislike it for security problems, others for its resource requirements, which makes the normal operation of the OS impossible on weak devices, and still others for interruptions in updates and a rather short period of software support. I myself consider myself one of the latter, because for me the first two problems do not exist in principle, but I have become a victim of a negligent approach to updating more than once. But it could not be such that this feature of the OS applies only to me alone? Of course not.

Users are unhappy with how smartphones are updated to Android

Updates are a real scourge Android that oppresses the entire OS audience

To find out how users feel about updates Android, I conducted a survey in our Telegram chat. There was only one question: 'How much do you think smartphones running Android should be updated?'. After all, those two years, during which Google recommends manufacturers to support their devices, is clearly not enough. And, given that modern flagships cost 100 thousand rubles each, it would be too rash to write them off in a couple of years. After all, they can be developed and developed instead.

How many smartphones need to be updated to Android

Users are unhappy with how smartphones are updated to Android

More than 90% of users are not satisfied with how they update Android – smartphones

Here's how the votes of our readers were distributed:

  • 2 years – 10%
  • 3 years – 27%
  • 4 years – 24%
  • 5 and more years – 35%
  • No updates needed at all – 4%

The breakdown shows that users are mostly unhappy with how smartphones are updated to Android. Moreover, those who would like to extend support for at least 5 years are the majority. In general, this is logical. Users Android look to the side iPhone, which are updated for 5-6 years, and do not understand why they cannot do the same. After all, the performance of modern flagships, even from Apple, even from Samsung, is the same plus or minus. So, it's strange to say that a five-year-old iPhone 6s can get iOS 14, and his peer Galaxy S6 does not even shine Android 9, not to mention more fresh versions.

Why updates are needed Android

Users are unhappy with how smartphones are updated to Android

Modern smartphones are too expensive to end support in 2 years

Two years of support is too little for smartphones at the price they are sold for today. Galaxy S20 Ultra, OnePlus 8 Pro, Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei P40 Pro – these are devices with a price higher than average, which, however, will turn into a pumpkin after two years, or even earlier. After all, a smartphone does not live without updates. Yes, it does not fail, but the lack of significant innovations and improvements in the software framework as such does not allow it to remain a full-fledged device. Judging only by updates, it turns out that buying a Galaxy S20 Ultra for 100 thousand rubles, we pay 50 thousand for each year of use. After that, we get a device that everyone, including the manufacturer, forgets about, and it is no longer possible to sell it even for half the price in the secondary market, ”said one of the users.

The idea of ​​value is very true. After all, if a smartphone does not receive fresh updates, then it is outdated. And if it is outdated, then it cannot be expensive either. You will look at iPhone 7, which at the start of sales cost 53 thousand rubles, and today, four years later, it is regularly sold for 23-25 ​​thousand. Now try to find a fool who will buy a Galaxy S7 for the same money. Do you think it's a matter of special magic Apple? You can call it whatever you like, but the essence of this magic, oddly enough, boils down to nothing more than a normal attitude towards the user, that's all.

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