The price of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has become known. It's almost a miracle

The hype about foldable smartphones that started late last year has subsided a bit. The public calmed down, and the debate over the price of foldable smartphones gave way to discussions about the OnePlus 8 price, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra problems and the relevance iPhone SE. At the same time, the second generation of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is inevitably approaching. Personally, I am very interested in what the company will show. I believe there will be only two options. It will be either a failure, or, conversely, a sensation. At the same time, if nothing changes regarding the first generation, then I will attribute this to failures. We have good news so far. Fresh information prepares us for the fact that the company will greatly reduce the cost of the smartphone. How much it will be reduced and what it will generally be, now we will discuss.

The price of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has become known. It's almost a miracle

We are waiting and hope for a good smartphone.

What will be the price of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is one of the most anticipated devices of the year and is the second generation of the company's foldable phone initiative. Rumors about what the smartphone screen will be like have surfaced more than once, but the closer to the presentation, the clearer the boundaries that they outline become. This is how we got information about prices and what kind of camera will be installed in the new product.

The price of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has become known. It's almost a miracle

The price will be more pleasant.

This time, the information again came from Display Supply Chain Consultants' CEO, Ross Young. He made a few more statements in his own style in Twitter. Young says the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will cost between $ 1,780 and $ 1,980. This means that the novelty will cost at least $ 200 cheaper (more than ten percent) than the original Fold, which was shown to us on the eve of MWC 2019, and finally launched on sale last fall.

The price of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has become known. It's almost a miracle

And if the novelty is like this?

With Samsung launching the $ 1,400 foldable Galaxy Z Flip, it would be a shame not to get a price cut for the second generation Fold. These are not monoblocks that only get more expensive. Foldable smartphone technology should gradually become cheaper. Even one of the leaders Huawei spoke about this. It turns out that everything is correct, technologies are getting cheaper – new devices are also getting cheaper.

What's new in the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Ross Young also made another prediction. If he's right, then we can safely assume that the price of the new Samsung will drop even more. He claims that the new product will improve the screen, there will be 5G and a camera with a higher resolution. S-Pen support should also appear. This is where it becomes especially interesting to me. After all, if such support appears, then the screen should become more durable so as not to scratch.

The price of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has become known. It's almost a miracle

Working with the S Pen would be very helpful.

Let me remind you that earlier, due to the fact that it was impossible to make the folding screen solid, it literally scratched with a fingernail. If, after contact with the S-Pen, the novelty is ripped apart, as after the fight with Wolverine, such support is worthless. I don't want to ruin a $ 2,000 phone at all. Moreover, the damage will not only be cosmetic. It will be difficult to use such a phone too.

Camera of the new Galaxy Fold

Talking about the camera system, Young claims the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will offer a triple camera system. The CEO says you can expect a 12MP / 16MP / 64MP combo. If they are, respectively, telephoto, wide and regular module, this will fit the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus.

The price of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has become known. It's almost a miracle

If the leaks are to be believed, the cameras will be good.

This isn't the first time we've seen glaring Galaxy Fold 2 leaks from Ross Young. Previously, the CEO said that the new product will be equipped with a main screen with a frequency of 120 Hz and a hole for the camera in the screen. Now it remains to add that the approximate launch date is considered August of this year.

Of course, this time is still far away and much can change, but in an analytical way it is already possible to understand the development trends of the smartphone market (although some are mistaken). And companies should already roughly understand what they are counting on. This is not done right off the bat. Price and specs are determined in advance, since the process of a smartphone entering the market includes a lot of analytics and preparations, without which the manufacturer will fail.

In any case, it looks like the new foldable model could be a major improvement over last year's model. If you are also expecting this, tell us in our Telegram chat what exactly you want to see in the new product and are you ready to consider it for purchase if the price drops?

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