The Google Pixel 4a has already started arriving in stores, but who needs it?

Tired of waiting for the new Google Pixel? It's okay, it won't be long. In line with the tradition launched last year, the new Google Pixel “a” series should appear soon, but we do not know the exact launch date. But confirmation has already appeared that it will not be long to wait. These smartphones have started arriving in stores and we even have photos of them. This often happens before the immediate start of sales. Based on such mini-leaks, we can usually guess when it will finally be possible to buy a new product and start using it. It happened this time as well. Thanks to those who provide us with such photos.

The Google Pixel 4a has already started arriving in stores, but who needs it?

This device may be the best smartphone in the first half of the year.

Google Pixel 4a specifications

If you follow the technology and world of smartphones, then the characteristics of the new Google Pixel 4a are no secret to you. They often leaked online and we even wrote about it. And also called the approximate release date. So far, all predictions come true and a smartphone will soon be available for purchase.

The leaks predicted the Snapdragon 730 processor, which will be installed in the Google Pixel 4a, a hole in the screen for the front camera, a fingerprint scanner on the rear wall and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The Google Pixel 4a has already started arriving in stores, but who needs it?

There was also such a leak regarding a new smartphone.

The set is good enough for the category the new sub-flag will belong to. The exact price is still difficult to name, but it could be $ 400, which will definitely be much lower than the main Google Pixel. And given that this year it will most likely be left without a top processor, their characteristics become even closer.

When Google Pixel 4a goes on sale

On Facebook it is reported that the new Google Pixel 4a has already started arriving in stores. Well, and what, posters on the streets of cities have already hung. It's time to bring smartphones themselves to stores.

The Google Pixel 4a has already started arriving in stores, but who needs it?

Such posters 'hung' on the street a few weeks ago. They are actually renders for design visualization.

Photos appeared in the Google fan community. Apparently, they were posted by one of the Vietnamese members of this community. This may indirectly mean that the company switched its production to this eastern country. If they prepared for this in advance, then such a decision can be of great service to them. This can reduce the risks of a shift in delivery times in a pandemic.

So far, all this can raise little doubts, like any other leak. But if this is true, then it suggests that the Pixel 4a series will be on the shelves very soon. Even if this is not a photograph from a store, it does not mean that they are not there. Since smartphones are already packed in boxes and shipping bags, this means that commercial production has already begun. It's not just about checking and agreeing on the design of the box.

The Google Pixel 4a has already started arriving in stores, but who needs it?

The Google Pixel 4a box will be in the company's traditional style.

In general, leaks regarding Google smartphones are very interesting in themselves. Some are not the same as others. Just remember how prototypes of new models were scattered around the world even before the wide launch.

As for the a-series, we can recall that the Google Pixel 3a originally leaked to Ukraine back in August 2018. It's not clear how, but it happened seven months before the start of sales. Or is it Google's special approach to controlled leaks, or just some unknown nonsense.

The Google Pixel 4a has already started arriving in stores, but who needs it?

I already wanted to open it.

The Google Pixel 4a was originally rumored to be unveiled at the Google I / O developer conference scheduled for May 2020. The only problem is that the conference was canceled due to the coronavirus and the smartphone went free floating. Now it is unclear exactly when it will “emerge”, but one thing is certain – this is a matter of the coming weeks. At least we know for sure what it will be. It's unavoidable.

Who needs a Google Pixel 4a

It seems to me that Google Pixel 4a is needed by everyone! It can be considered the most successful smartphone at the beginning of the year. With a price tag of $ 400-500, it will have almost no competitors. OnePlus 8, which is due out any day, will be more expensive even in the cheapest version. Honor 30, judging by the leaks, is good, but the lack of Google services will be a significant disadvantage. Especially against the background of the pixel, which, on the contrary, will enjoy the unlimited support of the Redmondians. The situation is similar with Huawei P40, which also cannot fully work in the modern sense of the word.

There is also OPPO Reno 3, but even though this is a good smartphone, it costs a little more. Against this background, Pixel, Android which performs better than anywhere else, will prove to be more preferable.

I'm not even talking about iPhone 9, because nothing is really clear about him and it's difficult to compare them in absentia. Although, if the price is close, the “nine” will be almost the only smartphone that can impose competition on the Google Pixel 4a.

Last year we were shown the excellent Google Pixel 3a. I still recommend it for purchase and even included it in the list of inexpensive smartphones with a good camera. This year, I hope for no less success. But so far this is only a forecast. However, we will be able to check it very soon.

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