Galaxy Fold 2 will be much cheaper than you thought

Samsung Galaxy Fold was talked about a lot before its release. Everyone waited, discussed, pointed a finger at the fold on the screen. Then he finally came out and after that there was even more talk. Broken screen, peeling cover and other jambs. The bloodthirsty audience, as usual, did not miss anything. At the same time, all the time of its existence, including in the project, everyone expected the price to be lower, but somehow it did not work out. It is difficult to disagree with the fact that there are objective reasons for this. Now is the time for a significant price cut.

Galaxy Fold 2 will be much cheaper than you thought

We don't know exactly what the Galaxy Fold 2 will be like yet.

How much does the Galaxy Fold 2 cost?

Let me remind you that the original Samsung Galaxy Fold costs $ 1,980. Of course, you can find more expensive devices, but for sure there will be few of them and they can hardly be called serial. Against this backdrop, even the ceramic Galaxy S and iPhone 11 Pro Max prices don't seem that high. Of course, he has one distinctive feature that others do not have, and it really arouses interest, but how often they write in our comments: “I don’t want to be a tester for my own money.” However, if you really need a phone like this, now it's only a matter of money. Previously, it was impossible to buy it for a lot of money.

It is possible that in the near future it will become even easier to buy a foldable smartphone. At least, according to the South Korean news portal iNews24, the price of the Galaxy Fold 2 could be as little as 1 million … South Korean won. It's only $ 860 at the current exchange rate, or £ 660. The second listed price is slightly higher at $ 1290, which is still significantly cheaper than the first generation of the smartphone.

Galaxy Fold 2 will be much cheaper than you thought

It looks interesting. Would you buy it for about $ 1000?

You can argue with the data of the publication, since they are obtained from a source from the environment of mobile operators. Naturally, the names are not named, so there is no specifics.

When will the Galaxy Fold 2 be available?

If what is said in the article is true and the new smartphone really costs about half the price, this will be great news for those who are interested in it, but could not or did not want to pay $ 2,000 for a smartphone. Even if the cost reduction is due to weaker characteristics, it will still be pleasant, since everyone does not care about six cameras and many other tinsel, which is not at all the main thing in this smartphone. People just want to touch the future. That future is the display of the whole revolutionary Galaxy Fold.

According to the publication, there is a high probability that the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be shown at the Samsung Unpacked event alongside the Galaxy S20 smartphones. I do not think that this will surprise anyone, since we expected this development of events. But now there is a little more confidence in this.

What will be the Galaxy Fold 2

There are a large number of rumors, some of which contradict themselves. One by one – the smartphone will be made in the form factor of the first Galaxy Fold, and by the second – it will be similar to the shown Motorola Razr and will open like an old “clamshell”. Such a solution looks more promising, since, perhaps, it is this solution that will reduce costs and make the smartphone cheaper. Besides, it doesn't make much sense to produce the same smartphones every year. Changing the clamshell format will attract a new audience. Especially considering that the news about Motorola Razr was received very positively by the public.

Galaxy Fold 2 will be much cheaper than you thought

Galaxy Fold 2 variants.

There are even rumors that the new smartphone will be called differently, namely, Galaxy Bloom or Galaxy Z Flip. There is a drop of common sense in this, because the name will make it easier to separate the models if the novelty really opens differently from last year's device.

In any case, the release of a new unusual smartphone will be pleasant to everyone. Technology fans will have food for thought and discussion, and the company will have a trump card that it can use in the competition. If the price is really reduced, it will be possible to say that the technology reduction is going faster than we thought. One can even assume that sales of the first generation Galaxy Fold were really good and the company was able to recoup some of its development costs. As a result, it can now reduce the price of subsequent flexible display devices. If so, one can only rejoice for the company and for us. Give more smartphones! Finally, there is an opportunity to make them really different.

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