The fastest shells for Android

The days when Android was a priori considered a slow platform with an always laggy interface are over. Now it is not only not inferior iOS in terms of performance, but often even surpasses it. However, you must remember that Android is a very fragmented operating system that consists not only of old and new versions, but also of a large number of shells developed by different manufacturers. Each of them tried to do their job as well as possible and, applying all the available knowledge in the design of shells, do something as fast as possible. It remains for us, as users, to choose the best of the best and use it calmly.

The fastest shells for Android

OxygenOS is the fastest shell

The creators of the Master Lu benchmark, which is usually used to measure the synthetic performance of smartphones, analyzed the real performance of devices based on different shells and, comparing the data obtained, came to rather curious conclusions. As it turned out, pure Android not only does not lead, but is not even included in the top ten fastest platforms. And the leaders, oddly enough, turned out to be the shells of Chinese manufacturers, from many of which such indicators are not expected at all.

Fastest shells Android

The fastest shells for Android

Joy UI – the shell of smartphones Black Shark that you may not even have heard of

  • OxygenOS (OnePlus) – 147.8 points
  • Joy UI (Xiaomi / Black Shark) – 145.9 points
  • Nubia UI (ZTE) – 136.8 points
  • EMUI (Huawei) – 134.5 points
  • Smartisan OS (Smartisan) – 133.2 points
  • Color OS (Oppo) – 132.6 points
  • Funtouch OS (Vivo) – 131.7 points
  • MIUI (Xiaomi) – 126.4 points
  • Flyme OS (Meizu) – 120.2 points
  • One UI (Samsung) – 118.1 points

It turns out that the fastest shell on Android today is a proprietary OnePlus development. This is to be expected given that OxygenOS has retained this status for several years now. It is not clear how, but OnePlus managed, while maintaining a large number of functions, to lighten its shell so much that it even surpassed in performance level iOS. For example, OnePlus smartphones perform facial recognition almost twice as fast as they do iPhone with Face ID. Perhaps the whole point is that Chinese devices use exclusively software algorithms, but this is hardly important for fans of high speeds.

Which shell Xiaomi is the fastest

Joy UI, which Xiaomi created specifically for smartphones Black Shark, was a pleasant surprise. Despite the fact that the lightest and fastest shell itself Xiaomi called the shell of smartphones Pocophone, the gaming platform turned out to be much more agile. Perhaps it was some hardware mechanisms that the company equips its devices with, but, be that as it may, Joy UI is deservedly considered one of the current leaders.

But who you don't expect to see in the top is Nubia UI. The shell of ZTE, which it installs on smartphones of the Nubia sub-brand, although it was almost 10 points behind the second place, still entered the top three. Apparently, ZTE knows that such a secret needs to be done with the shell to make it so fast. True, before buying a device based on Nubia UI or based on another firmware, it is best to make sure of its performance personally. You never know what.

Which smartphones cheat in the benchmark

By you never know what I mean the tendency of some manufacturers to cheat. They are not on the list of leaders, but the purity of their thoughts cannot be guaranteed. But who was caught cheating was Huawei. This manufacturer purposefully optimized its smartphones to work with benchmarks, achieving high results from them in synthetic tests. When this became known, the Chinese were not at all embarrassed, but said that they just wanted to satisfy consumers in this way, for whom benchmark indicators are of high value.

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