Take a bite, analysts: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip breaks sales records

As usual, when something new appears, society is immediately divided into two parts. Some say that no one needs the novelty and in general, all this is nonsense, while others, on the contrary, prove that before that life was empty and monotonous, but now we will really live. This also happened with the advent of foldable smartphones last year. The first Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X caused a lot of controversy, especially given their price. Later, cheaper Motorola RAZR 2020 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip came out. With the first, everything is clear and his expectation was much more pleasant than the shame that accompanied his release, but the second, contrary to analysts' expectations, continues to prove that such devices have a chance of success.

Take a bite, analysts: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip breaks sales records

This smartphone has become one of the most interesting this year.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sales statistics

Despite the current health crisis and the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is quite expensive, sales in March this year have increased. This information was shared by the EconoTimes edition.

Galaxy Z Flip is demonstrating strong sales growth despite the current global crisis, primarily related to the coronavirus pandemic and a slowdown in the global economy.

The publication's report claims that Samsung shipped 230,000 Galaxy Z Flip devices worldwide in March 2020. For a specific device, which is very expensive at the same time, the result looks impressive. The growth in sales looks even more impressive, which amounted to + 56.1% versus February.

In comparison, the company released 147,000 of its smartphones in February. However, there is a small clarification that does not allow direct comparison of these months. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was released just in February, and therefore did not sell for the entire month. And it's just that March is 3 days longer than February, that is, by 10 percent. But the fact that the novelty did not fall in sales suggests that there is interest in it and sales are not only the WOW effect at the start, but a real interest in the smartphone.

Is the Galaxy Z Flip selling well?

If you compare the sales of the Galaxy Z Flip to the sales of the Galaxy S20 or any other popular smartphone, the difference is huge. But we must not forget that a clamshell is a very unusual form-factor, and it just costs a lot. For $ 1,400, you can buy almost any smartphone. Of the mainstream devices, only the long-suffering Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is more expensive.

Take a bite, analysts: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip breaks sales records

Galaxy Z Flip is much more interesting than the sensational but failed Motorola Razr.

Plus to the novelty, it is worth noting the problems with the folding screen, which were encountered in all previous devices and which only the lazy did not talk about. And also the factors of decreasing demand include people's ignorance of how to use the new product and a pandemic. It influenced both production and the purchasing power of the population.

Now it becomes very interesting how the new product will behave in a month and what sales it will show in April. Can it show sales growth again? Personally, it seems to me that no, but even maintaining the level of sales at over two hundred thousand units in the current environment will be a very good result.

Which sells better than the Galaxy Z Flip or the Galaxy Fold

Now you can compare the sales of the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Fold. The comparison will be a bit virtual, but still revealing. Galaxy Fold went on sale in the second half of last year in two rounds. First, there was a scandal with a breaking screen, which influenced the audience's interest in the new product. Then, on the second attempt, the smartphone was launched in the fall and by the end of the year, from four hundred to five hundred thousand units were sold. Galaxy Z Flip has already sold almost four hundred thousand units in a month and a half, and it still has time to outbid the sales of its older brother.

What will be the Galaxy Fold 2

The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 20 in August. The device will have a more attractive design than its predecessor. It will have much thinner bezels and no notch in the screen.

Take a bite, analysts: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip breaks sales records

The Galaxy Z Flip is really interesting, but the sales are surprising.

The phone is rumored to be more affordable than the original Galaxy Fold, but it won't be a regular smartphone either. Because of this, you can expect sales growth, especially against the backdrop of the success of the Galaxy Z Flip, but you shouldn't expect crazy numbers. Although, it seems to me that the Galaxy Fold itself is much more interesting than the Galaxy Z Flip. At least it offers a large screen and a foldable form factor that can be explained somehow.

Analysts predict foldable phone sales will rise. They expect such sales to grow a hundredfold by 2025, and Samsung is currently the market leader in this category.

It will probably take a little more time before foldable phones become mainstream devices. Of course, if it ever happens at all. Many companies are currently working on such devices, so it will be interesting to see what comes next.

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