Was 10 – now 5. What Huawei does the new foldable smartphone achieve?

Recently I began to write a lot about Huawei. But what if she constantly gives a reason to talk about herself? Especially when he does strange and slightly ambiguous things, such as changing the naming of smartphones. Now there is information that the company's new foldable smartphone will receive a new name. In general, it will reflect the essence of the device much better than last year. But why then was it so beautiful to call him last year, using symbols fashionable at that time, in order to change everything now? It cannot be explained in a nutshell. Let's talk about everything in order.

Was 10 - now 5. What Huawei does the new foldable smartphone achieve?

Foldable phones will soon be in everyone's hands, but the time has not come yet.

New foldable phone Huawei

Recent leaks have told us that the upcoming second generation foldable smartphone from Huawei (excluding the Xs) will be called the Mate X2. According to the company's latest trademark registered with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), the successor to last year's Mate X could be listed as the Mate V.

The company applied for a trademark for the name 'Mate V' on July 3rd. Earlier names of the company's smartphones went through the same registration procedures and in general they can be trusted. But for now we will not rush, since registration is one thing and a real product that will go to store shelves is quite another. Well, or at least until there is an official confirmation from the company that it is ready to roll out a phone with this name.

In the past Huawei always represented the first of its kind feature with the announcement of the new Mate line. Last year, the Mate X was the world's first 5G foldable smartphone. Earlier this year Huawei also released the Mate Xs as a small update for the foldable Mate X smartphone.

What will Huawei Mate X2

The leaks promise us anything from a small update to major changes in design and internal components. One thing is for sure – the fold on the screen is unlikely to go anywhere. When I used the Huawei Mate Xs, I cannot say that I constantly paid attention to this crease. I’ll even say more – I hardly saw her. The problem was that I felt it. It is very unpleasant when you swipe on the screen and there is a bump on it. Moreover, it is located exactly in the middle of the screen.

Was 10 - now 5. What Huawei does the new foldable smartphone achieve?

It looks impressive.

If we talk specifically about the filling, then rumors promise us the first smartphone Huawei with a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz. So far, the same screen is rumored to be installed in the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. It turns out that in this indicator the main competitors will be equal.

Previous leaks have suggested that the successor to the Mate X will also use ultra-thin glass (UTG) technology to improve the durability of the foldable display, but there is no confirmation of this yet.

Specifications Huawei Mate V

Most likely, it will be equipped with a HiSilicon Kirin 990 processor 5G, which the company will have time to buy before the complete ban on the supply of chips to it. This is last year's 7nm processor, which still pulls. The device can also get stylus support, but it is not clear how to deal with scratches on the screen in this case, even if it leaves scuffs on the durable glass Huawei of the MediaPad over time.

While the device will work on Android 10, of course, without the support of Google mobile services (GMS). The likelihood of lifting the sanctions from the company, which was recently extended for another year, is negligible.

Was 10 - now 5. What Huawei does the new foldable smartphone achieve?

For now, you need to use AppGallery.

Why Huawei Mate X is better than Samsung Galaxy Fold

All rumors at the moment boil down to the fact that the new product will have the same form factor as a year earlier. There is something in this, but from the point of view of protection from scratches, the “screen out” design is much more prone to scratches. For example, my Huawei Mate Xs wasn't completely scratched, but there was a spider web on the screen.

But it could be used without opening it. Samsung is much worse with this. Using it, you either have to open your smartphone every time to write “Ok” in a response message, or get used to the small screen. Perhaps in the second generation the size and functionality of the external screen will improve, but so far there is no exact information on this.

In the case of Huawei, without even opening the phone, you can get a full-fledged device that just looks like a regular smartphone. Thick, heavy, but ordinary smartphone.

While everything is not entirely clear with the design, although there are almost no doubts, then with the screen technology everything is clear. It will definitely be OLED. There is also the possibility that Huawei will unveil a brand new foldable smartphone called the Mate V. Just like Samsung did with the Galaxy Z Flip. That is, the company will also have two foldable smartphones in its arsenal.

Was 10 - now 5. What Huawei does the new foldable smartphone achieve?

Would you like this Huawei? Or let only Samsung have it.

The Mate 40 series is expected to officially launch in October this year. The Mate V foldable smartphone can be presented on the same stage in one event.

In conclusion, I will add that I have much more questions not about the technical characteristics of the new product, but its name. It does indeed open in the “V” format. This is very logical, but why it was impossible to make such a name last year. In addition, simply by renaming the model, the company will break the continuity of generations, which is important for defining the uniqueness of the product. What would happen to the Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone if they were given a new name for each generation?

There is another secret meaning. The foldable smartphone received the “X” prefix last year. Besides the fact that it was very fashionable then, it also meant the Latin number 10. Now “V” means 5. Does this mean that it will be twice as bad as last year? Or maybe half the price? And then 200,000 rubles for Huawei Mate Xs is somehow expensive.

So far, I'm really leaning towards a separate line. The main thing is that it does not repeat the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Let's guys come up with something new, if we don't want to modify the old one.

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