Specification Huawei of Mate X2 named. When the second is better than the first

Remember how at the presentation Huawei of Mate X in February last year, which took place during the MWC in Barcelona, ​​the company surprised the whole world. Although there were rumors, until recently, no one believed that a day after the presentation of Samsung, Huawei would also be able to show a foldable smartphone. I was among the first journalists in the world who could bend the novelty and experienced strange feelings at that time. Then the launch of the model took place, which took place at a difficult time for the company, and now the turn of the second model came. The hysteria about the sanctions has subsided a little and now you can calmly discuss everything that is happening and the company's new folding smartphone model – Huawei Mate X2.

Specification Huawei of Mate X2 named.  When the second is better than the first

The screen of a foldable smartphone should not be spoiled by cameras, but not everyone understands this.

What will Huawei Mate X2

This time, a well-known analyst Ross Young shared information about the new product, whose forecasts very often come true, which makes them very interesting every time. He not only shared the technical specifications, but also talked about the concept of a device similar to the current prototype and possibly the final product.

Let's start with what will be inside the new smartphone, because this is what everyone is most interested in. Young shared this information through his official account at Twitter. True, it is worth noting that after that, for some reason, the record was deleted. This may indicate both that the information was too reliable, and that it did not correspond to the truth at all. Moreover, the probability of the first outcome is quite high.

The source believes that the Huawei Mate X2 will be powered by the Kirin 1000 processor. This is a high-performance novelty of the company, which may become the last in-house development Huawei (or rather its subsidiary). At the same time, we must remember the words of the leadership of the Chinese company that Huawei Mate 40, which will be shown in September, will be “the last smartphone on the Kirin processor”. The only outcome that does not contradict both statements is the one in which both smartphones are shown at the same presentation. This is quite possible.

Specification Huawei of Mate X2 named.  When the second is better than the first

While we wait for the second generation of folding Huawei, designers are training in their drawing skills.

Features of the new Huawei Mate X2

In addition to information about the processor, the source shares other characteristics. It will have 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. This applies to the base model, but there will be two more, which will receive 12/256 GB and 12/512 GB respectively. The storage expansion will not be available for any model. But all of them will receive support 5G and a huge 6,000 mAh battery.

In addition, the device will support fast charging. Qualcomm's recent decisions are a long way off, but the Huawei Mate X2 is expected to support 65W wired charging, although the source said nothing about wireless charging.

Apparently, out of the box, the smartphone will run EMUI 11, built on Android 11. It is also said about the “laptop mode”, which will allow you to fold the phone and put it on the table like a small laptop, where one part of the screen will be his screen, and the second will be the keyboard. This decision seems to me very dubious and I can hardly imagine someone who wants to use such a laptop for a midget.

Young also says that the novelty will receive support for the stylus, which will be included in the kit, but this also raises questions, since the screen of a folding smartphone is damn fragile and it is very easy to scratch it with your fingers, let alone a stylus.

Specification Huawei of Mate X2 named.  When the second is better than the first

Of course, this is not an idea.

Foldable phone camera Huawei

In addition to all that has been said, Young claims that the novelty will receive six cameras at once. According to his version, the rear panel will be equipped with a main camera (40 Mp), a sverhirik (40 Mp), a telephoto lens (12 Mp) and a 3-optical zoom (5 Mp).

There will be two front cameras on the front. It is planned that they will receive a resolution of 16 megapixels and 32 megapixels. The cameras will be integrated into the display manufactured by Samsung. The main display will be 8.03 inches and the secondary display will be 4.5 inches. How do you like that? If this turns out to be true, then the new product will receive the same format as the Samsung Galaxy Fold and its second generation. So the company admitted that its display-out version was not the best? Maybe you are right.

Of course, deviations are possible and everything that has been said is more like some kind of concept. Especially “laptop mode”. However, Young assures that the device may differ from the one shown in the example, but it will still be about the same in general. That is, the concept of the model will not change relative to what he said, but will change relative to last year.

Specification Huawei of Mate X2 named.  When the second is better than the first

Many people want a screen on this little strip.

In fact, it seemed to me that last year's model makes sense and the use of two displays is simply not logical when you can get by with one, but apparently, the company decided otherwise. The Samsung solution, which had two screens, showed that it has a much greater right to life than what we saw in the first generation Huawei Mate X.

Although, it is difficult to compare the two smartphones. They were presented almost simultaneously, they also came out with a small time difference, but Samsung sold its “clamshell” in calm conditions, and Huawei – under sanctions, when users were afraid to buy something without Google services. Especially if it cost more than $ 2,000. Let's see what happens this year. It should become simpler, but definitely something needs to be done with the price. Huawei Mate Xs now costs 199,990 rubles – this is not at what gate …

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