Should you buy the Galaxy S20. What the owners say about it

The low price of the Galaxy S10 in gray retail, which has lost almost 20 thousand rubles in just 2 months, made it an excellent contender for the purchase. After all, if you remember, a year ago Samsung sold the conditionally available Galaxy S10e for this money, and now – even a little cheaper – you can buy a full-fledged flagship with advanced features and full software support for the next two years. But, apparently, the Galaxy S20 turned out to be frankly unsuccessful. In any case, this is what its owners say about it. And who knows better than them?

Should you buy the Galaxy S20.  What the owners say about it

Galaxy S20 is not so perfect

The fact that something is wrong with the Galaxy S20 was pointed out to me by Yandex.Market. Analyzing the decline in prices for a smartphone in Russian retail, I noticed that its rating, which was set by users, is only 3.5 points out of 5 possible.

Should you buy the Galaxy S20.  What the owners say about it

Galaxy S20 scored only 3.5 out of 5 in the national ranking

This surprised me a lot, because it's actually a pretty low score, and no other Samsung flagship in the last five years has been able to 'boast' this mediocre performance. Then I decided to check what could be the matter and found out some rather unpleasant details.

Galaxy S20 problems

As it turned out, the low rating was due to the dissatisfaction of users, many of whom were simply not satisfied with the new thing. Of the 28 reviews left on Yandex.Market, 10 are negative. By negative I mean the scores '1' and '2'. However, if we also include 'threes' as negative, which are also enough, the picture will be even less rosy. Moreover, it is clearly not bots who complain in this case, but real users who, firstly, write quite vividly, secondly, they attach unique photographs, and, thirdly, they complain exactly about what the observers also complained about:

  • Flickering display;
  • Poor color rendering;
  • Poor autonomy;
  • Poor selfie camera
  • Problems with autofocus on the main camera;
  • Periodic freezes;
  • Broken pixels on the display in some instances.

All of these shortcomings are found in almost every one of the dozens of negative reviews that I read. That is, if less than three people spoke about the problem, I did not even include it in this list. Therefore, some of the shortcomings remained unaccounted for: problems with the quality of communication, interruptions in the work of the Bluetooth – module and low quality of music playback, which, according to two users, leaves much to be desired.

Galaxy S20 display flickers

Should you buy the Galaxy S20.  What the owners say about it

Galaxy S20 display flickers, turns green, and in general – so-so

The screen with the highest PWM (flickers to camera) in the world, the white color fades into a bluish / gray tint at viewing angles. Xiaomi Mi 9T also has AMOLED, but it is much better in both parameters. The camera really smudges the details in comparison with the Honor P30, iPhone 11, it's unpleasant. All sorts of bricks on buildings, road tiles and other details immediately catch the eye in comparison. The European and American versions have different camera modules. We have a soapy Samsung one, they have a more detailed Sony, although the difference is not too big, but their detail is a little higher, – writes the user Andrey A.

Should you buy the Galaxy S20.  What the owners say about it

Left – Exynos 990, right – Snapdragon 865

It's a shame that everything that users write about is really true. Not only did the Galaxy S20 come with a deliberately raw and uncalibrated software, due to which the smartphone experiences periodic problems with the camera and the operation of the 120 Hz mode, but Samsung is also really releasing versions with mediocre hardware on the European (Russian) market. This is a processor and camera made by a Korean company, which has never been of high quality. Exynos chips have always had lower performance and autonomy than Snapdragon, while Samsung photo modules have poorer details and work debug.

But if you can choose good processor and camera by purchasing the American version, then you will not be able to replace the flickering display, mediocre battery and other disadvantages. But for all this you pay money, and quite a lot. Therefore, if you want to know my opinion about the Galaxy S20, then I would never buy or buy it. And the choice, as always, is yours.

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