New hack Twitter so serious that the FBI is working on it

The social media sphere is constantly faced with some kind of problems. Either data is leaking, then someone is hacking, then the servers “fall”, then something else. For example, now Twitter faced a problem that affected not even ordinary users, but people who are called the mighty of this world. Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Tim Cook, Bill Gates and many others were faced with the fact that someone hacked their accounts. You will say that you can just change your password and move on, but not everything is so simple, and the FBI even got involved in the case. This already speaks of the seriousness of what is happening, but what could have caused the office that deals with state security to take it so seriously?

New hack Twitter so serious that the FBI is working on it

Now it's time for a serious hack Twitter. Be careful.

Hacking consequences Twitter

A rather serious event happened on Twitter the other day. It could be called a Bitcoin hack, and its goal was to raise millions of dollars from ordinary people who use Twitter and follow the publications of influential people in the world of high technology, business and even politics. Among these names were Elon Musk, former US President Barack Obama, Bill Gates and many others.

As a result, this even led to a temporary blocking of the ability to publish posts on this social network. Now, not only the company itself is investigating, but also the police and even the FBI. This is stated in a message from Reuters.

The FBI has not yet confirmed that they are investigating the hack, but has already stated that 'we are aware of a security incident today involving multiple accounts Twitter belonging to dignitaries. It looks like these accounts have been hacked to engage in cryptocurrency fraud. ”

New hack Twitter so serious that the FBI is working on it

Many serious people could potentially be affected by the current hack.

Agree, it is not often that account hacking leads to the fact that law enforcement agencies begin to deal with this, especially of such a high level. Usually, everything is just limited to the fact that users themselves change their password or do it on the recommendation of the service, when hacking or data leakage is massive. However, most users are not very worried that someone has access to their credentials. There is even research that supports this. All the more surprising is the FBI's intervention.

It is not necessarily the fault of the incident itself Twitter, but the company may also face fines.

Hacking Twitter

If you haven’t heard about the hack and don’t know what I’m talking about here, then what happened was a cyber attack on some very popular accounts. As a result of this attack, a message appeared on the pages of popular personalities with millions of subscribers that people would transfer any amount in bitcoins to the page owner (in fact, not). Back on the promises, they should have received twice as much.

Of course, it looks very strange, but given the gullibility of many people, especially to such serious pages, and an audience of tens of millions of subscribers, this could work. Even if every hundredth believed what was happening, fraudsters could get millions of dollars.

Of course, this is a crime, and this is not just a hack with sending messages in the spirit of “I have a problem, came 500 rubles to this number.” Everything is much more serious, which is why the FBI got involved. After all, hackers could have access not only to tweets, but also to the entire account. This, in turn, could lead to the sending of private messages.

New hack Twitter so serious that the FBI is working on it

Twitter is used by many, but they need to be careful.

First, many more users would believe in such mailings. And how not to believe when Elon Musk personally writes to you? Secondly, if the plans of the attackers were more cunning, they could get much more benefit by contacting other users on behalf of the same Barack Obama. Given the popularity Twitter, correct entries can simply bring down the value of the largest companies, buy up their shares for a penny, and when everything settles down and everyone understands that the recording was fake, selling them is much more expensive. You can think of a lot of fraud options, and this once again proves the seriousness of what is happening.

The incident led to the fact that the shares of Twitter itself fell by about one and a half percent. The company itself is also actively involved in the investigation, because the fact that someone hacked so many records at once is quite alarming in itself.

The investigation of both Twitter and the FBI will take some time before we know what really happened there. However, we can already say that what happened is one of the most serious data leaks in recent years.

Of course, this is unlikely to seriously affect the audience of the service and very few people will stop using it, but the damage to the reputation turned out to be very serious. Considering that so many famous people use Twitter and ensure its popularity, a decrease in their activity can lead to certain consequences. Let's see what comes out of this and whether there will be new hacks.

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