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Xiaomi – top for your money. This is how fans usually characterize smartphones of this brand. In principle, until recently, this was the case, because the Chinese were selling branded products with a minimal mark-up. The head Xiaomi Lei Jun even once admitted that the net profit from each sold device fluctuates between 7-9%, which is really very small. Therefore, Xiaomi really produces some of the most profitable smartphones in terms of overpayment. But, having matured, the Chinese for some reason decided that they could afford to compete with Apple and released the flagship Mi 10 for 70 thousand rubles. Should you buy it? Understanding.

Xiaomi Mi 10

Should you buy Xiaomi Mi 10? At full price, definitely not

If you are too lazy to read – although I still recommend reading it, because there will be a lot of useful information further – I will say right away: it is worth buying Mi 10, but not for the 70 thousand that the manufacturer asks for it. Fortunately, Russians today have the opportunity to save a good third, if not more. How to do this and get an excellent smartphone for 40-45 thousand rubles, I'll tell you below.

Specifications Xiaomi Mi 10

Mi 10

Xiaomi Mi 10 is not only beautiful but also functional

From a technical point of view Xiaomi Mi 10 is a real flagship. The top Snapdragon 865 processor, 8 GB of RAM, an almost 5000 mAh battery and a 108 megapixel camera. That is, in fact, we have a device that surpasses most of the flagship solutions on the market in most parameters. Well, where else have you seen such a cool camera and such a capacious battery? Probably only the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but it costs under 100 thousand rubles, while Xiaomi Mi 10, as I said, can be snatched for about 40. But more on that later.

It is significant that Xiaomi Mi 10 has a fairly high rating on Yandex.Market – 4.6 out of 5. This is a good result, given that it has less than 20% negative reviews. Apparently, the high level of balance affects. After all, if you read the reviews, you will practically not find one-sided comments, like other smartphones, only about the highest quality of shooting or only about high-speed performance. Everything is good here – both the speed of work, and the quality of the photos, and the performance in games. However, here's what the owners themselves say about Mi 10:

Reviews about Xiaomi Mi 10

Reviews about Xiaomi Mi 10

See how few negative reviews about Xiaomi Mi 10

'A powerful top-end stone and a graphics chip, a crazy 600+ in the benchmark, for top-end computer games (you can already call games on a smartphone like that) for 4-5 years, high-class amoled, but not the top-end, of course. There are 128 gigs of ROM in the database, which even in active mode will be enough for the first six months for sure. The sound of multimedia speakers is fire, listened, plays no worse than many mid-range laptops. The battery, according to the data, should work for 1.5 days with a good load, '' wrote Alexey I.

Here's a more restrained position:

'Nice. Nimble, really very nimble. But, when compared with the previous flagship, there is no wow effect. The camera shoots well, but there is practically no difference with Mi 9, only the resolution is higher. The Mi 10 still has a 108MP camera. But, if the telephoto was in the previous flagship 12 megapixels, then there are only 2! That is, in fact, people who care about the camera, go to the Pro version! Video: added a stub, added the ability to shoot in 8K, but who needs that permission? There is 1 sim in the globalka, but my husband ordered a tray with Ali, then he will change it and then 2 sim cards will work. '

And here's how a user named Nikolai Nikitin summed up:

'For a person who just wants to buy a cool flagship phone, this is a great choice, there are no super-outstanding features, but there are also no restrictions of other systems such as prohibiting the simultaneous operation of two identical applications. This is smart, which is at least good at everything, although at the moment it is the best in performance and the best in charge time, it is suitable for any task that the user can assign to it, 'he wrote.

Where to buy Xiaomi Mi 10

Xiaomi Mi 10 on AliExpress

The cheapest is to order Xiaomi Mi 10 on AliExpress

There were also some drawbacks. As you can see from the reviews on Yandex.Market, many people criticize the so-called waterfall screen. They say that because of the beveled edges, the smartphone recognizes accidental clicks and, to prevent this from happening, you have to hold it in your hand only for sharp edges, without provoking the touch of your palm to the touchscreen. Another thing is that Xiaomi will most likely release an update in the foreseeable future that will fix this feature, so it's probably not worth writing it down as critical flaws.

Now for the price. I already said that I see no reason to pay for Xiaomi Mi 10 the full cost of 70 thousand rubles. Not only is it expensive – although of course it is expensive – but also the lack of an additional SIM card. Therefore, I would recommend buying the device on AliExpress. There it costs from 40 to 47 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration and delivery set. For example, using this link you can order a smartphone with free shipping to Russia. This is differently better than overpaying our outbid.

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