Samsung will update even budget smartphones for three years at Android

I've always liked to say that updates to Android are highly optional, if not ephemeral. Indeed, if you judge, then most smartphones based on this platform are not updated at all, and leaving the market on the original version of the OS. Take Xiaomi, which this summer announced the end of support for a dozen devices, half of which are not yet a year old. But this is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers today, whose products are really extolled by many. Fortunately, not all market players wanted to give a damn about their customers.

Galaxy S10 smartphones

Samsung intends to update not only flagships, but also budget smartphones for 3 years

Samsung plans to extend the terms of software support not only for flagship smartphones, as announced earlier, but also for budget smartphones. This was stated by representatives of the company's technical support service in response to a request from one of the users about the prospect of updating their smartphone. According to his own statement, he owns a Galaxy A90, which is the same age as the Galaxy S10, whose support Samsung has extended for a full year. Therefore, he decided to clarify whether an additional update would be shining for his device, and received a positive answer.

Which Samsung smartphones are updated 3 years

Galaxy A51

Three years of updates is a rather atypical phenomenon for the market Android – smartphones

The number of devices, the support of which will be extended, will include models only from the Galaxy A line, which today makes Samsung the main cash register. That is, now the branded devices of the Korean company will be updated not two years, as before, but three. In this case, it would be more accurate to talk not even about years, but about versions Android. If earlier the average smartphone received at best two large-scale updates of the operating system, then according to the new rules there will be three of them – just like the Surface Duo from Microsoft.

Please note that, unfortunately, older models such as the Galaxy S9, Note 9 and Galaxy A series are out of specification as they do not have the necessary resources to extend their software support. However, the high-end Galaxy A series devices that came out after the Galaxy S10 release will be eligible for an additional update Android. The exact list will be published later, after studying the technical characteristics of the equipment, – said in support.

Update Android for Samsung

Galaxy A50

I think that last year's Galaxy A50 will also receive a third year of updates

As you can see, Samsung's technical support employee intentionally does not use the term 'smartphones', replacing it with 'devices'. This gives reason to believe that, in addition to smartphones, support for the company's branded tablets can be extended. Fortunately, there are plenty of them in the range of Samsung. Frankly speaking, Samsung generally remains one of the few vendors that continue to regularly develop and launch new 'tablets' based on Android, trying to cover several price segments at once.

Despite the fact that Samsung has not yet announced which devices will be eligible for an additional year of support, it is clear that these will be so-called high-end models. My personal feeling is that the line separating high-end devices from low-end devices should go along the Galaxy A50 / A51. After all, these are the most popular Samsung smartphones today, which means leaving them out of the box would be at least indecent if the company wants to continue to remain committed to their owners.

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