Samsung Galaxy Flip press renders leaked online. There is no doubt left!

I don't think it would be true to say that no one is waiting for the second generation of Samsung's foldable smartphone. Of course, most people with a passion for technology are wondering what it will be. Even if they are not going to buy it, this gadget is iconic and will show how this direction will develop in the future. We will see it very soon and find out how it will “go”, but already now the network has leaked press renders from the upcoming Unpacked event, which will take place in just a couple of weeks. Now much more is known about him, if not all. If so, then Motorola, which has started taking orders for her Razr, is in trouble. But will a smartphone really be that way? Let's figure it out!

Samsung Galaxy Flip press renders leaked online.  There is no doubt left!

This smartphone is already very close.

Roland Quandt of WinFuture and Evan Blass share information about the upcoming concept (although can it still be called that?). They received several press releases showcasing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in all its glory.

Samsung Galaxy Flip press renders leaked online.  There is no doubt left!

Galaxy Z Flip looks very interesting.

Samsung reimagined foldable smartphone

According to the leak, the smartphone will be equipped with a 6.7-inch display. As expected, the smartphone will fold like a clamshell from the 2000s and have elements to protect the screen when folded. After all, you don't want to squeeze dust between the halves of the screen. After all, this is not glass, but rather soft material.

The smartphone will be equipped with a dual main camera. Both sensors will be 12 megapixels and will function as a regular wide-angle module and an ultra-wide-angle one. Apparently, they will be the same as the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy Flip press renders leaked online.  There is no doubt left!

When unfolded, the new smartphone will look like a regular one.

Next to the camera is an LED flash and a small external display with a diagonal of 1.06 inches. This AMOLED with all that it implies, including the “always on screen” feature. So he will be able to show the time, weather and other useful information. It can also be used as a viewfinder when taking photos.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip specifications

The Galaxy Z Flip measures 167.9 x 73.6 x 7.2 mm when unfolded and 87.4 x 73.6 x 17.3 mm when folded. By comparison, the 6.2-inch Motorola Razr measures 172 x 72 x 6.9mm when open and 94 x 72 x 14mm when closed. In comparison, the Galaxy Note 10+ measures 162.3 x 77.2 x 7.9mm.

Samsung Galaxy Flip press renders leaked online.  There is no doubt left!

I wonder how well this smartphone will fold.

The structure appears to be made of aluminum, and the hinge is similar to the one used in the Galaxy Fold. The entire package is held together in what looks like an aluminum frame and an adaptation of the hinge used on the Galaxy Fold.

The smartphone will be powered by Snapdragon 855+, which is a bit surprising. As they say, there is also more RAM (8 GB). Built-in better. It will be 256 GB non-expandable. The battery capacity, for obvious reasons, will be very small – only 3300 mAh, and the device will work on Android 10 with the proprietary One UI 2.1 shell.

Samsung Galaxy Flip press renders leaked online.  There is no doubt left!

Would you like such a smartphone?

When the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes out

Apparently, the smartphone will be announced on Tuesday February 11 alongside the Galaxy S20 Galaxy S20 +, Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Buds +. The official launch will take place on February 14 in Europe and the United States.

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There is no exact price data, but it is expected to be between 1400 and 1500 euros in Europe and about 1400 dollars in the United States. Есть даже информация о том, что в США смартфон будет эксклюзивно продаваться в AT&T. Motorola The Razr, which is already taking orders and arriving around the same time as the Galaxy Z Flip, will be a Verizon exclusive.

So far, the picture is developing quite interesting. At one time, two smartphones of a similar design of a new generation will be sold for approximately the same price. Personally, I am very interested to see if Motorola can rebel like Phoenix and snap on the nose of the arrogant Koreans. And at the same time slightly dilute the dominance of Asian smartphones.

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