Quarantine? No, have not heard. Why now is the time to buy a new smartphone

Despite the fact that less than a month ago, I strongly advised not to cut from the shoulder and not to chase smartphones and other electronics into stores, by now the situation has changed slightly. No, no, I didn’t change the shoe – in the end, the prices for equipment remained at the same level due to the rise in the exchange rate, as I predicted. It's just that circumstances have really changed and prices for most smartphones, oddly enough, went down, although it would seem that there were no objective prerequisites for this a couple of weeks ago.

Quarantine?  No, have not heard.  Why now is the time to buy a new smartphone

Thinking is not the best time to buy a smartphone? No matter how

From a purely technical point of view, retailers, of course, did not cut prices, or did not, but not all. Nevertheless, most of them decided to support the Russians in the conditions of forced self-isolation and offered them the opportunity to buy the electronics they needed cheaper than usual. Some for this – the least of all – simply made a temporary discount, others reduced the price with promotional codes, and still others allowed them to accumulate bonus points during the period of self-isolation by completing simple tasks on the site, so that they could then spend them on buying something needed.

How to buy a smartphone at a discount

Quarantine?  No, have not heard.  Why now is the time to buy a new smartphone

For some retailers, online payment is already a reason to make a discount

Just a discount without the need to complete any tasks and apply promotional codes offered by 'Messenger'. This retailer allows you to order the desired product – not necessarily a smartphone – through a branded online store and immediately pay for it with a credit card. In this case, the discount will be equal to 5% for all products regardless of type and value, except for products Apple. For online payment of the order, they will give a discount of 3%. Yes, this is a small amount, but considering that a week ago prices for iPhone were 3-5 thousand rubles higher, this is not bad.

Quarantine?  No, have not heard.  Why now is the time to buy a new smartphone

Somewhere you need to enter a promotional code for a discount, and somewhere the price is reduced simply for online payment

A lot more retailers work with promotional codes. This is 'M.Video', and 'Eldorado', and Goods, and Ozon, and TMall, and many others. However, I would advise you to pay attention to TMall in these difficult times. There is now some kind of attraction of unprecedented generosity. The online platform offers a lot of discounted smartphones for purchase, of which I would especially like to mention the Galaxy Note 10 Lite for 33,992 rubles (the usual price is 39,990 rubles) under the promo code 500SIDIMDOMA and Galaxy A51 for 16,992 rubles against 19,990 rubles in retail with paying online. If you wish, you can even arrange an installment plan.

Where to get points in Eldorado

Eldorado offers the best deal for those who are not ready to fork out for a smartphone right now, but admit such an opportunity in the future. The retailer invites all users registered on the site to open it every day, press the 'I'm at home' button, as if confirming their involvement in the all-Russian self-isolation, and receive 50 points for this. The promotion has no expiration date, and therefore it is likely that it will last until April 30, allowing you to accumulate about 1500 points during this time, which can be written off when buying any device.

Quarantine?  No, have not heard.  Why now is the time to buy a new smartphone

Not ready to buy a smartphone right now? Save points

All retailers, when placing an online order, guarantee free and contactless delivery, subject to the purchase of the minimum amount. For all, it differs up or down, and therefore check this aspect separately before paying for the purchase. If you do not collect goods for the minimum amount, you will either have to pay the delivery cost or pick up the order yourself at the pick-up point that Eldorado, M. Video and other network retailers have.

It is important to understand that ordering online is much more profitable than buying a product, especially a technically complex one, in retail. The fact is that according to the law “On the protection of consumer rights” you, since you buy a product remotely, have the right to return it if it does not suit you. That is, even if you bought a smartphone, but realized that it was not what you wanted, the seller will be obliged to accept it, of course, provided that you keep its presentation and the integrity of the packaging in which it was delivered.

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