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Google Play Store All users of android devices are somehow familiar with the Play Store application (hereinafter referred to as the Store), through which all other applications can be downloaded. Play Store is a system component of the operating system, sewn into it and does not require a separate installation.

The store is presented as a catalog where app creators place them in different categories and users can download apps for free or for a specific amount. Users can rate applications and leave reviews, in this regard, applications are placed in a certain place in the rating, and can occupy a top position or be in the last places in their category.

How to start using Play Store

A prerequisite for using the store is a google account. Typically, the user registers or logs in when the smartphone is first turned on. When the user is authorized in the play market, all the possibilities of the store are opened to him. When authorizing through Google, the user gets access not only to the Play Store, but also automatically to many other applications, such as: google maps, gmail mail, google drive, youtube and others.

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No app in smartphone

It may be that the Play Store will simply not be found on the device. This can be in various little-known Chinese smartphone models, in old smartphones, after various manipulations with the operating system. There are usually two ways to solve the problem:

  • Reset settings to factory settings.
  • Download and install the application.

The first method can be used if you are sure that the Play Store was on the device. In other cases, you can use the second method.

To install the Market, you must have a special Apk file, which is the application installation file. It can be downloaded from the official Google website. You can download it from the smartphone itself through a standard browser, or you can download it on a computer and transfer the Apk file to the phone via usb. Before installing, you need to go to the phone settings, the security section, and put a tick in front of the “Unknown sources” item.

Installation from unknown sources

After that, find the apk-file in any file manager and click “Install”. The operating system will install the application; all that remains is to log in to it using your google account.

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If Play Store doesn't work

Many users face this question. The reasons can be both problems with the application itself, and with related services, or with the device. The easiest ways to solve this problem:

  • Rebooting your smartphone / tablet – this may solve the problem. If errors lie in google services, as well as with the connection of the device, then a restart, as a rule, removes these problems.
  • Clearing application cache – Clearing the Play Store cache helps in some cases. To do this, go to the device settings, enter the application manager, find the Play Store application, and find the “Clear cache” item in it. In many cases, this action will save the application from errors.
  • Clearing data and updates – similar to the above paragraph, only instead of 'clearing the cache' you need to select 'clear data' or 'delete updates', this option will return the application to its original appearance and settings. Play Market clear cache
  • Resetting settings and cache to 'google play services' – along with the Play market there is an accompanying application, it improves the store's performance. To find it, go to the device settings, look for the application manager, find 'google play services' in it, then delete the cache, and if this does not help, go into the 'memory management' and reset the data in it. Google Play services
  • Check the 'Download Manager' – one of the reasons for the non-working Play Store may be the disabled 'Download Manager'. In order to check this, you need to go to the Application Manager in the device settings, select 'show system applications' in the settings (it may differ depending on the version Android), find the application and if it is turned off – include. Download manager Download manager
  • Deleting a google account from a device – errors may occur due to the account used in the market, so you need to either re-enter your google account or go to another.

Deleting your account can result in the loss of important data. If you need to save them, you need to make a backup copy of the 'Backup' data.

In order to make a backup of your account data, go to the smartphone settings, look for the 'Accounts' or 'Accounts' section. We find a google account, select the items that we want to sync, then click 'settings' and select the item 'sync'. The data will be saved.

After that, you can delete your account. In the google account settings, instead of 'Synchronize', click 'Delete'. We log into the account again, the device will offer to restore the data. Let's see if the problem with the Market has disappeared. Delete google account

  • Collecting Android to factory settings – this method should be used as a last resort, when nothing else helps. When the system is reset, all standard applications, including the Play Store, will be functional.

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How to update the Play Store

As a rule, users do not encounter this moment, since the market is updated on its own.

If you have a device with an old version of Android, the Play market will not be updated accordingly, and even its name will be old. Launch it and the smartphone will automatically update it to the latest version.

How to update the Play Store

If the Play Store is a fresh version, but there are doubts about its relevance, in the settings you can find the item 'Play Store version', if updates are found, you will be prompted to switch to the fresh version.

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How to disable Play Store

If for some reason it is necessary to disable the Play market or completely abandon it, you need to go to the properties of the Play Market application, finding it in the application manager, and in this menu click 'stop', if you need to temporarily disable the market, and 'turn it off', if the market is no longer needed on this device. At the same time, there may be problems with some applications purchased through the market.

How to disable Play Store

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What can be downloaded from the Play Store

The application hosts a large number of various applications for devices on Android. The catalog is divided into several large categories:

Games in the Play Market

Home page. All the best apps from the market are collected here. Here you can see the leaderboards based on user ratings, you can see the top free and paid apps. In the category tab, you can watch programs on a specific topic.

TOP free apps

  • Games – top free and paid games. Games by category.
  • Movies – allows you to buy new movies and watch them through the Play Movies application right on your phone.
  • Books – the ability to buy books and audiobooks and read them in the Play Books app. Before buying, you can read a small fragment of the book.
  • Music – millions of tracks from a variety of artists that you can buy and listen to through the Play Music app.

Categories of games and programs

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Personal Play Market settings

By clicking on the 'three sticks' to the left of the search in the market, the user sees a menu for personal settings.

  • My Apps & Games – allows you to manage installed apps.
  • Updates – by clicking the 'update' button, the application is updated to the latest version. Clicking 'Update All' will update all applications one by one. In the settings, you can enable auto-update of applications over Wi-Fi or any network.
  • Installed – allows you to sort and manage installed applications on this device. Installed applications in the Play Store
  • Library – shows all applications downloaded through this google account on any device. Sorted by installation time by default. Application Library
  • Notifications – shows the latest notifications from the market.
  • Subscriptions – Shows subscriptions (usually paid) in various applications. Some applications may offer any advantage for the subscription, you need to carefully read the terms and conditions, when and how much money will be charged from the card before confirming the subscription. Often the paid subscription is renewed automatically (money is automatically withdrawn from the card every month), be careful. Paid subscriptions to the Play Market
  • Wishlist – if there is currently no way to download or buy an application, you can add it to your wishlist to return to it later.
  • Account – managing contact email, bonuses and viewing order history.
  • Payment methods – the ability to add a card or account to pay for applications and other functions through the Play market. In order to add an account / card, you need to click on the appropriate button and enter your account / card number and confirm by sms or other available method.
  • Play protection – checks all applications on the device for unsafe viruses. If he finds, in his opinion, an unsafe application, he will block its work.
  • Settings – all other Play Store settings. Setting up notifications, choosing a network for downloading applications, setting up auto-updates for applications and more.

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How to use Play Store on a computer

If it is more convenient for you to study the application catalog through a computer, then there is such an opportunity. You need to go to the main page ( and log in with your Google account.

Play Store on computer

To download the desired application, you need to find it in the search or in the catalog, click the 'Install' button, then you will be asked to confirm the action, you need to enter your account password, then select the device on which the application will be installed and click 'Install'. It is important that the device is connected to the Internet, then the installation will start automatically.

Install the application through the Play Store

The Play Market application is definitely a necessary element of the Android OS. Users spend 90% of their time on a smartphone in applications, and not just calling on it.

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