New images of Galaxy S20 have appeared on the web. Not without drawbacks

Twitter – lixter from India Ishan Agarwal has published the official renders of the Galaxy S20. It's hard to say where he got them from. Perhaps on the local Indian social network or on the Chinese Weibo, but this is not as important as the presence of the renders themselves. Now we know everything about how the new Samsung products will look. And in truth, it's not that bad, but there are questions.

New images of Galaxy S20 have appeared on the web.  Not without drawbacks

How good are the new S20s?

It's worth starting with what you liked. The Galaxy S20 Ultra looks great in my opinion due to the massive camera module. It makes the device expensive. Cameras, unlike iPhone 11 Pro, are neat and in line. I was especially pleased with the presence of 10x optical and 100x digital zoom. This was achieved thanks to the periscope camera developed by CorePhotonics. Previously, Oppo used a similar camera in its devices from the same manufacturer. One of these devices is the Oppo Reno, so for many such a camera will not be a revelation, if, of course, we consider that they will even know about the presence of a brand like Oppo.

New images of Galaxy S20 have appeared on the web.  Not without drawbacks

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

My colleagues in the shop spoke negatively about the new look of the S20 Ultra, considering the device's camera too ridiculous and massive.

In truth, I have no idea how it could have been done so badly. This is really bad design. Even the ridiculous iPhone 11 Pro looks, in my opinion, much more interesting. All these massive cameras are something that smartphones shouldn't have. I don't understand why they are doing this. It's a phone, not a camera.

Renat Grishin, editor-in-chief Android

The head of i10, Mikhail Korolev, also expressed his opinion about the new Galaxy:

My colleague Renat said that the new ones iPhone externally are not ok. And I agree with him. Samsung is trying to step on the same rake now. They started with small rims, which people began to call 'islets', and now all this is turning into continents. Don't get me wrong, smartphones should look neat and aesthetically pleasing.

The author of the materials Ivan Kuznetsov did not stand aside, who entered into a local dispute in our working chat:

I don't like the S20 Ultra. And indeed the whole line. We are discussing new ones here iPhone, they are also strange. The trend for massive cameras seems superfluous to me, there are many things that can be changed in smartphones, but why disfigure cameras like that?

On the contrary, it seems to me that this is the only thing that might be pleasant in the new flagships. Plus, a 100x zoom is cool. I wonder what our readers think about this.

New images of Galaxy S20 have appeared on the web.  Not without drawbacks

Samsung Galaxy S20

New images of Galaxy S20 have appeared on the web.  Not without drawbacks

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Okay, let's move on. If on Ultra I can argue with colleagues, then with the S20 and S20 Plus everything is not so simple. It seems that they deliberately made the bezel of the cameras less attractive so as not to put them on a par with the S20 Ultra. In real life, all three devices will look better due to the fact that they will receive a glass case. The renders are of poor quality, so the glass effect is not observed.

However, even so, I think the S20 and S20 Plus will look as cheap as the new Galaxy A smartphones: Galaxy A51 and A71. At least, if they told me that these are devices of the budget line, I would believe it.

New images of Galaxy S20 have appeared on the web.  Not without drawbacks

Samsung Galaxy S20

Now a little about prices. The company will likely sell both 5G device versions as well as regular 4G variants. According to rumors, the cost of the Galaxy S20 with 4G will start at 900 euros (this is about 62 thousand rubles), but 5G – the option will be estimated at 1000 euros (68 thousand rubles). The Galaxy S20 Plus will sell in Europe for $ 1,000, 5G – the version will cost $ 1,100. But for the Galaxy S20 Ulta, they will ask for $ 1,350. The Ulta version with 512 gigabytes of internal memory will cost 1,550 euros (106 thousand rubles).

Galaxy S10e at the start of sales in Russia was estimated at 56,990 rubles, while in Europe it cost 779 euros. The phone has become more expensive by 120 euros, which is not so little. The 512GB version of the Galaxy S10 Plus was priced at 1299 euros last year. This year a similar Ultra will cost 1550. The difference is already 250 euros. It is not entirely clear what is the reason for the rise in price, given that smartphones look almost identical externally.

What's going on with flagships?

Every year, manufacturers raise the bar for flagship smartphones with the goal of being the best and offering the best and coolest to the market. But such a race has led to the fact that consumers simply do not have the money to afford the cheapest flagship for 900 euros. Even if we take into account that every year inflation in the world market is 1-2%, this should not lead to such a rise in prices. The global economy cannot weaken in a year to such an extent that Samsung increases the price of the base S20 by 120 euros.

Perhaps the company did this so that they did not compete with the Lite versions of the flagships. But in this case, it is not clear who will buy the flagships if no one can afford them due to their price.

Plus, the foldable Galaxy Z Flip, which will go on sale in early February, is expected to cost around $ 850, making it a more attractive option compared to the cheapest S20. Samsung shoots itself in the foot, no matter how strange it sounds.

It is interesting to know the opinion of the readers. How do you feel about new products from Samsung? Leave your comments below under this post and do not forget about our Telegram.

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