Most interesting competitors iPhone SE 2 on Android

Released yesterday iPhone SE 2 just tore up the internet. Many have been waiting for him for more than two years and he came out. We will not list its characteristics once again, but let's see which smartphones on Android can make it the most serious competition. Unfortunately, there is nothing really similar for direct comparison, since the philosophy of iOS and Android is very different. These smartphones are too different to be compared directly. But we will still find a way to compare them and choose what will make us think before buying a smartphone. Especially if you just have an amount equal to the cost of a mid-range smartphone.

Most interesting competitors iPhone SE 2 on Android

iPhone SE2 is very interesting.

How much is iPhone SE 2

First of all, let's decide on the price we will talk about and in which we will choose the competitors of the new iPhone SE. This device itself costs 39,990 rubles for the version with 64 GB memory, 44,990 rubles for 128 GB and 53,990 rubles for 256 GB. Apple has never put RAM at the forefront and does not offer to choose a complete set based on its volume. Therefore, you only have to choose the amount of built-in memory. In this case, I propose to build on the memory capacity of 64 GB. It is the most inexpensive and the most attractive regarding this device.

Most interesting competitors iPhone SE 2 on Android

iPhone SE 2 is still like this.

Competitors iPhone SE 2

I would like to start with another American company that produces its smartphones and is very similar in distribution model to Apple. Google makes software and until recently started releasing its Google Pixel smartphones. They are good because they receive updates for a long time and are perfectly optimized for Android.

Google Pixel 3a

The most similar option would be the Google Pixel 3a. It is very inexpensive, fast and compact in design. I liked it very much when I tested it, and I am ready to compare it with iPhone SE 2. But the performance of Snapdragon 670, which is installed in it, will lose very much to the newest Apple A13 , which is installed in iPhone SE 2. This chip is even more powerful than the top-end Snapdragon 865.

Because of this, you need to understand that you get a good screen, one of the most profitable smartphones at Android and savings of about 5,000 rubles, since the Pixel 3a costs about 35,500 rubles, but you lose in performance. But the camera of the two devices will be very similar in quality and in different conditions one or the other will win.

Most interesting competitors iPhone SE 2 on Android

The Google Pixel 3a is one of my favorite smartphones from last year.

Google Pixel 4

Another option may be the current flagship Google Pixel 4. It is also not bad, but the 64 GB version costs about 44,000 rubles. On the one hand, the difference is not so critical, and due to the ongoing sales, it may decrease even more, but it will still be less productive than iPhone SE 2.

The Google Pixel 4 is powered by the Snapdragon 855. It's still the current processor from last year. But it is relevant only against the background of direct competitors on Android. Objectively, it cannot compete with the chipset from Apple. Perhaps the user will not notice the difference in undemanding applications, but under load, apple processors will still be faster.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

A good alternative to iPhone SE 2 would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. It is better suited for those who need a large screen size. The diagonal of its almost bezel-less screen is 6.7 inches. With an excellent resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. In this respect, the Note 10 lite is clearly ahead.

Most interesting competitors iPhone SE 2 on Android

The stylus is part of the Samsung philosophy

He is also ahead in terms of memory capacity. Although we took the 64 GB model as a starting point, the Note 10 Lite has twice as much memory as the iPhone SE 2. But they cost the same and in this respect the Korean has a clear advantage.

The Galaxy Note 10 Lite also supports the S-Pen stylus. Of course, not everyone needs it, but as an additional functionality it looks very good.

Xiaomi Note 10 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

The Xiaomi Note 10 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro are another example of those smartphones that have more memory, but less cost. They offer 256 GB and 128 GB respectively for about 35,000 rubles.

Of course, a large amount of memory is good, but the smartphones themselves are suitable only for fans of the brand, since they are too specific and not everyone likes them.

Most interesting competitors iPhone SE 2 on Android

Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro is one of the last of its kind

But they have a decent camera with three or four modules, depending on the model. And also a completely frameless screen and an outgoing camera on the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. Perhaps this is one of the last chances to buy a device with such a camera, because the manufacturers have found a reason why it should be abandoned.

OnePlus 7T Pro

For about 40,000 – 41,000 rubles, you can buy OnePlus 7T Pro in 8/128 GB version. I like this smartphone much more than the OnePlus 8 Pro presented this week with a completely inadequate virgin soil.

The previous 7T came out less than a year ago, runs on the Snapdragon 855 and does an excellent job. A separate feature of OnePlus has always been the very fast speed of the interface, which made you think that the entire smartphone was running faster than it actually was.

Most interesting competitors iPhone SE 2 on Android

OnePlus 7t and just OnePlus 7 were very good.

Charging works fast for him, iPhone SE 2 will definitely be far from it. Even taking into account the fact that he nominally also has such a function. However, OnePlus also works out of the box (adapter included), unlike Apple.

Huawei P30 Pro

Separately, I would like to note the chic in all respects Huawei P30 Pro, which, unlike the new models of this manufacturer, works great with Google. At the same time, it has a very cool design and a gorgeous camera, which I personally like much more than Samsung's solution. Especially the $ 1,400 Galaxy S20 Ultra that failed Exynos processor.

Most interesting competitors iPhone SE 2 on Android

Huawei The P30 Pro is just a cool phone.

Huawei The P30 Pro was launched over a year ago, but it still impresses with the Kirin 980's performance and other specs. I don’t know how compared to iPhone, I haven’t decided yet, but in comparison with the options above, I would rather take it. Even though I really liked the Google Pixel 3a.

Pros and Cons iPhone SE2

Of course, there are no models in the above list like OPPO Reno 2 (with slide-out camera), Samsung Galaxy S10e, Realme X2 Pro and some others. They all have their advantages, but I like the above devices better. There is also Honor 30 Pro for about 35,000 rubles, but it does not support Google services and it would not be very correct to include it in the comparison.

At the same time, iPhone SE 2 has two fundamental differences from the smartphones listed and not listed. As usual, one is good and the other is bad.

Any iPhone, especially a new one, will receive updates significantly longer than any smartphone on Android. Even longer than the Google Pixel. Apple still supports 2016 devices and it is possible that it will continue to support them in the new firmware. Android is not doing so well.

Most interesting competitors iPhone SE 2 on Android

One of the main differences iPhone SE 2 from all Android – smartphones

The downside will be the screen, which by modern standards already seems outdated. I'm not even talking about the IPS-matrix and the small diagonal, which many, on the contrary, like much more. I'm talking about the iPhone SE 2 has very thick bezels at the top and bottom. There's even a Home button. Manufacturers Android – smartphones abandoned this a few years ago and switched to bezel-less, albeit conditional. Because of this iPhone SE 2 seems to be deprecated. But classic.

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