What can you play by video link while on self-isolation

When you are tired of sitting at home, but you can't leave it, you want to somehow unwind. The series have been reviewed, computer games have been completed, videoconferences have been held. What remains if you can't invite guests either, and many relatives live very far away. You need to somehow establish communication with them, but just talking is boring and you want to come up with something more interesting. To do this, you just need to show a little ingenuity. I'll show you how to do this. As a result, you will have a great time and, at least for a while, self-isolation will seem shorter to you. After all, if you do not have fun, then sitting at home will be a real bore.

What can you play by video link while on self-isolation

Such a chamber can brighten up the endless “everyday” self-isolation. Just add your friends.

How to communicate with relatives during quarantine

The possibilities of social communication are now at such a level that any person can at any time contact their acquaintances, whom they have not seen for a long time and really wants to communicate with them. For this, there is video communication within all popular messengers, and there are also individual applications that we have already talked about, including their disadvantages and dangers.

The main thing is not a tool, but what you do with it. That is, it is not the program through which the communication takes place that is important, but the communication itself. Nevertheless, despite all the jambs, for everyday communication of a large number of people, the easiest way is to use the ZOOM service. I don't really like it, but in group communication, due to the combination of simplicity and possibility, it is probably optimal. However, you can choose another option.

Even important professors advise resorting to the method of entertainment that I will now talk about.

“When you are in a more positive disposition through play, laughter and communication, you see things in a broader perspective,” said Dr. Emma Seppälä, a psychologist at Yale University.

What can you play by video link while on self-isolation

The same doctor who 'drowns' for communication.

According to Dr. Seppälä, social connection is “the greatest human need after food and shelter.”

How to prove your opinion

A very interesting way to diversify communication will be a game that is widespread in the West, and for it you only need a company of people. No more objects, furnishings and other “tinsel” are needed.

Each of the conference participants prepares a short presentation on what he considers important. It doesn't have to be really important. For example, he may try to prove for three minutes that the toilet paper should be hung with its tail out (or vice versa to the wall). After he finishes, he will be asked questions and he will have to hold out for at least five minutes, answering them and proving his position in a direct dispute.

Time may change, but you get the point. It is enough just to start a dialogue and a constructive argument in which no one will condemn or criticize anyone, since everyone is involved in the process of this comic competition and pseudo-serious discussion.

After everyone has expressed their opinion and showered each other with questions, it will be possible to conduct a vote to find out who was most effective. You can even institute a small prize for this person. For example, throw off everyone and take him to the cafe when the quarantine is over.

What can you play by video link while on self-isolation

Feel like a Mask that proves to everyone that SpaxeX is cool.

With this kind of game you will not only have a good time, but also practice your speaking skills. This is not only interesting, but also very useful.

Search for lost items

In fact, things don't have to be lost. It is enough just to designate from the search. For this, the company selects two people. One gives the task, and the second performs it.

The task should be to find something. It is necessary to name such an object that the performer will go to look for. Of course, you need to choose something real, but preferably something that is not used very often and is not easy to find. If a person does not have this, he can say so. It is not worth fussing in this matter, since the competition is not serious and more is needed for entertainment, not for victory.

When the one who was looking for finds what was asked for, he assigns the task to the next person. Then, when everyone goes through this, the time they spent on it is compared and a winner is selected, who can also be “awarded” a meaningless prize. For example, give a standing ovation. The point is not the value of the prize, but the fact that the winner knows his mess better than anyone else.

Charade game

This is generally a classic of any party. You just need to choose a person who will show something in front of the camera, and the rest of the players will have to try to guess what he is showing.

What can you play by video link while on self-isolation

Something like that, only by video link.

Of course, the video communication format will impose some restrictions when your interlocutors vying to shout their versions, but this is a matter of habit. A couple of rounds and everything will become clear. And people themselves will adjust to the technical features. The main thing is that the players have the opportunity to show themselves in full growth or be able to explain the hidden word only with their hands.

In this game, you can split into teams or play one by one. In this case, you just need to write the hidden word on a piece of paper and put it on the table next to you, in order to show later that everything was without cheating and you did not play along with anyone.

How to play Alias ​​online

There is nothing easier than playing Alias ​​online. You only need to download the cards for this game, which are abundant on the Internet. Several words will be written on them, which must be explained to another player without using the same root words.

What can you play by video link while on self-isolation

This is how Alias ​​cards look.

You can also pass the move in a circle according to the principle “if you finish guessing, you start guessing.” For more interest, you can download the same set of cards and send it to everyone, and before guessing, say the card number to everyone, except for the one who guesses. He'll just have to take off his headphones or plug his ears. Well, or even easier – close the cards and not look at them, and the number will not help him in any way. Again, the game is not made to win at any cost, but to have a good time.

How not to get bored in quarantine

In order not to get bored, when almost a month of self-isolation has passed and it is not clear when it will end, you need to prepare to entertain yourself. The examples above will help you with this. Of course, variations of these tips or other games are possible, but you get the point. The main thing is to find those who will be ready to support your endeavors.

Although, as practice shows, many people are only at first not ready for experiments and new initiatives. But you just have to push them to it and they will be very glad that you dragged them into it.

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