Less than a year later, Google removed the disastrous Pixel 4 from production

When the first Google Pixel came along, many thought we were going to live. As time went on, a slightly weird Pixel 2 came out, then a Pixel 3 with an ugly cutout. Then there was the extremely successful Pixel 3a in all respects, but later came the time of the Pixel 4, known for its problems with the battery. Now that its budget version has come out, it's time to say goodbye and the company has stopped producing this model, although not even a year has passed since the moment it went on sale. This is not strange, but rather natural. The company wants to quickly turn this page and has even made it clear when the Google Pixel 5 will be released. Therefore, the separation cannot be called sad.

Less than a year later, Google removed the disastrous Pixel 4 from production

It's time to say goodbye.

Google Pixel 4 won't be available soon

The information that Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4XL will no longer be sold is official. Less than a year after their launch, the company is phasing out them. The two flagships are no longer available in the Google Store, and the company will no longer restock from stock.

However, if you really wanted to get this particular phone, you can look for it from third-party sellers who have not yet had time to sell the last lots. This may even make sense, because in anticipation of the upcoming Google Pixel 5 it will be sold at good discounts to get rid of excess goods. Although, for myself, I would rather buy a Google Pixel 4a.

Less than a year later, Google removed the disastrous Pixel 4 from production

Many people liked the smartphone, but not everyone.

A Google spokesman made the following statement to The Verge, confirming the ditching of an entire generation of Pixel 4 and 4 XL smartphones.

The Google Store sold all of its inventory and ended the sale of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. For people who are still interested in purchasing the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, the product is available from select partners. As long as it is available. Like all Pixel devices, the Google Pixel 4 will continue to receive software and security updates for at least 3 years from the time the device first became available in the US Google Store. – said the representative of the company.

How long has Google Pixel been in production

It's a little surprising how early the Pixel 4 flagships left the shelves. By comparison, the Pixel 3 series was discontinued nearly a year and a half after its October 2018 launch. Even the Pixel 3a series that followed it ran for a full year before being retired.

Now the nearest phone from Google that you can buy is the Google Pixel 4a, which can already be ordered in the US and left a request to dealers. Open sales of this smartphone will start on August 20. Then there will be only Google Pixel 5, in respect of which the company “burned” the presentation date – October 8. Let me remind you that we are expecting other new Google phones, including the “clamshell”, but they will appear only next year. I talked about this in a separate article.

Less than a year later, Google removed the disastrous Pixel 4 from production

The Google Pixel camera has always been his strong suit.

Why Google Pixel 4 was discontinued

The early discontinuation of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL could mean a few things. The fifth generation is coming and it is necessary to somehow warm up the market before the presentation. If you continue to sell the previous flagship, then when the time comes, significantly fewer people will be ready to buy the new product.

It's also possible that the two Pixel 4 flagships haven't seen enough sales, and Google is just ditching them to keep consumers focused on its latest mid-range Pixel 4a. Considering the difference in cost between the two smartphones and the clear flagship problems that many users complained about last year, the choice is obvious.

It was even reported in May that key members of the Google development team had left the company. Many attributed this to the failure of the Google Pixel 4. Perhaps, the delays in the release of the new Google Pixel 4a, which everyone was waiting for in April-May, were also associated with them. Already this month, several more leaders of the Pixel development team have left their posts, but it is still impossible to say what these suspensions are related to.

Less than a year later, Google removed the disastrous Pixel 4 from production

There was something about him.

Despite all the problems, you don't have to worry about Google. This is not a company that will be hit hard by a drop in smartphone sales (possibly temporary). She has enough money that she makes from her other businesses and can afford to have a unit operating at minimal profit.

However, she still has an excellent Google Pixel 4a for now, which will be a real boon for those looking to buy a smartphone for around $ 300 – $ 400. Until he supports the sale of the company, and then it will be seen how it all goes.

On my own I would like to add that the Google Pixel is really cool. Last year, I was in awe of the Google Pixel 3a. It's just a pity that the sales geography of the company's new products is so weak. We must somehow expand to other markets. Then sales will grow, and the fans of the brand will grow. But the company knows better.

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