Kingston brand surprised again with its memory card. What is it this time?

For work and just for myself, I use a huge number of gadgets, many of which work with a memory card. This often imposes restrictions associated with the need to purchase it. If everything is simple and clear with the phone – it has built-in memory – then with cameras, drones and game consoles, you still have to take care of choosing such an accessory that seems simple at first glance, which I highly do not recommend saving on. Especially if you plan to use the card more than once. Not so long ago I started using a memory card from the famous Kingston brand and realized that I had not used its products for a very long time. The more interesting it was for me to understand the issue.

Kingston brand surprised again with its memory card.  What is it this time?

When you buy a memory card, you need to understand that it must be good.

Is it possible to buy cheap memory cards

Indeed, many years have passed since my last contact with Kingston drives. Probably, it was back in the days when I was carrying a diploma on a flash drive and we did not know what “clouds” were. Now the world has changed, but memory cards are in demand more than ever.

Nowadays we like to shoot video and not only on a smartphone. Even when shooting with a smartphone, we still sometimes use memory cards. For owners iPhone, this is not relevant, since these smartphones do not and will not have a memory card, but users Android sometimes simply have to use such drives.

Answering the question about cheap memory cards, I will say that, of course, you can use them. Who am I to prevent you from doing this? But I would strongly advise against this approach. I've seen a lot of memory cards and I know how they fail, taking with them what was very important. That is why it is better to pay 500 rubles more, but be calm. About options with “Ali” I generally keep quiet. I'm just scared to insert them into my gadgets.

Kingston brand surprised again with its memory card.  What is it this time?

A new memory card is always pleasing to the eye.

Someone will say that they use a cheap card and everything works, but I'm not saying that each one will break. Even if the risk is 5-10 percent, I would not trust her with my valuable photos and videos (including work ones).

Kingston Canvas Go Memory Card Review! Plus

The packing of the memory card is usual. There is no unnecessary tinsel, only transparent plastic in a cardboard base. The packaging contains all the information you need, and it's easier to open it with scissors.

The memory card is in microSD format and comes paired with an SD adapter. It is useful for uploading videos to your computer. In my case, I shot on DJI OSMO Pocket and DJI Mavic Pro, and dropped the video on iMac. I simply could not do without an adapter, given that the computer has a slot for an SD memory card.

Kingston brand surprised again with its memory card.  What is it this time?

Most of all I used this map in conjunction with DJI OSMO Pocket.

I also used a memory card inside the adapter a couple of times. I shot 4K 30fps stills and videos with the Panasonic Lumix G80. I didn't have any difficulties.

The adapter has a standard Kingston design, and the memory card itself is bright and has all the information about speed and class on it, which is usually encrypted with letters and numbers.

What is the right memory card for?

I already said that I used the memory card to shoot videos mainly on the DJI OSMO Pocket and DJI Mavic Pro, which support exactly the microSD format. In addition, it can be used with navigators, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, DVRs and other gadgets that support this format. And thanks to the adapter, it can be used with other equipment, such as digital cameras and camcorders. That is, the bundle turns out to be universal. This is precisely the important advantage of memory cards with an adapter included. There is a version without an adapter, but the price difference will be less than one hundred rubles, and therefore I recommend taking a more “rich package”.

Kingston brand surprised again with its memory card.  What is it this time?

An SD adapter is always useful.

Thanks to its fast read and write speed, Kingston Canvas Go! Plus supports video recording in almost any format (including 4K UHD), which modern technology is capable of, except for super-professional cinema cameras.

The memory card has a class 10, UHS-I and speed characteristics that correspond to U3, V30. It also supports the A2 application performance class. On the record Kingston Canvas Go! Plus delivers speeds up to 90 MB / s, and read speeds up to 170 MB / s. Among the memory cards for mass use, you can hardly find something faster.

How much is Kingston Canvas Go! Plus

I have already said that reliability is important in a memory card. This is what quality manufacturers are valued for. The model I'm talking about today has not just a warranty, but a lifetime warranty. That is, the manufacturer is sure that nothing will happen to her and she is more likely to be lost than broken.

Kingston brand surprised again with its memory card.  What is it this time?

Lots of space – lots of photos.

This is especially pleasant against the background of the price, which is just over two thousand rubles for the 128 GB version. It is not much more expensive than what “no name” manufacturers offer, but it gives all the advantages – both in speed and reliability.

There are other memory cards in the Kingston lineup, including those with a small card reader. This one cannot be inserted into a large camera, but it is convenient to connect it to any computer. Choice is always good.

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