It happened: a smartphone is being prepared for a full Windows 10

The smartphone market has long needed a revolution, and we feel that these times will come very soon. Smartphones should replace laptops, computers and tablets in the future. Why do I think so? And because everything goes exactly to this. For example, Samsung offers its consumers DeX mode, and in Android 10 desktop mode became an experimental feature that LG decided to use. The company Huawei also recently started using this mode when connecting a device to a monitor.

It happened: a smartphone is being prepared for a full Windows 10

It happened: a smartphone is being prepared for a full-fledged Windows 10

In addition, LG and Samsung decided to go even further and announced that they would soon introduce portable monitors for smartphones. Samsung will sell a 14.1-inch FullHD DeXbook monitor. The monitor will receive a 10,000 mAh battery. LG will show a Cloud Top monitor with 5,000mAh battery capacity and similar resolution and diagonal. The monitors will be presented in the second quarter of 2020 and will be priced at $ 340-420.

The story around empowering smartphones doesn't end there. It is clear that Android in desktop mode is not as useful as, for example, Windows. And this is well understood in the Emperion company, which together with Microsoft are preparing to release a smartphone on Windows 10 with ARM support.

We're proud to announce:

After a lengthy development, the #Nebulus has joined the # Windows 10 #ARM future!
(We did say big things had happened!?) # Smartphone # Windows #Convergence #ByeAppGap #freedom

– ΞMPERION (@EmperionUK) February 17, 2020

They posted a tweet in their Twitter stating that they were working on the device. The phone can be connected to the monitor via Type-C, in this case the desktop mode will be activated and users will be able to use the full-fledged Windows 10 with regular programs, be it Steam or AutoCAD. In normal mode, the phone will offer the consumer a tiled interface.

But this is not the only plus. Nebulus – this is what it will be called – will be able to run full Android – applications without any emulation and switching between the two operating systems. It's amazing how they managed to do this. The phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor and will receive microSD support up to 2 TB. The company plans to sell Nebulus without being tied to the operator, the device will not be deprived of support for mobile networks. However, it is not yet entirely clear how the user will make calls in this case, because Windows 10 does not have such functionality. Maybe guys will resort to using Skype.

Why a smartphone on Windows 10 is a revolution

My colleagues in the shop, during the discussions of the device in the working chat, considered this to be another attempt to mold a device out of anything that no one would need. I think otherwise. In my opinion, this is a revolutionary game-changing product.

If smartphones did not try to tread on the tablet, laptop and computer market before, today they do just that. And I have been waiting for a long time for a similar device to appear on the market. Imagine a situation where you can use a full desktop operating system on a regular compact smartphone – that's awesome. No need to carry a huge laptop with you – just connect a small phone via cable to the monitor, and you have your workspace in front of you. In addition, now there is no need to synchronize data between a PC and a smartphone – all your personal life, all accounts and all information will be stored on one device.

And, in my opinion, this type of device is ideal today for those who want to get rid of unnecessary gadgets and concentrate all their attention only on their phone.

The laptop and PC market could be hurt

Of course, many companies may suffer from such actions. Intel and AMD, for example, as well as all other laptop and personal computer manufacturers. Why? Simply because most people will no longer need them. Why do we need a laptop when we have a smartphone? And that is why, in my opinion, in the future, manufacturers Windows – smartphones will become the leaders of the wearable gadgets market.

Also, in this whole situation, she herself may suffer Microsoft, because now she will have no one to sell commercial licenses Windows 10. For example, in Russia the license Windows is estimated at 5-10 thousand rubles, depending on the store. The company will be able to earn only on licenses for manufacturers. But it is worth noting that Microsoft in this case will have additional income from services if there are more and more mobile phones on Windows.

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