I don't need a video camera in my smartphone. And you?

For two years now, camera phones have been holding the top of the trends in the smartphone market. This was quite expected, since the performance race has long exhausted itself, but mobile photography has received a new round of popularity. I myself have never been particularly fond of photography, but this year alone I have taken more than two thousand photographs. Undoubtedly, for every successful photo in my library there are five unsuccessful ones, but, interestingly, there is not a single video among them.

I don't need a video camera in my smartphone.  And you?

I almost never shoot videos and find it useless to pay for this feature

Screenshots, photographs of food, erroneously attached products that I report to delivery men, defective items, pictures of which I sent for examination to online stores, documents, random shots, it is not clear how appeared in my memory. In general, everything is there. By my pictures, you can generally track what I did, where I was, what I ate, what I bought and how much I earned. However, for this I did not have to record a single video, from which I concluded that I really did not need a video camera in my smartphone.

Shooting video on Android

I don't need a video camera in my smartphone.  And you?

I'm sure that if you don't have Instagram, then most likely you won't record videos either.

No, of course, if you scroll through my 'Google Photos', then you can find one or two videos. But, firstly, the last of them dates from November 23, secondly, it was not recorded for myself, and, thirdly, it does not carry any practical value and could easily be replaced with a photograph. Asking myself now why I suddenly included a video instead of a photo, I absolutely cannot answer this question. This means that I simply have no need for a video camera, and I could do without it, limiting myself only to taking photos.

I understand that many people need a video camera. Some write down their children for memory, others post stories on Instagram, others use a smartphone as a video recorder, and so on. In general, you can really think of a great variety of scenarios for using a video camera in a smartphone. Another thing is that I am not unique, and there are probably a lot of people who only take pictures with their own camera. Then I began to think and realized that there are really a whole bunch of such functions that I do not use.

  • Shooting video
  • Night theme
  • Screen recording
  • Flash / Flashlight
  • Google play protect
  • Fast charging
  • Updates

Modular smartphone on Android

I don't need a video camera in my smartphone.  And you?

The modularity of a smartphone can be determined not only by the physical replaceability of its components

This is just what came to my mind in the first minute, as soon as I thought about it. However, this thought was immediately replaced by another – why, in fact, should I pay for what I do not use? After all, when I buy a car, the salon gives me the opportunity to choose an automatic or a mechanic, install parking sensors or not, provide a heated steering wheel or not, what type of engine to prefer, etc. This is called configuration, and I really want the ability to configure functionality, choosing only what you need, appeared on smartphones.

I remember the concept of modular smartphones, and it hasn't really hit the mark with consumers. Most likely, this happened due to the hardware orientation of the modules. But if the manufacturers came up with the idea of ​​limiting the capabilities of their devices by software, allowing users to unlock them as needed. Do you need a quick charge? Kindly pay. Want to shoot a video? Go for your wallet. Thus, manufacturers could sell any functions at all, putting them on stream and, firstly, starting to make money on it, and, secondly, giving consumers a choice.

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