How to reduce dependence on Android – smartphone? Experiment

So, now it's time to touch on an important topic. At least it seems to me extremely important. It's about smartphone addiction. We spend too much time on smartphones, and this can lead to human fatigue, nervous tension and anxiety. Spending time with a smartphone and a computer can negatively affect the human psyche, as well as affect his social qualities. In this article, we will tell you how to get rid of addiction and start a normal life.

How to reduce dependence on Android - smartphone?  Experiment

Smartphone addiction is the main problem of modern society

According to colleagues from, 89% of American students have complained at least once that they feel a phantom call from their smartphone, and 86% of Americans said that they constantly check their social media accounts through their smartphone, which causes them stress. Also, according to statistics, constant viewing of notifications on a smartphone reduces brain activity by 40%. How can you overcome this problem?

First, you have to ask yourself 'Do I want to get rid of the addiction?'. It should be understood that if you yourself are not ready, then nothing will help you. If you are mentally ready to give up a few hours on the Internet, then it's time to continue reading the material.

Digital wellbeing

Google in Android 9 introduced the digital wellbeing feature. It allows you to restrict the use of the applications you have selected, as well as set the 'Rest' mode. In this mode, the screen becomes black and white.

Rest mode in Android – smartphone

In the settings of the device, you can activate the 'Rest' mode, which turns the color screen into black and white. It is needed so that a person does not immerse himself in the device. The fact is that the human brain is tuned to colorful colors. If the eye sees many bright colors, it tends to keep them in focus. Have you noticed that when using your phone, foreign objects become less noticeable? It's about the colors on the screen. Our brains love paint.

AMOLED – screens increase dependency

How to reduce dependence on Android - smartphone?  Experiment

AMOLED – screens – evil?

Due to the fact that bright colors attract our brain, AMOLED – screens lead to even more dependence in comparison with IPS solutions, since the colors on AMOLED are more juicy. You literally feel like you can't take your eyes off the screen.

The diagonal of the screen also affects dependence on a smartphone – the larger it is, the harder it is not to look at it. For example, when I had iPhone 6, I used my smartphone for about 5 hours a day. In the future, I managed to reduce the indicators to 3-4 hours, but now, using Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite with a large AMOLED – screen, today (at the time of writing the material) I got 7 hours of use in day. And this result terrifies me!

That is why it is very important to give up buying such phones. I recommend purchasing a device with a very small IPS screen. For example, iPhone SE or a phone from Sony in the Compact line. I myself feel how a more colorful screen literally makes me constantly look at it, so I advise you to think hard before buying a device with AMOLED – screen.

Constraints may not work

It is clear that if something happens, you will still give up the restrictions of the 'Digital Wellbeing', which is why I think that the best thing is not time restrictions, but the abandonment of color and the purchase of a smartphone with a small IPS-screen. In my opinion, this is the best way out of this problem.

Additional applications

Google previously introduced 3 applications that should help somehow control the situation and direct its attention to this problem. Two of the apps are dynamic desktop wallpapers, and the third is a small button phone interface with basic call and camera functionality. Another way is launchers. Not so long ago I did a review on Before Launcher with a simple interface that doesn't provoke the user.

Strength of will

As I wrote above, no software will help you if you have weak willpower. Say 'No' to yourself the next time you try to pick up the device in order to view the next notification. Say 'No' to yourself when you want to open Twitter to swipe on the feed. Tell yourself 'No' when you want to take a couple of selfies. It's time to declare war on smartphones. And from today I will stop using it for a month. After the expiration of the term, I will share with the readers the results of the experiment and how much has improved or worsened my life.

It is interesting to know your opinion on this matter. Are you a victim of smartphone addiction? Share your opinion in the comments and read our news in Telegram.

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