How does Huawei differ from Samsung and what does Apple have to do with it?

Many are already accustomed to the fact that there are literally several top smartphone manufacturers in the world. There is no particular rotation among them and they have been holding their leadership for years. Even unsuccessful models like the Note 7 can't ruin the company's overall state of affairs. But have you ever wondered why these manufacturers are now in the top? And most importantly, what is the difference between the policies of these manufacturers? Where are they going, what are they striving for and how are they positioning themselves? Now we will analyze everything and a lot will become clear, especially in pricing policy and ongoing advertising campaigns.

How does Huawei differ from Samsung and what does Apple have to do with it?

Smartphones are close, but the approach is different.

How smartphone manufacturers differ

First of all, it should be understood that now the manufacturers of smartphones from the leading three are very tight, periodically replacing each other. For example, for almost the entire year it was in the lead in the number of smartphones sold Huawei, but in the fourth quarter of 2019 it was ahead of Apple. At the end of the year, the Chinese company retained its leadership, but its prospects are not very good now. All due to the fact that sanctions were tied to her with one hand to her back. A bit of an abstract comparison, but you get the idea. It is really not easy for her now and the company cannot work at full strength.

Why everyone loves so much Apple

Despite such close sales positions, the companies have very different histories. Apple has been making advanced computers for many years, even though they had a dozen years of stagnation at the end of the last century. Their first and only smartphone was iPhone. In the beginning, people were talking about the iPhone Shuffle coming out, but it never happened. Over time Apple began to position itself more and more as a premium segment for people who need not only a nameplate, like Vertu, but also technology. At the same time, some products, for all their elite, in principle, have no analogues. For example, MacOS is very convenient and perfectly suited for iMac, MacBook and other computers of the company.

iPhone is good too, and considering the prices of the competition, it's not that expensive. Only the company manages to create the feeling that the person has bought something expensive, and not just a productive dialer with a good camera. This makes you want to buy her smartphones and other devices. As a bonus, they also work great in infrastructure.

Samsung strategy

Unlike Apple, Samsung has a slightly different path. Samsung is trying to put a lot of emphasis on the technical characteristics and the opportunities that open before it Android. At the same time, she does not lose hope of showing that she wants to be a premium brand too. One Oscar ad for Galaxy Z Flip is worth a lot.

How does Huawei differ from Samsung and what does Apple have to do with it?

Foldable smartphones are taking over the minds of Samsung engineers.

The main difference between Samsung and Apple is its wide range of models and the division of flagships into two components. Whatever one may say, but the Galaxy S line cannot be a competitor to the Galaxy Note. These devices differ much more than iPhone 11 Pro from iPhone 11 P Pro Max.

The company also has an inexpensive segment, in which there are many worthy manufacturers, but a little confusing naming recently. But the company advertises and promotes these devices. And she also wants to plug all the holes with herself and try herself everywhere so as not to miss another revolution. The last time the transition to modern smartphones began (in 2007), she succeeded, unlike many who underestimated the importance of the trend set first iPhone.

That is why she is exaggerating the topic of folding smartphones of all kinds. Maybe it will come in? Although, I have already given an example of why the time for foldable smartphones has not come yet. But I'm surprised the company hasn't released at least a handful of pop-up camera smartphones to test the market. One thing is clear for sure! They need to do something with the processors. Ivan Kuznetsov has already told why you shouldn't buy Samsung flagships based on Exynos processors.

In any case, do not forget that the Samsung we are used to is only a small piece of the whole company. In reality, Samsung is a chaebol that builds tankers, designs skyscrapers, and much more. Electronics is important to him, but he can live without it.

Features Huawei

And now we got to perhaps the most interesting company of the top three. Yes, it is hard for her now and, most likely, she will soon leave the leaders. Even the company itself, if the leaks are to be believed, predicts a further drop in smartphone sales, which by the end of the year could reach 20 percent. If that happens, the company will sell fewer than 200 million smartphones for the first time since 2017. I have already talked in detail about why this year Huawei will be hard and where does the coronavirus come from.

How does Huawei differ from Samsung and what does Apple have to do with it?

In a pandemic Huawei, it is more difficult than the rest.

Let's go back to the position of the company. Have you noticed how much emphasis it places on the flagships? On street posters and banners only Huawei series “P” or “Mate”. At the same time, we hardly see state employees. Sometimes they also come across, but they are presented with such a sauce as if it was a new Huawei P40.

A distinctive feature of the company is that it continues to produce inexpensive smartphones, but unlike Xiaomi and to a slightly lesser extent Samsung, it tries to distance them from itself. What can I say, the company has Honor for inexpensive smartphones. They are definitely not shy about inexpensive models.

I understand and even share this approach. It just becomes clear how Huawei is trying to become Apple among Android – smartphones. The company's widespread recognition in China is proof of this. Not only now, when the country's residents massively support it, but in general. No wonder Huawei occupies 80 percent of the smartphone market in China. Considering that the Chinese are very fond of Apple, a lot becomes clear.

How smartphones differ

As you can see, companies have a big difference in their approach. It cannot be said that their smartphones are fundamentally different (apart from the fact that Huawei and Samsung have clamshells). They all call, do not slow down, take great pictures and look good. It's just that everyone has somehow got the opinion that Apple is premium, Samsung is functionality, Huawei …

What Huawei? It is a manufacturer of the world's best telecommunications equipment. But few people know this. Everyone knows only her smartphones with top-end cameras and sees how she tries to position herself. It's not Apple, but the vector goes in that direction. Before the sanctions were imposed, this positioning worked perfectly. Let's see what will happen next.

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