How a crash test differs from a drop test and why everyone loves them so much

If you drive the words “crash test” or “drop test” into a search engine, you can get stuck at the screen for a long time. At the same time, not everyone understands how these concepts differ and mistakenly call one another. Although sometimes this is really possible and one has enough share of the other. Now we will not blame those who do not feel the difference. It is not so important and still everyone understands what is at stake. Better to discuss why we are so interested in this and why, as soon as the opportunity is presented, we will definitely watch how something that is made by human hands breaks, falls or just scatters to pieces. As usual, the explanation is very simple, though not entirely superficial.

How a crash test differs from a drop test and why everyone loves them so much

Agree, you don't want to see this on your smartphone, but it's even interesting on someone else's.

How a crash test differs from a drop test

First of all, in order to answer this question, you need to remember how these words are translated. The already Russian word “crash” is actually the English word “Crash”, which in translation means “accident”. This phrase became widely known after manufacturers began testing cars for compliance with safety standards and smashing them against obstacles. Since this particular type of destruction was heard, its name became a household name. As a result, for the purpose of determining all the damage, they began to call it crash tests.

Despite this, there was another test of strength and safety, which was little talked about until something similar was done with smartphones. Few people are interested in how a TV or microwave falls, although we will talk about this below, but a smartphone is already closer to ordinary life.

If we talk about the definition, we can say that the name of the drop test comes from the word “drop”, which means “drop”. Previously, this was the name of not only falling to the ground in order to determine the strength of something, but also dropping aircraft from a carrier aircraft to check their flight characteristics.

I think we've figured out the definitions, and now let's talk about why they are so interesting to us.

Why do people like to break everything

There is no point in answering the question why there are so many tests of the strength of this or that device on YouTube. This content is in demand, and those who can afford to create it jump right in. By the way, I will reveal a secret for those who say “it would be better if they gave it to me”. The creators of the video earn more from it than they spend on the purchase of the device. So it's just business, as they say, nothing personal. And YouTube viewers are also much more interested in watching how the equipment will be smashed than given to someone.

How a crash test differs from a drop test and why everyone loves them so much

Choose which one is better.

There is a simple explanation for this and a little more complicated one. It is simple that a person buying a smartphone wants to know how durable it is, but there is no faith in the manufacturers and wants to see real tests. In addition, those who already use a smartphone will hardly want to drop their gadget on the asphalt from the video. And so he can see what will happen if the fall does occur.

As a complex explanation, one can cite the opinion of some psychologists, which I met on the Internet. This is not the only version, but I came across it several times. If there are psychologists among us, tell us in the comments what you think about this. It will be interesting for all of us to know, first of all, to me.

The explanation is that it is human nature to explore the world. In particular, children are constantly trying to break or shatter everything, thereby learning about the world and its strength. With age, a person realizes that everything costs money that needs to be earned, and begins to value his strength and time. This makes him no less interested in what will happen if you crash a car against a wall at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour or if you drop a folding smartphone for a couple of thousand dollars on concrete. These questions are answered by the creators of such videos or those who upload videos from real strength tests.

How a crash test differs from a drop test and why everyone loves them so much

These two smartphones together cost around two hundred thousand rubles. I would not want to.

That is why it is interesting for a person to see how the smartphone of interest to him falls or how safe the car that he wants to buy will be. Many people like to watch equipment being blown up, dropped, shot, chopped, burned, and so on. This applies even to simple elements of technology, such as a refrigerator. If not for this explanation, who would have thought of throwing him from a height of 30 meters. It is clear that he will break. But I want to see it myself.

When was the first crash test

The idea of ​​crashing cars against obstacles to improve safety has been around for a long time. So, the first such test was carried out by the company Mercedes – Benz on September 10, 1959, that is, more than sixty years ago.

How a crash test differs from a drop test and why everyone loves them so much

This is what the first official crash test of the car looked like.

At first, the number of such tests was not very large, but in the early 60s their number began to gradually increase and gradually it became one of the main tests in the design of a new car.

Not only passenger cars of the high price segment, but also small trucks and even buses, have begun to be tested. A little later, a special dummy appeared, which is stuffed with sensors and gives all the information to the testers, thanks to him you can find out what damage a real driver or passenger will receive after such a collision.

How a crash test differs from a drop test and why everyone loves them so much

Tesla is sorry, but the safety of people is more important.

In the beginning, he was called Oscar by the name of the creator. Now the name is sometimes traditionally still used, but the mannequins have become much more complex and cost so much that in some tests the cost of a wrecked car seems insignificant in comparison with the cost of this yellow man.

Who does strength testing

Strength tests are carried out not only by bloggers who want to make money on their videos, and not by car makers. There are also special laboratories that test the strength of everything. In fact, each of you can bring them your smartphone and for a certain amount of money they will test it for strength and safety. It is unlikely that someone will do this, but there is such an opportunity.

First of all, this is relevant for those small companies that do not want to create their own research center, but simply cannot help but test their products. They come, pay money, a test program is drawn up for them and the process is launched.

How a crash test differs from a drop test and why everyone loves them so much

For research purposes, you can also break the TV.

The checks can be completely different, for example, only for strength, for resistance to fire, overload, short circuit, overheating and much more. As they say, any whim for your money.

As you can see, breaking, breaking and burning everything in a row is not just entertainment, but an entire industry that allows us to be confident in the reliability of the purchased product. But there is also a human interest in this, the reasons for which I explained above. The next time you watch the top Samsung fall from a meter and a half, think about why you are interested, there may be many reasons and none of them is bad.

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