Honor versus Huawei: Has the student surpassed the teacher?

Many companies sooner or later come to a point when it becomes necessary to create a new brand or highlight an existing one. Most often, this is done by automakers who do not want inexpensive cars to have something in common with premium cars. However, over time, this practice began to be adopted by smartphone manufacturers, whose sub-brands have gained such popularity as a result that they were able to compete with the main brand. For example, as happened with Huawei after Honor was separated into an independent enterprise.

Honor versus Huawei: Has the student surpassed the teacher?

The brand Honor stood out from Huawei, but now it is no less recognizable than its progenitor

Despite the fact that Honor is a sub-brand that initially focused on the production of inexpensive and fairly simple devices, it quickly became clear that this was a serious delusion. Indeed, for some two or three years Honor, we managed to expand our assortment so much, replenishing it with devices that are really attractive in terms of price characteristics, that now many, including your humble servant, began to perceive as his priority brand, not Huawei.

The best smartphone Honor

Honor versus Huawei: Has the student surpassed the teacher?

Honor View 30 Pro – the new flagship of the company Honor

Honor View 30 Pro is a flagship smartphone Honor, which, from a technical point of view, is in no way inferior to the flagships of competing brands, including more expensive ones, and that's why it's cool. It is based on a Kirin 990 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a triple camera with cinema and telephoto lenses, and the lack of Google services, which was replaced by Huawei Mobile Services, conceptually brings it closer to Huawei Mate 30, which came out last year. But the Honor View 30 Pro is remarkable not only for this.

Despite the full-screen design, it does not look impersonal – apparently, this is due to the catchy design of the main camera, which, although similar to Samsung's design solution, still has its own individuality, and the matte color of the case. Personally, for me, gloss always evoked a feeling of some kind of cheapness, while mat, on the contrary, gave rise to associations with something premium. In any case, I would have paid 28-30 thousand rubles for this. As a result, I turned out to be too optimistic, having made a mistake by 20%, because in Russia the new product was estimated at 36,990 rubles, but since this is a flagship with all the accompanying chips, it’s probably worth it.

Camera Honor View 30 Pro

Honor versus Huawei: Has the student surpassed the teacher?

Honor The View 30 Pro looks like the new Galaxy smartphones, but it doesn't take away its personality

But I would give a separate respect to designers Honor for the front-end. In my opinion, the idea of ​​placing the cutout for the front camera on the left, and not on the right, is very successful, because when working with a smartphone, you do not notice it at all. But if it were placed on the right, like on the Galaxy S10, things would be different. The point is that we usually perceive information from left to right, and because of this, the camera located in the left corner practically does not strike the eye, and sometimes it is completely lost against the general background. It is strange that only the Chinese have thought of this.

Best Affordable Smartphone Honor

In the absence of access to Google services Honor, we had to actively take up the development of our own ecosystem, and rightly so. After all, the sooner the company begins to accustom the user to its own services, the sooner the expansion will begin. But since until recently Huawei had only one such device – the Mate 30 – there was not much to count on. However, now there is an affordable Honor 9X Pro on sale, which is not only equipped with services Huawei, but also costs less than 250 euros.

Honor versus Huawei: Has the student surpassed the teacher?

Honor 9X Pro – affordable and functional

For this money, we are offered a large 6.6-inch display, a 48-megapixel camera and a Kirin 810 processor. This is not the top stone, but, as for me, no one cares at all. After all, what's the difference how many gigahertz he gives out at the peak and how many points he gives in the benchmark. The main thing is that this is an inexpensive smartphone in a stylish case and unusually implemented framelessness – for the sake of it, the manufacturer drowned the front camera inside the case and made it move according to the periscope principle. It turned out interesting and effective, because the display was freed completely. I think this is what users need. It is not without reason that the standard Honor 9X is included in the list of the most popular smartphones among readers Android Insider.ru.

No, this is not a perfect smartphone. Obviously, the periscopic front camera is not as reliable as the classic one, and the absence of the NFC module, which, oddly enough, is only in the younger version, will make contactless payment impossible. But, on the other hand, if Honor entered the front-end into the display, it would have turned out to be another faceless device, and if equipped Honor 9X Pro with NFC support, then in Russia it would be help would still be impossible, because the Huawei Pay service does not work for us yet, and 9X Pro itself is not intended for Russia.

What clock measures oxygen in the blood

Honor versus Huawei: Has the student surpassed the teacher?

Blood oxygen measurement will clearly be more useful than arrhythmia diagnostics

Of course, we are talking about Honor MagicWatch 2. They not only look stylish, evoking strong associations with analog watches, but also have a wide range of functions – from NFC support to a mechanism for scanning the level of oxygen in the blood and a mode for tracking menstrual cycles among women. It seems that before Honor no one just did anything like this. The Chinese taught the watch to track changes in physiological parameters and predict the onset of the cycle with high accuracy. I think women will be especially delighted with this opportunity, because now they will be able to replace all their calendars with watches, which most often were based on some averaged indicators and could often be wrong.

But most of all I am attracted by the function of determining the level of oxygen in the blood. This is a really useful feature that most manufacturers for some reason neglect. Indeed, if the diagnostic function of atrial fibrillation, which flaunts Apple, is mainly useful only for people of age, then the lack of oxygen (SpO2) is much more common regardless of age.

I have no doubt that, unlike sugar and hemoglobin, for the determination of which you take tests from time to time, you do not know anything about oxygen. However, a decrease in SpO2 below 90% may indicate airway problems, poisoning, anemia, obesity, and other disorders. This leads to hypoventilation of the lungs, insufficient oxygen supply to the brain and other vital organs.

Laptops Honor

Honor versus Huawei: Has the student surpassed the teacher?

I like laptops Honor more than Huawei because they are almost half the price

I got acquainted with laptops Huawei relatively recently, but already managed to show how well they know this topic. Now it's the turn Honor to flaunt their successes in the form of a line Honor MagicBook.

Outwardly, laptops Honor are practically indistinguishable from solutions Huawei – here the continuity is visible to the naked eye. Even their functionality is, plus or minus, similar: the same modes like 'Multi-screen', fast data transfer technologies and mechanisms for redirecting calls and messages. There are also differences, but they are not so noticeable: the display of laptops Honor has a lower resolution than that of solutions Huawei, the hardware filling is slightly weaker, and the frame around the display is slightly larger. The thickening is especially noticeable in the lower part. Looking at it, I do not understand why it was necessary to get rid of and hide the front camera in a number of F-keys.

Why Laptops Are Good Honor

Honor versus Huawei: Has the student surpassed the teacher?

Externally, laptops Honor and Huawei are very similar to each other

The Honor MagicBook has really powerful batteries. The older version has a capacity of 56 Wh, which is enough for a full working day. To highlight the outstanding performance of their laptops, the Chinese even combined 5 laptops and charged an electric ATV with them, which traveled a distance of 5 kilometers. Is this important to me as a user? Absolutely not, but Honor thinks it's fun and brags about it every step of the way.

But as a user, I am attracted by the price of laptops Honor, which are much cheaper than models from Huawei. For the basic configuration Honor MagicBook with a 14-inch display in Russia they ask for only 45 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable, given that there is an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor, Radeon Vega 8 graphics, 8 GB of RAM and fast charging power of 65 watts. If I didn't have a MacBook, I would take it. Fair.

Analog AirPods from Honor

But why Honor makes Magic Earbuds, I don't understand. Rather, I understand why she releases them, but I don't understand who buys them at all. Despite the fact that the Chinese, obviously, tried to make their own version of AirPods, they did not succeed. Yes, the headphones really came out really wireless, got active noise cancellation technology and it seems that even sound is good. Another thing is that people need exactly AirPods, and not their faceless copies. After all, with the price of Magic Earbuds, everything is very even at the level – in Europe they will cost 130 euros.

Honor versus Huawei: Has the student surpassed the teacher?

This is another analogue of AirPods from Huawei, but I would definitely not buy this

But, if I did not have money, I would be looking for an analogue of AirPods for 3-5 thousand rubles, since there are such solutions in bulk on the market. And if I had plus or minus 10 thousand, I would take something more interesting like Galaxy Gear from Samsung. Yes, if you have a smartphone Huawei or Honor, a proprietary solution would be more convenient due to deep integration. Otherwise, the Galaxy Gear is our everything.

It may seem that all of the above is the opinion of a hater, but it is not. Despite the fact that I have something to find fault with Honor, this is a company that was able not only to come out of the shadows Huawei, but even surpass it in some way. After all, both Apple and Samsung can make cool and expensive, but to manage to do so so as not to lose quality and at the same time not to raise the price – you still need to try. Honor is a brand for people, whose products best meet the preferences and needs of most of us. Therefore, if you have not had time to get acquainted with Honor, choose any of the new products described above and you will not go wrong.

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